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Are We just Script Performers?

Scientists call Programmable Life Forms…PLFs…those units that can be instructed to perform by suggestions or commands. (Are you thinking automatons? Nanites? Cloned Gray aliens sent to collect data? A Roomba?
But have you looked at the person in the mirror? have you noticed how there have been myriad attempts to sway your choices? How about those ‘Vote for Me’ ads that smear the other fellow?
Then there are the ‘Trust Me’ ads flowing to bombard your senses from the FDA to the FBI and Main Stream Media. Big Pharma wants your pocketbook siphoned by ‘Take this Pill forever’.
Magazines keep coming even after you cancel them touting ‘Beauty’ and ‘Fashion’. Car ads sell sex. Promos program us with desires to live like the Rich and Famous. Even religions advertize that their ‘God’ is better than the other fellow’s.
But are we genetic automatons? Sometimes we act like it.
Our ‘star-matter’ organized by codes in our two-strand DNA give us physical characteristics. But does it give us our curiosity? Our drive to achieve? Our compassion for others? Our heroic self-sacrifice?
If our higher self-consciousness/ soul chose to express and live in these limited bodies of only five senses, perhaps they are also limited in defenses! Perhaps some sabotage is capable of co- opting our free-will and our stated functioning we had ‘pre-chosen’ as our purpose. We may be air-wave bombarded to keep us in check with brain warping/ thwarting techniques! (Cell phone towers…Microwave towers etc.)
If we are supposed to use our pineal glands to access our higher purpose and identity, it would serve our would-be slave masters to block it’s functioning, calcify it and deaden its sensitivity.
If adding more strands to our DNA will improve higher functioning and free-will choice, If we can lengthen our life with longer telomeres, then enslavers must tinker and switch off our access.
My point is, what scripts have we been handed to play out on this limited gameboard? Isa ll this holodeck illusion for our benefit or are we just programmed life forms for some ET entertainment, …or energy food? Are we so asleep we keep repeating traumas with no respite?
If we call out for salvation, who will hear? How will we be answered? Can we begin writing our own scripts?


Hawaii 2012 Hi, everyone, Let me tell you how I finally got to my first visit to Hawaii!

Hi everyone,  Here’s the story:  I had just heard last May of a new style of Manifesting your desires.  Previous plans had the goal at the top of the chart with a ‘to-do’ list to go down beneath.  This new style was much less stressful.

  You put a wish (a drawing picture or word) in the center of a blank chart and wait for your spiritual consierge (aka Holy Spirit) to gift you with a progressive experience until the goal is fulfilled.  This gift is written at the end of a sun-ray as it is received leaving you with a joyful heart of gratitude.

  I took a large white drawing board and wrote ‘Hawaii’ in the center.  Sure, the desire was born of jealousy.  Sure spiritual masters don’t care where they are.  But, hey, my sister had gone already six times!  And I was trying out this style of working with the Universe.  I believe it has the power and wisdom to work things out for the best for all concerned better than my pea-brain efforts.

  The next thing I knew it was June 20th when I suddenly remembered it had been a year since I’d gone on my Bahamas cruise.  Oh, yes.  There was a paid-for plane ticket in Gary’s name still unused!  I put a call in to United.  Oh, no, it was already past the forfeit date, but if a booking was made today they would reinstate it.  I was on the phone to Gary in a heartbeat.  He told me to research possibilities.  Of course I researched Hawaii.  But since I planned to go the cheapest way I researched Allegiant’s deals.  I checked availability after labor day since Gary said September was probably toward the end of his work season in construction.

  I found the best deal was Allegiant to Honolulu from Las Vegas Sat.Sept. 8th returning the following Fri. the 14th. with a Castle Hokele hotel special and promo code of 50% off.  The package including one carry-on each was around $1,300! 

  The unused ticket was for United, however.  I’d better not do any booking until Gary agrees.  He says partners don’t make unilateral descisions for the other.  He said he’d check flights to and from Las Vegas on United from Bozeman, Montana.  When he called back June 22nd, the first thing he said was, “Aloha!”

  Wow! The rays out from the center of my chart were beginning to look like the many beams radiating out from the sun. I watched Hawaii 5-0, TV Surfer movies, Paintings/ Music/ News/ Books and atlases and research  all telling me what to expect, where to get the best deals and the most activities for the dollar.

  Now I like to think of myself as an excellent researcher- so I spent the next three months online for hours looking up and interviewing people.  What was the best way to experience Hawaii?

  More than one island?  No- Oahu was it.  Learn to surf…golf?  No.  But i made lists of Museums, water-parks, luaus, hikes to waterfalls, tours, art-walks and the Polynesian Cultural Center.  Gary was amazed at my ever-increasing ‘to-do’ list!

  “Wait a minute!  Don’t lock me into your huff-and-puff, go-and-do stuff!  I’m going on vacation to sit in the sand with my feet in the water!”

  “Oh, then you don’t think I should buy a $208 Go Oahu card prepaying my admission to 30 ativities?”

“No, we can’t pack all that in one week and still relax!”

  I should have put pictures of my desired activities on another poster.  I really wanted to snorkel and see fish out on the reef.  I wanted to ride a boogie-board on the foam, and have my first kayak ride.  But partner only agreed to hike Diamond-head, see the blow-hole, visit Kailua beach and one tour-bus to a luau.  “You go shop while I go to the beach,” he said.

  He gave me a start locating booths of dickering salesmen under the huge International Marketplace Banyan tree. I negotiated the price of dresses down from $25 to $14 and Gary only paid $13 for his $20 Hawaiian shirt!  BUT, as we were leaving a salesman stopped us with a free gift.  Tickets to the Polynesian Cultural Center Luau and show if we’d only listen to a sales pitch for 90 minutes!  After three hours we got  our free tickets, but still we had to pay the bus there and back ($26 ea.) and tour guide with lunch ($26each)

  Still we saved big by filling the fridge from a stop at Walmart less than two miles from our hotel.  I purchased cottage cheese and added cut up    pineapple that I brought home from Germain’s Luau.  Yum!

  The sky was blue, the sea was clear and warm and my mind and body relaxed in the tropical sun.  Hm, I’ll leave my ‘to-do’ lists up to my spiritual consierge next time.  Next time?  Oh, yes!  Definitely!Image