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I Want to Address Depression and it’s main Feeder: Complaining YEOUCH! : Yell/ Examine or Emote/ Observe/ Utter/ Challenge/ Help another who may have the same or similar case. Pause and rewind what you just said. WAS it positive or negative? Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.” (That rhymes with lining. ) CNN etc. want us to become a culture of whiners; to complain and loudly about the unfairness of life. To be eager to shift the blame to other causes for our misfortunes instead of our projected interpretations. It seems we have acquired a taste for sourness that is most gratifying! And it sours our world outlook! It rewires our brains to negativity pings – “Yum, sour grapes! Optimism! What! Be thankful and grateful? Sorry, that’s unreal!”

Your complaining at first gets others’ pity, sympathy, advice and efforts to lift your spirits. But after a bit it drains their energy and sours their milk of human kindness. Ever notice them looking into their heartfelt giving tank and coming up dry? Are they feeling a lack of gratitude and sense they are tired of the ‘Me-me drama’ record? Is your dark cloud-face coming a reason to cross to a sunnier side of the street? Anticipating the sound of wounded victim and watching ‘down-spiriling actions’ is a downer that most health-conscious can do without. Seriously!
So, if you absolutely need to vent, be valiant, and serve on your smorgasbord of voice, a choice. A variety of gratitude sandwiches. So you’ve got a pickle? Got a Beef? Spread some Mayo-Praise! Layer with Joy-onion. Sprinkle with bacon-crispy snappy jokes! You’ll be feeling and serving a better mood-wich!

Partners For Life?

Have you ever asked  yourself if the guy or gal in your life is the right one?  Life changes are happening more frequently than in our grandparent’s day.  What if you feel ‘on the same page’ one day, and ‘growing in separate directions’ the next?

     I ran across this article in my notes called, “Anxious to Please” – Choosing a Partner.  The sub note was:  (connected=communion).  So here it is.

     Life is a laboratory in which ‘Life’ situations are workshops in Transformation – from the weak-willed, easily terrorized-into-abdication-of-responsibilities-and-rights puppet, into a healthy, stalwart, trustworthy, peaceful warrior who is skilled in ‘self-awareness’ and able to extend knowledgeable healing support to others with kind patience and non-judgmental acceptance.

     Relationships are great laboratories to see how the inteerplay of trust, romance, and ‘assumptions’ are a challenge to ‘feelings’.  They draw out discussions of awareness of judgments and criteria for actions and re-actions.

     We need another’s viewpoint when we can’t see the forest for the trees.  We need to see as in a mirror- what in them is also in us.  We need their ‘cheering us on’ when sad, and bucking us up when deflated.  We need their supporting us when we feel frail, and challenging us when we’re sure we’re right.

     A supportive partner will not sidetrack you if you share that your goal is to use ‘life-workshops’ to transform each of you into a healthy, glad, joyful and emotionally healthy person.  If they can’t also commit to the journey, my advice is to ‘give it up’ and ask the Holy Spirit to send you someone who can.  At least you learned it is a personal power to be able to recognize a ‘side-tracker’ and choose again. Challenges have their lessons, especially in the area of forgiveness, but they may set hurdles engendering fears to continually overcome until one’s spirit, being willing, cannot supercede one’s flesh, weakened by being ‘worn-down’.  A true partner enhances the work.

     New mindsets outside of your set comfort-zone are extremely valuable.  They add more tools and encourage you to drop out-dated ones.  Renovation means ‘change’.  When the goal is to be whole- in heart, mind and body- it means you are going for a ‘new self-image’.  We are talking about enhancing, not diminishing all aspects of ‘person-hood’.  Which?  The qualities admired when we are being: self-actualized, trustworthy, knowledgeable, wise, gifted, giving, having an abundance mindset, love of excellence and peace.  We want to be known for our integrity of thoughts, feelings and behavior.

     That ends my notes.  One further comment:  I read somewhere that the un-examined life is not worth living.  The watchword for this age is “transparency”.  If shining a light reveals the ghosts are bedclothes, and there is no need for fears to cause us to cower from fear of harm, perhaps drawn curtains in realms of commerce, healthcare, politics, and media reporting with integrity is a good thing.      Shelley