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Dream Aug. 30th, 2016 with Interp.

The Gang.   “C1” headed our duo.  I was “P3” I had a suitcase of clothes and towels and sundries.  “C1” wanted to make a ‘charity run’.  For a moment I thought he wanted to donate all in the car including my case, so I felt he was going to make me choose to release ownership.  Well, how do I feel about that?  Can I feel thrilled?  Thankful?  Blase’?  Just OK justifying that they need it more than me?  It did not come to that, but it was an exercise in release.

We visited  a lady and her gladness at our coming was written on her face.  “C1′ had brought a strip of tokens with contracts signed from a priest who wanted to rent her spare room. “C1” had added stipulations he didn’t have to for her benefit.  The token accords showed the priest had agreed.

a popular movie was playing but I didn’t want to go alone.  There was another fellow in the chair in the room with one leg crossed casually over the other knee.  He was “D4”.  I heard him mention he wanted to go, but not alone either.  I spoke up,  “Hey, D4, why don’t we go together?  He looked at me and said,  “Only if it’s ‘Dutch'”.

On our walk downtown I scanned the wooden fronts.  which of these Old western style fronts hides a theater within?  Another tag-along pointed to a marquee saying 24 hrs.  He was “D7”,  “Hey,  Here’s a really long show -24 hrs.!  Anybody want to go?”  I said, “Um, I’m not really up for that one.”

I spotted the theater we wanted, but when I unrolled my silk wallet at the window to pay my fare, I found it contained many pockets of foreign currency.  I was clueless to values, so I pulled out a small token saying 1.2.  The man took it and said I had a large amount of change coming.


HOLY SPIRIT, why do we have letter and number designations?  -“It is obvious that as you progress in your journeys you have many IDs.”-

Does C1 make many ‘charity runs’ and what are they?  -“He desires to assist in removing distortions by gift of ‘Light’ and answers to questions.”-

Why is my fear a loss of possessions?(The suitcase.)  -“It is  a distortion that may be removed by forgiveness and letting go.”-

What of the lady given a better deal on rental contracts?  -“What a blessing to have C1 negotiate additional blessings to a contract pre-incarnation.”-

What is the desire to attend a play with a companion even if there is no commitment to a date?   -”  the lifetime relationship thus is not as married, but as companions.”-

So antique wooden fronts describe constructs of an earth life?  -“Yes.”-

Why did I reject a 24 hr. show? -“Those long vibration shows tell a very long story.”-

What is with all the various notes to select from to pay my entry?  -“Selection times of birth country and value is hierarchy of your entity.”-

Why did I choose a small looking token, yet it turned out very valuable?  -“Just because you think 1.2 is small doesn’t mean it is.”-


Taking the Fourth ..of July to finish asking for H.S. interp ofmusical elevator dream

ImageI am ready, Holy Spirit to ask further.  I wish I had a draw feature to show what it is I saw.  This view of Sausalito from the ferry boat to represent a journey to a world of entertainments.  Actually the vineyards of Napa.  But that’ll do.

Holy Spirit we were discussing the hodge-podge family set up that had to stay together because of the One ticket.  Can you explain this?  < This Family is the feeling you get when adult minds guide learning minds.  It is a guided, nurturing set up and we find it is more productive than orphan or just a duo.  The One ticket represents the final mindset we are striving to engender.  Jesus’ “Atonement”  or ‘at-one-ment’ is a state of extreme grace and accord.  Staying together is a visual helping you see that vigilance is required to choose against temptations to see yourself as separated facets.>

Sort of like this Ferry picture.  It’s easy to see we are ‘in the same boat’? < Yes, You chose wisely.>

Now we head for Musical elevators (I must be hearing music.)  Can you comment on the music? < Naturally Spirit change of elevation includes change in vibration/ sound/ harmonics/ and therefore, tune.>  OKay, We need to get elevated to catch a tram into the city for our adventure.  Why the joined but separated carriages moving one after the other? <  We will repeat this visual as many times as necessary for you to understand.  Connectivity is maintained even though style changes.  Elevator/ tram/ family…all maintain connectivity of being joined together. “Be fitly joined together” means one cannot arrive at healing unless all arrive.  If Jesus got the arrival at Christ mind and you maintain connectivity with him, you also arrive.>

