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When Do I Smile?

Not just the performance face, but from realizing I am being blessed?
* When I awake and realize the gift of a new day, :”His mercies are new every morning.”
* When I see a child awaken with an ‘aha’ of a new understanding.
* When I receive a gift from a thoughtful giver, for the knowledge I was not only in their mind, but in their heart.
* When I go out in nature and let the wonder of its simple being vibrate abundant life to me.
* When my confused mind picks up a word “WORD” and the enlightened personal message eases my soul.
* When my thoughtful gift is received with welcome appreciation.
* When the barking dog comes to sniff my hand and has a wagging tail.
* When I’m handed my grand-baby to hold for the first time, and I smell its new-baby smell.
* When the teacher looks at my efforts and pronounces it a ‘masterpiece’.
* When I perform, and after, there is an applause.
* When, while boating, I touch the water, feel the substance, temperature, texture and see it sparkle.
* When I, too, understand the lesson taught by the teacher with the spinning flower.
* When I solve a crossword puzzle. (Or untangle a box of tangled cords.)
* When someone comments on my blog that it , “Made their day.”


Print this For Daily Announcement to the Universe

ImageI am not Wishing, but Believing, and Announcing to the Universe these delightful points of view.


My Confidence skyrockets

I permanently eliminate laziness, procrastination,fear and self-doubt

I replace it with a newly empowered Belief in My-Self

Good ideas start to flow freely in an avalanche to take to the bank….Brilliant!

I have a level of control over my life like never before.

My enthusiasm skyrockets:  my motivation is up to exciting new levels.

I have a boost in mental clarity, concentration, intuition and  focus.

Barriers to my success suddenly drop away – things seem effortless.

I have a sensitive, listening, caring, smart, enthusiastic lover.

My relationship in honesty, love, and spiritual bond is full of joy.

I smile a lot more because I am happier in every area of my life.

I have amazing social magnetism as a ‘fun-to-be-around-person’.

Sudden, amazing new opportunities appear with many great options.

I start each day with expectant new energy, purpose, stamina, eyes open for miracles, laughter and good humor.

I end each day full of gratitude, thankful for being blessed and being a blessing.


My higher appreciation shows I have unlocked my subconscious mind to receive more clarity in direction, intuition and purpose from the Universe.  Best of health, love, abundance and fulfillment are mine.


They light up my sky like a meteor shower!