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Taking Inventory of Beliefs

In Wayne Dyer’s book, Wisdom of the Ages, I found a simple instruction. It was one small paragraph. I had thought to begin where I left off reading. It said, “The menu can never be the meal. These are appetizers on my menu. I suggest you put this wisdom to work.” I put pen to paper and began making a list after his suggestions.
This is what I wrote:
Inventory of my beliefs about:
1.RELIGION= a list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ employed to govern behavior of children. (Heaven is of One mind so duality concepts of good and bad are not real.)
2. Capital Punishment = the threat of death as a determent. So long as people believe death is real, that disembodiment ends life, it could deter. But I suppose the Ego is terrified when I threaten to lop off its head. Here is a scenario Cobra speaks of: The soul that is so defiled that it is past hope of healing has an opportunity to have its energy reorganized by dissolution in the Central Sun. ( As no Source Energy can ever be lost.)
3. Minority Rights = Love has no Exceptions. So says A Course in Miracles. All are equal brothers so equal with our brother Christ. We elected our mission and purpose before we came onto Earth and chose our parents. Many times we chose to be in the minority. The poor experiencing jealousy of the rich. Next time the roles reverse! Perhaps we are the one marching for minority rights and our purpose is to spark awareness in others.
4. REINCARNATION = Here in duality we have the choice to experience disconnection from Source in myriad physical forms. Over and over we are told we must balance Karma and so we return. But Jesus defeated all dissuading lies and got to where only God’s voice was agreed to. Final voicing forgiveness broke his Karmic wheel…and so it can be for all God’s prodigals.
Meanwhile it is one life experience after another unto the final knowing.
5. Young people/ old people = I think of peas in a pod ripening. Finally the elderly peas become seeds to plant for a fresh crop. But what of prodigies or a child with an old soul? So age is never a factor to determine wisdom.
6. Non- traditional medicine = eclectic methods for our eclectic DNA! Many of these methods would have become traditional and mainstream if not for greedy Pharma not letting us know about them.
7. What happens at death = Consciousness continues its choices if free to do so.
8. Your Cultural biases = WASP. This is the comfort zone I am accustomed to. However I must value all the exposure I’ve had to other cultures and their perspectives. I may call their different color palate smell and language sounds ‘foreign’. I may not be used to another culture, but learning to step back and put away judgment tends to yield less of a shock.
9. Now I have preferences: Decent body covering from distractions.//
male/ female mutual honor and respect.// Choice not tyranny// negotiate not war// no private thoughts// no people pleasing/ wisdom schools teach to reflect, watch, and be aware.//align with Christus vibration. Mind training to excellence of thought.
10. The Ability to Perform Miracles = Bring to Heaven’s normal state. The Christus Mind is 100% aligned. and denies all other unaligned vibrations! Then we see 100% alignment become manifest reality in the construct.


A Sermon Calling for a Good Response…the Best!

I took sermon notes and I’m copying them here. visualize we have an insurmountable obstacle before us. Attack is approaching from behind! Though the Red Sea opens and we see a way to advance, our enslavers still pursue! Until..until…until our call for deliverance is seen to have been answered in a plan laid ou long before, but carried out in a moment.
A compulsive ego will lay out many ways…better ways, even an only way to gullible and frantic minds. Holy Spirit offers a Best Way.
THERe has been put together a video meant to drive compulsives bonkers. It shows duct tape solutions, coloring outside of lines, a bag being opened from theb ottom! OF the ways to get to Seattle one way suggested was to walk. You are left telling yourself, “Sure, but, there is probably a better way.”
The preacher quoted Hebrews 11 where Enoch was selected to be taken because he chose the Best way…Believing that God exists and that He is the Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
A better testimony, and legacy was chosen by Abel whose best and first fatling offering was esteemed better than Cain’s…”some produce.” We also can be faithful despite our forefathers’ failures. Find out the Child of a King that you are, render no excuses, resist peer influence. You only have an audience of ONE!
When someone gave you a gift with your desires and needs in mind, was it not the more appreciated? You can tell the ones just grabbed off a gas station shelf!
When I give God my first and best He says I am storing up treasures in Heaven! If Holy Spirit says give, and you hear it loud and clear, why not do what is right? Even if it makes someone mad…even if it gets you flogged like the desciples.
Martha was out to be seen as the volunteer of the year while Mary idled her work time sitting at Jesus’ feet. One was good said the ego. One was the only best and needful place… said Jesus.
what ambition is worthy? Solving worries? A tem pursuit of a trophy and fame? Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? A great age and honorable sons? Methusela was one, but even though Enoch attained the age of 365 he was honored by God who transitioned him to an undying state.
What is worship but the humble acceptance of His Love. It is vanity to think God could be added to or needs our praise! Who is your God? A harsh taskmaster or the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him for they are convinced they have a worthy pursuit and they will attain!
Paul said that for the sake of attaining Christ he had forsaken all. What he would attain was to know Him and the Power of His Resurrection!
We seek not just a ‘good’ response but a better one…the best!

