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I believe When You started this Journey

I believe when you started this journey you told the Universe that you wanted to practice ‘Crisis Management’.

So He set it up.   One experience after another.

Like any nightmare.  To the untrained mind the feeling is being endangered and helpless.  This leads to ‘fear’ and the ‘flight or fight’ choice.  This persists until the mind is willing to be trained otherwise and is given tools.

Many crisis management tools are offered.  Some work better than others to alleviate fear to bring equanimity and the solace we call ‘Peace’.

  • The Pharmaceutical tool: Does not change the external experience and may have life endangering side effects.   Mind numbing or able to simulate euphoria.
  • The Education tool:  Great!  The more you know, the quicker your choice of appropriate action can ‘save the day’.  You can face the fear and go ahead anyway.  This tool makes it clear it is better to go through rather than avoiding issues or building weapons of attack. (Attack counteracts goals of learning and growth.)
  • The Religion tool:  Unfortunately this often leads to abdication of being your  own Crisis Manager.  The mind that always is looking outside for rescue is setting itself up to being dominated.  Enablers often undermine the maturation process.  It is a temporary stage, at best.
  • The Social Dictates Tool:   Our governing systems have codes and rules to punish offenders and keep the peace.  This coercion of lists of ‘musts’, ‘shoulds’, and ‘have-tos’ are structured to  keep members in line through fear.  What is learned  are modes of pretending and habits of suppression.  Parental finger waggling teach children what is not socially deemed appropriate.
  • The Mental ‘Suggestion’ Hypnosis tool:  Perhaps when one learns to ‘self-suggest’ one has gained a peace tool. Will it stop the experience of crisis if one doesn’t react?
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) called ‘tapping’ on the body’s Meridian Points.  This is a scientifically discovered way to release stressful feelings binding our lives. You tap on the body’s recording points admitting deep fears and emotional stresses followed by a choice to love, accept and respect yourself.  You may also choose to replace anxiety with wondering if you’ll feel better fulfilling a task instead of avoiding it, or a choice to relax behind some stress inducing episode. You are actually taking self-responsibility for ‘going through’ anxiety, pain, resentment, feeling confused, helpless, panic, anger, rage, phobias, frustrations, and embarrassment.

Crises may actually be programmed into our life scripts by a choice to grow through practicing ‘Crisis Management’.  Old ruts may need a crisis to bust us loose and change our path to a better one.



Poem: This Need Not Be …inspired by ACIM, paraphrased by Shelley

Sadness Need Not Be:   Depression is from a sense of being deprived…

When you want, but do not have…  Remember This:

  You are deprived of Nothing  But by your ‘Decision’s Wish’.

Decide otherwise, and Be Wise.

Anxiety Need not be:  The Ego swings its dictates capriciously.

Its luring voice says, “Be vigilant and anxious; uphold us!”

Be Wise…Uphold otherwise.

A fatigued and dis-spirited Mind Need Not Be.

The Ego’s plotted Temptations truly offer Nothing but Lies.

See the Deception.  By choosing to focus otherwise

Your mind will be healed, you will Rise…and be Wise.

By VIgilant choosing Love over Fear

We can shun ‘Media-mongering’, and Vote with our Hearts:

Compassion over Hatred

Idealism over Cynicism

Hope over Depression

Purity over Corruption

Open Light over Darkness’s Obscurity

Sanity of Inner Peace over madness.

My Soul votes with God…

All Else Need Not Be.


On the fourth day of the Month

Fourth day of the Month

Meditation using a stone.

I have a Book on how concentrating on Heaven sent number sequences brings normalcy to our experiences.  In using these concentration exercises we gradually see our thoughts when in harmony with Heaven, effect positive changes.  Here is my take on using a stone to idealize one’s world.  Set one desire with focused intention and it is but one step.  A second step  is then offered to set up momentum.  What would be your first desire?  More money?  Better eyesight?  A successful outcome in a relationship or business venture?

