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Dream Aug. 30th, 2016 with Interp.

The Gang.   “C1” headed our duo.  I was “P3” I had a suitcase of clothes and towels and sundries.  “C1” wanted to make a ‘charity run’.  For a moment I thought he wanted to donate all in the car including my case, so I felt he was going to make me choose to release ownership.  Well, how do I feel about that?  Can I feel thrilled?  Thankful?  Blase’?  Just OK justifying that they need it more than me?  It did not come to that, but it was an exercise in release.

We visited  a lady and her gladness at our coming was written on her face.  “C1′ had brought a strip of tokens with contracts signed from a priest who wanted to rent her spare room. “C1” had added stipulations he didn’t have to for her benefit.  The token accords showed the priest had agreed.

a popular movie was playing but I didn’t want to go alone.  There was another fellow in the chair in the room with one leg crossed casually over the other knee.  He was “D4”.  I heard him mention he wanted to go, but not alone either.  I spoke up,  “Hey, D4, why don’t we go together?  He looked at me and said,  “Only if it’s ‘Dutch'”.

On our walk downtown I scanned the wooden fronts.  which of these Old western style fronts hides a theater within?  Another tag-along pointed to a marquee saying 24 hrs.  He was “D7”,  “Hey,  Here’s a really long show -24 hrs.!  Anybody want to go?”  I said, “Um, I’m not really up for that one.”

I spotted the theater we wanted, but when I unrolled my silk wallet at the window to pay my fare, I found it contained many pockets of foreign currency.  I was clueless to values, so I pulled out a small token saying 1.2.  The man took it and said I had a large amount of change coming.


HOLY SPIRIT, why do we have letter and number designations?  -“It is obvious that as you progress in your journeys you have many IDs.”-

Does C1 make many ‘charity runs’ and what are they?  -“He desires to assist in removing distortions by gift of ‘Light’ and answers to questions.”-

Why is my fear a loss of possessions?(The suitcase.)  -“It is  a distortion that may be removed by forgiveness and letting go.”-

What of the lady given a better deal on rental contracts?  -“What a blessing to have C1 negotiate additional blessings to a contract pre-incarnation.”-

What is the desire to attend a play with a companion even if there is no commitment to a date?   -”  the lifetime relationship thus is not as married, but as companions.”-

So antique wooden fronts describe constructs of an earth life?  -“Yes.”-

Why did I reject a 24 hr. show? -“Those long vibration shows tell a very long story.”-

What is with all the various notes to select from to pay my entry?  -“Selection times of birth country and value is hierarchy of your entity.”-

Why did I choose a small looking token, yet it turned out very valuable?  -“Just because you think 1.2 is small doesn’t mean it is.”-


Dream of traversing swamps on overhead Wires

There are others who know who are showing us ‘students’ how to traverse the swamplands on overhead wires.  Cables hooked onto the men’s harnesses, but women were invited to sit in gondola buckets.  Our destination was a spiritual school.

Next segment:  When I arrived at Sister K’s group there were 7 to 9 folk all contributing as a team, but not to their own ‘star’.  They were going to another’s church service to assist.  But it was at a low level of teaching!  There was Sister ‘D’ , “Helping others to find ‘salvation’ in the ‘dance, shout sing’ vibration, looking up to heaven for help, hope and healing.”

I coralled a few of my team, asking them, “Why do for these and promote their level when you could easily hold separate meetings and draw those seeking your level of Truth?”

So, God, Holy Spirit, what is this dream showing me?  <Remember when you studied with Sister K?  She had separate classed for the ‘team’ even to keep their minds tuned to a higher vibration.  But the lessons of obedience and service to others who have damaged, hungry and insane minds required applying a system of order on a different level.  The level many operate on in their believing host fears needing ‘sanitation rules’ and ‘paperwork corroboration’.  She chose that position of the ‘in-between’ as My Voice of Transition in the Atonement.>

Is there revelation in the ‘swamp-traversing’ scene?

<O, yes.  A direct higher transition is available for students.>

Why are there gondolas for females and the males are helping to attach them.  Why?

<Do you still identify with female?>


<It is the you that is male doing the work so your female is carried over in safety.>

My first Dream after Moving to Billings, Mt. 2014- “Goose in a Box.”

This is short and I wrote it on the back of my rug cleaner’s bill winding up my years in Bozeman, Mt. (July 2009 to Oct. 2014).

I saw a rectangular box flying towards me!  It landed in my hands (5 in. x 8 in.). What did I see tied in it but a goose, and she was tied in laying on her back! (That must have been some aerial trick to fly upside down!  So unnatural!)