Is the color of the carpeted carriage important?< You are not seeing the multitudes of tones of full range color scale selected to accompany your elevation.  You will see the excellence of the array when you learn to differentiate.>  Why no handrails? < That you should be concerned with safety in our program for your elevation shows how much fear you need to turn over to trust.>

Why am I leading the entry into the elevator?  Shouldn’t it be the Man?  <I will not interfere with your choices, for if you felt coerced, you would get in a snit.  Only as you own your choices will you feel empowered to take responsibility for your creations.  I go along as the Spirit of Truth to turn to for guidance in seeing choices clearly.>

I missed the first carriage.  Was that wrong? <It only means there has been delay of the elevation because of hesitation and distraction.  Delay is not ‘wrong’, it is what it is.  Did you feel the rest of the family was so far behind you had to slow to their speed?  Yes, such is the feeling of many teachers.  But they are joyous when they can find a common lifter.  Hence enabling all to ‘stay together.>

Dream of New York musical elevators

ImageIn this dream, my ‘Man’ and I were given charge of two kids and instructed to take them to an area called ‘the world of entertainments’ located in New York City.  I was trying to locate it on a map.  I pointed.

     The boy was about 11 and the girl around 8years old.  They were inexperienced, but thought they were ‘in charge’ as the funding for them to do stuff was being provided by their True Father to my ‘Man’.  But I went up to the pay window for entry and looked at the listing of types of tickets available.  I saw that “Family/ joint ticket” was a better deal than singles or couples.  Okay that’s for us.

     The lady in the booth explained that since it was One ticket for all, we had to stay together.    OK, so there is me and my ‘Man’ as acting mother and father, and the kids as brother and sister.  ‘Dad’ paid using True Father’s card. and we were in, and next went over to the musical elevators. (They would take us up to the elevated tram.)  But these lifts were designed strangely.

     Up from below they would arrive on a continuous circuit, filling the open door- frame and rising immediately without stopping.  If you missed one the next was immediately below.  The containers were wider than tall with blue-grey carpet and no handrails.

     I missed the first carriage and dropped down into the next rising carriage into which the rest of the ‘family’ hopped.  We had done it, and would arrive together. ( I heard banging on the door to my room and it woke me up.)

Holy Spirit, who is the ‘Man’ I often see accompanying me in dreams? < Me, as your security to keep you going forward in these explorations.  You feel the need for a ‘man’ image removing fears you have need to heal.  We meet this challenge together.>

Is the ‘world of entertainments a real place or does it symbolize something? <  It is a state of mind where escape seemed desirable to an unhealed and frightened mind.>  Why if it is not real are we charged to go there? < It is nevertheless a creation, and as such we must categorize it as an arena where great learning can take place.>  Are you saying this world I experience is this ‘world of entertainments? <You see only one aspect of what you term ‘world’, while I see it, not as stable, but in flux, not in order, but in chaos, beset by shifts in gravity and time, influenced by strange pulls of many warring beliefs.  The ‘world of entertainments’ will not frighten you, so we have chosen this setting for your lessons.>

     Why are we bringing the inexperienced boy and his sister? Who are they? < Come inside and you will find they represent attitudes and immature aspects of yourself.> So I need to learn my immature mind should not be thinking it knows what it really wants or needs? <Just so, but it will speak up, so we have shown their obvious lack making it easier for you to discriminate,>

Explain the True Father’s funding for this journey? <Funding means energy and there is plenty and more than you think available for this adventure.>  Why was I the one who chose the ticket? <I guide and supply the lessons, You choose the setting.>  Was it wise for me to choose ‘family’ rather than single or couple?  Was I trying to deceive just to get a better deal? < So you think the woman at the ticket booth was deceived?  No, she is one of your helpers and asked to appear in this dream to  assist in the message.>

     She said, “It is One ticket, you must stay together”  What does that mean?< You are tired, we will continue this later.>