BE Serene Now

An unhealed mind is agitated. It is stressed. You can envision weights and chains. When it goes forth to teach others ‘how to be’ it invariably adds to their stress.
But there is a PLAN. Yes, Father is ‘Starter’, but Mother directs our growth. Father is ‘Over-arching Love’. Mother expresses that ‘Love’ in myriad designs. (As Holy Spirit once told me you never have ‘Style’ without substance…Love without expression! Or Expression without Love.) What a great example of Divine partnership!
Both want their children to thrive. (I suggest watching the free movie ‘Thrive’ on You-tube as a start to awakening). We do not stay in fourth grade forever. That’s why they make those desks so small! There is always a next step and a letting go to move on.
The ‘Serenity Prayer’ says to face the disturbing thought or situation and decide to change what can be changed and accept what cannot be changed. The prayer is to be shown the difference. I would add, “And forgive and drop all assumptions.”
The theraputic technique of tapping meridian points of the head, face and body while accepting personal feelings about a person or situation is called EFT. (Check out the EFT videos on You-tube and follow along for anxiety or fear,depression, even overweight.)
Are you noticing a tendency to get ensnared in ‘drama’? Here’s a clue that you are trapped in ‘drama’ by retaliating when someone pokes you, finds fault, denigrates your integrity and smears your egoic identity as less than pristine. When you ‘defend’ with ‘righteous’ indignation, you waste your time and make the situation worse. You have just made an unspoken agreement that there is something to defend. You have stepped into their ‘drama’.
Another way we attempt to deal with our fears instead of handing them to Holy Spirit to forgive and heal…is to run and hide. To try to pretend we aren’t really afraid. This is called “Disassociation”. In the reptilian brain, this is the flight response.
We can ascend to the next higher grade (and the vibes get quicker, too), when we unlearn the limiting untruths and postulated theories of our dim-witted ancestors. Then we forgive, and transmute old wounds, (they didn’t know any better, they thought they were protecting us, they felt we were too immature to handle the truth. as they subjectively saw it, etc.) We can see our experiencing trauma in that prison of lies was a needed lesson to challenge our skill at detecting the stench of lies and strengthen our resolve to break free. Character training 101!
We can then let go of antiquated belief systems, take a vacation from our burdens and partner up with Holy Spirit who, by the way, does the heavy lifting!
Accept the ‘Now moment’ as the first step in our “Great Adventure.” Example: Saint Peter had no silver or gold when he and John met the cripple at the Gate Beautiful. They gave a command in the Name of Jesus backed by Faith in that name to restore the man’s limbs to soundness. At the sound of, “Rise and walk in Jesus’ Name”, the adventure of the Jesus Movement took off!
Mother’s has good advice, “Be here, now ,right in this moment.” Thus you are going with the ‘flow’ of Mother’s PLAN.
Let’s partner with our Power-house, all-knowing Holy Spirit, follow His ‘nudge’ and see what ‘Adventure’ ACCEPTANCE will bring.
(P.S. You can pass this along as a Mother’s Day thought.)

New Year’s Dream beginning 2013

My late husband liked to visit his best man and wife, so I saw this in my dream.  In it Bob wanted a cottage close by.  I felt it my job to prepare a front yard garden and I wanted it just right as our friends would walk by and see it.  But Bob had the bucket of seeds and, lacking enough calming seratonin in his system, got nervous.  He dumped the entire bucket of seeds in one spot on top of the soil!  I was aghast!

I started poking what seeds I could into the soft soil.  I woke up gritting my teeth!

God, I hear you are a God of ‘order’.  And we are here to learn lessons.  Wouldn’t they be lessons of ‘order’?  Jesus in A.C.I.M. as “J”  says this dream I made up so all offences I see I am to ‘forgive’ as not being there.  What gives?

<The answer you already know.>

Ah, all the lessons we learned of this ‘order’ – laws of seed-time and harvest, of teacher and student, of the mind tempted to stray needing food and discipline by picture symbols to apply in ‘time’ to my ‘experience’ of choosing the ‘best’ over the ‘merely good’ – that level of knowing ‘Truth’ is for success, health and happiness in the world of ‘duality’, time and space.

But why choose to learn lessons of this sort if the ‘Truth’ is a higher reality?