As I looked on, I noticed she was trying to push out quite a large egg. I had no time to untie or right her, she needed my help! As my right hand finger touched the membrane that enclosed the egg keeping it in, Lo, the membrane withdrew and I was amazed at the large size of the goose egg laying in my hand.

Holy Spirit, what is the symbol of the goose tied upside-down in a box and yet still flying to me?


So, do you want me to be thankful or helpful?


I hope it was helpful to untie the bird and set it free.”


Oh, I never thought the whole bird was a gift!


Filligrio; Dream the old hoarding General passes

I heard in my dream the name:’Filligrio’. The old General, Filligrio, knew he might be captured, so he swallowed a stomach full of diamonds!
Sure enough, the opposing general knew about the deception and said, “We will use fire to cut him open from the gullet to the groin!”
The old General sighed, “Oh, well, it was a good run while it lasted.”
I watched as the laser opened him and when the diamonds spilled out, two stuck on his nose.

Holy Spirit, who was the first General, and why swallow diamonds?
….Diamonds represent tangible wealth in the level of the physical. You grasp that it is hidden by a ‘power-elite’. This old general represents the part of ‘fearful/wily’ ego-self in you – unenlightened, not seeing the oneness of all peoples. He keeps his hidden wealth in his stomach, hoarded and unspent…..
So I am carrying hoarded unspent wealth that needs to be shared by growing enlightened?
OK, who is the opposing general who opens him and what is the ‘fire’?
….Reason and Wisdom are used by the Heroic Mind who fights for freedom from Tyranny of hoarded wealth, allowing it to spill into the light. The sun shines on it and sparkles in all beholding eyes…..
Why are two diamonds stuck on the old general, and does his sigh mean anything?
….The sigh meant his fight to maintain his old hold and ‘Rule the Day’ using old hoarding mentality is finally yielded to Reason, and as the hoarded wealth is spread out, he is not left without…..
One for each nostril of breathing?
….We laugh for levity and it is revealed to be so…..
OK. What is Filligrio? ….Look it up…..
I dreamed someone said for me to expect $500? ….Your cable service will buy out the old satellite service for $500….. NOTE: It took three months but I finally got the $500 check after I had to pay satellite folks $571 for breaking the contract!

New Year’s Dream beginning 2013

My late husband liked to visit his best man and wife, so I saw this in my dream.  In it Bob wanted a cottage close by.  I felt it my job to prepare a front yard garden and I wanted it just right as our friends would walk by and see it.  But Bob had the bucket of seeds and, lacking enough calming seratonin in his system, got nervous.  He dumped the entire bucket of seeds in one spot on top of the soil!  I was aghast!

I started poking what seeds I could into the soft soil.  I woke up gritting my teeth!

God, I hear you are a God of ‘order’.  And we are here to learn lessons.  Wouldn’t they be lessons of ‘order’?  Jesus in A.C.I.M. as “J”  says this dream I made up so all offences I see I am to ‘forgive’ as not being there.  What gives?

<The answer you already know.>

Ah, all the lessons we learned of this ‘order’ – laws of seed-time and harvest, of teacher and student, of the mind tempted to stray needing food and discipline by picture symbols to apply in ‘time’ to my ‘experience’ of choosing the ‘best’ over the ‘merely good’ – that level of knowing ‘Truth’ is for success, health and happiness in the world of ‘duality’, time and space.

But why choose to learn lessons of this sort if the ‘Truth’ is a higher reality?

<To learn to forgive the seemingly ‘Out of Order’.>

What are the higher lessons?

<Courage, patience, to laugh when tempted to anger, to be your own savior – redeeming each seeming unforgivable idea by forgiving it with a higher concept of God.>

Call to action:  draw a picture of the series.  The carefully prepared ground/ the careless dumper of seed/ the offended gardener ‘s attempt to recoup a ‘loss’, the higher concept forgiveness.


In this Dream I was a Code Breaker getting Revelation Words

ImageI am dreaming that I am in a room at a computer working on a secret code.  The dossier came up on the screen with a flashing notice that the secret code had been broken.  Now all I had to do to clear the masking words away from the true message was to mouse-click on the X.

I clicked on the X and the first word revealed was:  CORPORATE.

It was quickly followed by a second word:  CONFUSION.

I woke and wrote these down, then slept again and the same screen cleared again to reveal: “I AM COME.”

After I again woke to write this, I closed my eyes and heard a dream voice say, “Law Abide.”

Holy Spirit what is this where I am breaking secret codes?

< This is accurately the process and task you have delighted to set yourself.  We are most happy to send you clearing techniques.  Realize they must be applied before your mind’s idol -viruses can be seen through.>

What is the best technique?

< Step back from assuming you can interpret yours or another’s purpose at any given moment.  If you interpret they are attacking and you are the intended victim, you may set up defenses of shy avoidance, or anger, or defending your ‘so valuable’ innocence.>

What’s so wrong with telling someone they got me wrong?