Refocussed to Miracles

ImageTHE TATTOOED MAN:  I saw him pre-showering by the entrance to the Athletic club’s pool:  tats (tattoos) on arms, hands, back of neck.  He even had one on his cheek!  He had huge ‘bullet hole’ piercings in his ears, and their two steel ring inserts matched the studs in his bottom lip.  His head was shaved yet age-wise he could have been some kid’s dad.

I had a choice- to react out of fear, or be God’s love for this ‘Holy Child of God.’

My exercise in the therapy pool was over and I headed for the long spa tub for some soothing jets.  As I entered I reaquainted  with a lady I had spoken to last time about strained relations I was having. (Oh, you don’t know that relaxing in a spa equals gals chatting?)  I updated her that I chose to practice forgiveness, and she agreed it’s better not to add fuel to the fire resulting in more hurt feelings.  “It’s not worth it,”  we agreed.

As she left, I saw the tattooed man entering.  Now I know very well a lighthearted jest breaks the ice, so I said the first thing that came into my mind, “This is the philosophy corner.”  I wondered if it had been an obscure joke for even as I laughed, I could see he was confused.

Now I had to set him at ease.  Oh, now what was it my daughter told me about people with tattoos from her anthropology class?  Oh, yes, that each tattoo holds special meaning to its wearer.

“Which is your favorite?” I asked inching closer to hear his reply. (I had taken my hearing aids out before entering the water.)  He pointed to what looked like two red mangos joined at the bottom.  It was a puffy heart.  “This sacred heart has healing beams coming out of it.”  He said.

My! He is a proponent of Love’s power!  My confidence soared.

“Oh, then it seems to me, since it is on your hand that if you laid hands on the sick, healing beams would come to give them a miracle!”  Now I got a smile as he agreed.

So, next time you see tattoos, ask Love to take over.

One story deserves another.  Lets keep communicating.   Oh, I need to post another story about how I saw others express love…!  Look for it.

I actually spent an hour drawing an energy

ImageI actually spent an hour drawing an energy machine on ‘word’, but it wouldn’t save as a picture, so when asked to insert photo I had to do with this.

OK,  Holy Spirit,  why was I dreaming of a ‘road trip?  What do I need to see in this symbol?     < The road represents a journey, though you can journey without moving your body an inch.  In this case it represents a progression from one state of awareness to another.>

Are the people I’m with all facets of my own consciousness?     < Get a mirror and you do not see your true ‘self’.  Get a ‘dream’ and many images will be explored.  Yet it is true you are never alone.>

I’m doing the calling intending to get information about our purpose.   Why do I think I’m calling to check the weather?     <  Weather represents conditions that are external that will possibly detain you or block your journey.  Let me ask you, if there had been rain or a whiteout, would you have been tempted to quit?  We recognize you tend to try to see if you agree on the wisdom of the experience I guide you into before stepping out.  That is why we put a welcoming voice on the other end of your enquiry.  You feel safe to step out when a friend says, “Come.”>

Why do I feel my friend’s is just a stop over on the way to a big eastern city?     <This is to let you know the voice getting you part-way is not your final destination.  Big city themes show up to represent a larger view of what life in God is about.>

Why did we pick up Janet, and why am I telling her this will be an adventure for her?     <  Your sister represents the reason you thought you had to journey without.  I do not want you to feel this is a ‘blind faith obedience’ trip without your choices and wholehearted desire.  The added element of being grounded and surrounded with sisterly familiarity provides this.  Your description of enticing her with adventure is actually your feelings about our most agreeable relationship.>

Why the bed roll fright scene next to a cliff?    < You seem to withdraw from perceived ‘edges’ until you face your fears and find there is nothing really terrifying about the reality of the situation after all.>  So I get dream practice ?     < Yes, many nightmares are repeated chances for the dreamer to practice facing their fears and laughing at the error of their perception.>


so the Jesus gathering?  Is it religious or to worship or to learn spiritual techniques or to pray and get blessed?     <Once again we led you into a seeming familiar venue.  But indeed it is different.  What does the word ‘creative’ mean to you?>   I assume it means taking an idea and displaying a form or talent others look at and admire you as its author?  