<To learn to forgive the seemingly ‘Out of Order’.>

What are the higher lessons?

<Courage, patience, to laugh when tempted to anger, to be your own savior – redeeming each seeming unforgivable idea by forgiving it with a higher concept of God.>

Call to action:  draw a picture of the series.  The carefully prepared ground/ the careless dumper of seed/ the offended gardener ‘s attempt to recoup a ‘loss’, the higher concept forgiveness.


Hawaii 2012 Hi, everyone, Let me tell you how I finally got to my first visit to Hawaii!

Hi everyone,  Here’s the story:  I had just heard last May of a new style of Manifesting your desires.  Previous plans had the goal at the top of the chart with a ‘to-do’ list to go down beneath.  This new style was much less stressful.

  You put a wish (a drawing picture or word) in the center of a blank chart and wait for your spiritual consierge (aka Holy Spirit) to gift you with a progressive experience until the goal is fulfilled.  This gift is written at the end of a sun-ray as it is received leaving you with a joyful heart of gratitude.

  I took a large white drawing board and wrote ‘Hawaii’ in the center.  Sure, the desire was born of jealousy.  Sure spiritual masters don’t care where they are.  But, hey, my sister had gone already six times!  And I was trying out this style of working with the Universe.  I believe it has the power and wisdom to work things out for the best for all concerned better than my pea-brain efforts.

  The next thing I knew it was June 20th when I suddenly remembered it had been a year since I’d gone on my Bahamas cruise.  Oh, yes.  There was a paid-for plane ticket in Gary’s name still unused!  I put a call in to United.  Oh, no, it was already past the forfeit date, but if a booking was made today they would reinstate it.  I was on the phone to Gary in a heartbeat.  He told me to research possibilities.  Of course I researched Hawaii.  But since I planned to go the cheapest way I researched Allegiant’s deals.  I checked availability after labor day since Gary said September was probably toward the end of his work season in construction.

  I found the best deal was Allegiant to Honolulu from Las Vegas Sat.Sept. 8th returning the following Fri. the 14th. with a Castle Hokele hotel special and promo code of 50% off.  The package including one carry-on each was around $1,300! 

  The unused ticket was for United, however.  I’d better not do any booking until Gary agrees.  He says partners don’t make unilateral descisions for the other.  He said he’d check flights to and from Las Vegas on United from Bozeman, Montana.  When he called back June 22nd, the first thing he said was, “Aloha!”

  Wow! The rays out from the center of my chart were beginning to look like the many beams radiating out from the sun. I watched Hawaii 5-0, TV Surfer movies, Paintings/ Music/ News/ Books and atlases and research  all telling me what to expect, where to get the best deals and the most activities for the dollar.

  Now I like to think of myself as an excellent researcher- so I spent the next three months online for hours looking up and interviewing people.  What was the best way to experience Hawaii?

  More than one island?  No- Oahu was it.  Learn to surf…golf?  No.  But i made lists of Museums, water-parks, luaus, hikes to waterfalls, tours, art-walks and the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Gary was amazed at my ever-increasing ‘to-do’ list!

  “Wait a minute!  Don’t lock me into your huff-and-puff, go-and-do stuff!  I’m going on vacation to sit in the sand with my feet in the water!”

  “Oh, then you don’t think I should buy a $208 Go Oahu card prepaying my admission to 30 ativities?”

“No, we can’t pack all that in one week and still relax!”

  I should have put pictures of my desired activities on another poster.  I really wanted to snorkel and see fish out on the reef.  I wanted to ride a boogie-board on the foam, and have my first kayak ride.  But partner only agreed to hike Diamond-head, see the blow-hole, visit Kailua beach and one tour-bus to a luau.  “You go shop while I go to the beach,” he said.

  He gave me a start locating booths of dickering salesmen under the huge International Marketplace Banyan tree. I negotiated the price of dresses down from $25 to $14 and Gary only paid $13 for his $20 Hawaiian shirt!  BUT, as we were leaving a salesman stopped us with a free gift.  Tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau and show if we’d only listen to a sales pitch for 90 minutes!  After three hours we got  our free tickets, but still we had to pay the bus there and back ($26 ea.) and tour guide with lunch ($26each)

  Still we saved big by filling the fridge from a stop at Walmart less than two miles from our hotel.  I purchased cottage cheese and added cut up    pineapple that I brought home from Germain’s Luau.  Yum!

  The sky was blue, the sea was clear and warm and my mind and body relaxed in the tropical sun.  Hm, I’ll leave my ‘to-do’ lists up to my spiritual consierge next time.  Next time?  Oh, yes!  Definitely!Image