<You are never upset for the reason you think.  I will continue to send people who get you ‘wrong’ until you realize the purpose is to practice the skill of remembering who you are and God’s take on you.  You are not only innocent in God’s eyes, but a cherished soul created out of His Love.>

Ah, then when I realize they are purposely sent to challenge me,  I can be thankful rather than defensive and upset!  Wow!

Okay,  What does ‘Corporate’ as a secret message mean?

<  It is a heading of all things in the corporeal realm.  Lists follow of created items, cataloged by structure.  I am very well versed in this realm, but you have not yet the skill to place accurate purpose to each item.  Hence the need to de-camoflage them for you.>

I thought businesses were corporations.  Is that not meant here?

<Look up  the word ‘corporations’ and you will see that label put to enterprises where co-operation is needed between separated departments for the body to function, all headed by one who understands the purposes of each department so the whole body thrives.>

So you are the CEO?

<You might be tempted to say God is the Executive officer, but He is actually the Love out of which the entire realm is made.  He cannot be separated into departments, for He is One.  I am His Executive officer having His same Will and Purpose, tying together all to vibrate in healthy vibration as His ‘Word”.  One purpose I serve is to restore out of sync minds to the way He sees in Truth.>

So why did I see the word, ‘Confusion’?

<Is that not the underlying feeling you get when you try to assume purpose without referring to me?  You may regard that as the ‘mole’ in our network.  You cannot seek it out to destroy with your reasoning.  It would be too stressful.  I am the expert.  So when your mind flashes a feeling of being confused, step back and wait for my message, “I AM COME”.>

Didn’t Jesus say, “Don’t be afraid, I am come.”?

<He spoke Aramaic, but every time he spoke after he had learned the skill of matching vibration words to God’s , He was voicing God’s mind and will and eternal truth.>

Is that your dream voice I heard saying, “Law Abide.”?

<  When your voice meaning vibration abides in Love’s Truth, it will be your sound as well as Jesus, mine, God’s and of everyone who abides in god’s Law of Love.>

Dream I had with H.S. interp


In this dream i felt inclined to make a ‘found object’ sculpture even though I hadn’t officially joined the art class.  My creation started with a block of wood upon which I built a mat seated figure in a lotus posture.  I propped a beach scene behind him painted on a small plank and glued two small rocks representing boulders on each side. (The whole scupture was about 8 inches in diameter.)  Along came an art professor who looked at my ‘art’ and said, “Follow my art instruction.” He looked it over, then handed it to me instructing, “Throw it on the ground then hand it to me.”  I trusted he knew art best, so I threw my creation on the ground loosening the glue.  I handed the wreck to him and he removed the figure and the rocks and threw them away!  All that remained was the mat of sticks and the view of the beach.

     He said, “Draw a sign like there’s going to be an event of music and dancing on the beach.  I had a feeling of presenting my sign and my dancing as awkward.

     Holy Spirit what was the art class that inspired me to ‘create?’  <  Just as with all creation, skill must be taught by a teacher and practiced.  >  

Why do I want to create without referring to the ‘art teacher?’  < Only would you be frightened of a Holy art teacher.>

Who did my figure represent? <Close your eyes and see the figure as a holy guru in the position of one.> And the rocks? <Tiny rocks representing big ones?  They are much better off being themselves..>

Why did you come and instruct me to smash it?  <Ah.  You recognized me, good.  It is not to disqualify your creation as ‘art’, but an idol of a small ineffectual ‘teacher!  I am jealous.  And rightly so.>

You redesigned my purpose of the object from an object to draw admiration to me as an ‘artist’ to having it become an ad for a real beach party?  Why?   <With me, ‘Love’ is the only purpose, so you see is actual life lived of more use to me to teach life lessons and ‘Truth’.>

Ah, then my feeling of awkwardness dancing is?  <Just so, an experience that should lead you to seek the dance teacher!>

Notes about journalling.

Hi, all,  I was sharing a dream from my journal with my mentor, Sis. Kathryn on a recent visit to Phoenix, and she loved it!  Not only that, she listened to my stories of starting a home e business with Vemma energy drinks and referred me back to my journal.  Pointing to the notebook, she gave me this spiritual advice,  “This is your real business, no matter what other you play with.  Type this up and share it.  These messages sent to you in dreams don’t help anyone until you confer with the Holy Spirit.  His revelation of what they mean is ‘Divine Truth”!

    So I will begin a series of journal entries where I spent extra time with pen in hand.  A side note:  I find I only get replies to questions I write and follow with a < symbol.  It is like I am expecting something from Holy Spirit to enter and enclose with a >.Image