< God is the creator and any form or idea must use Him as the Source.  God is One and all co-creators join in his delight to extend His Love and expression in myriad ways.>  Why are they sitting in folding chairs and asking for sponsors?    <  When it is irrational to seek  energy from a separated mind the chairs can fold.  This is the case with your own mind.  You don’t see the Oneness yet.  The shared energy money by the purse-holder (Energy-holder- Me) is to vividly illustrate the ‘oneness’ principle.  You need to see many examples of enlightened ones sharing without fear of loss or desperation.  You have experienced in the dream of life situations you labelled loss and times where help seemed not to be near at hand.  This affected you in a fearsome and traumatic way, as if God betrayed you.  This was planned and prepared to drive you to a state where you would seek peace of mind.  But there is no peace of mind to the mind that is not aligned with how God sees it.  Re-alignment requires your willingness.  Do we have it now?.>    Well, I do seem more driven to seek answers from you than many folks I run across.     <I know what I’m doing to woo you into a co-operative frame of mind.>  Yes, I believe that!

Say, why a radio station? < It’s a Jesus meeting, yes?  So the broadcaster on waves of sound is God’s word voiced by Jesus.>  I should be proud to sponsor that!  Why am I aghast?     < You still feel separated and capable of being hurt by loss.  Especially loss of ‘energy’ support for you own agenda.  Realize you made many of your separated plans using God’s energy; let them go; as letting go the $1,500.  God spends His energy on valuable enterprises that prosper His word.  You are one of them!  You are the ‘radio station’!  You are the solicitor and the receiver of the energy funds!  You are not less, but added to, not the forsaken and betrayed, but the expanded and empowered…to the agreed upon purpose forever settled in Heaven!  Let go of the separated project that causes you so much stress.  I have a better plan.>


Dream I had with H.S. interp


In this dream i felt inclined to make a ‘found object’ sculpture even though I hadn’t officially joined the art class.  My creation started with a block of wood upon which I built a mat seated figure in a lotus posture.  I propped a beach scene behind him painted on a small plank and glued two small rocks representing boulders on each side. (The whole scupture was about 8 inches in diameter.)  Along came an art professor who looked at my ‘art’ and said, “Follow my art instruction.” He looked it over, then handed it to me instructing, “Throw it on the ground then hand it to me.”  I trusted he knew art best, so I threw my creation on the ground loosening the glue.  I handed the wreck to him and he removed the figure and the rocks and threw them away!  All that remained was the mat of sticks and the view of the beach.

     He said, “Draw a sign like there’s going to be an event of music and dancing on the beach.  I had a feeling of presenting my sign and my dancing as awkward.

     Holy Spirit what was the art class that inspired me to ‘create?’  <  Just as with all creation, skill must be taught by a teacher and practiced.  >  

Why do I want to create without referring to the ‘art teacher?’  < Only would you be frightened of a Holy art teacher.>

Who did my figure represent? <Close your eyes and see the figure as a holy guru in the position of one.> And the rocks? <Tiny rocks representing big ones?  They are much better off being themselves..>

Why did you come and instruct me to smash it?  <Ah.  You recognized me, good.  It is not to disqualify your creation as ‘art’, but an idol of a small ineffectual ‘teacher!  I am jealous.  And rightly so.>

You redesigned my purpose of the object from an object to draw admiration to me as an ‘artist’ to having it become an ad for a real beach party?  Why?   <With me, ‘Love’ is the only purpose, so you see is actual life lived of more use to me to teach life lessons and ‘Truth’.>

Ah, then my feeling of awkwardness dancing is?  <Just so, an experience that should lead you to seek the dance teacher!>