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I believe When You started this Journey

I believe when you started this journey you told the Universe that you wanted to practice ‘Crisis Management’.

So He set it up.   One experience after another.

Like any nightmare.  To the untrained mind the feeling is being endangered and helpless.  This leads to ‘fear’ and the ‘flight or fight’ choice.  This persists until the mind is willing to be trained otherwise and is given tools.

Many crisis management tools are offered.  Some work better than others to alleviate fear to bring equanimity and the solace we call ‘Peace’.

  • The Pharmaceutical tool: Does not change the external experience and may have life endangering side effects.   Mind numbing or able to simulate euphoria.
  • The Education tool:  Great!  The more you know, the quicker your choice of appropriate action can ‘save the day’.  You can face the fear and go ahead anyway.  This tool makes it clear it is better to go through rather than avoiding issues or building weapons of attack. (Attack counteracts goals of learning and growth.)
  • The Religion tool:  Unfortunately this often leads to abdication of being your  own Crisis Manager.  The mind that always is looking outside for rescue is setting itself up to being dominated.  Enablers often undermine the maturation process.  It is a temporary stage, at best.
  • The Social Dictates Tool:   Our governing systems have codes and rules to punish offenders and keep the peace.  This coercion of lists of ‘musts’, ‘shoulds’, and ‘have-tos’ are structured to  keep members in line through fear.  What is learned  are modes of pretending and habits of suppression.  Parental finger waggling teach children what is not socially deemed appropriate.
  • The Mental ‘Suggestion’ Hypnosis tool:  Perhaps when one learns to ‘self-suggest’ one has gained a peace tool. Will it stop the experience of crisis if one doesn’t react?
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) called ‘tapping’ on the body’s Meridian Points.  This is a scientifically discovered way to release stressful feelings binding our lives. You tap on the body’s recording points admitting deep fears and emotional stresses followed by a choice to love, accept and respect yourself.  You may also choose to replace anxiety with wondering if you’ll feel better fulfilling a task instead of avoiding it, or a choice to relax behind some stress inducing episode. You are actually taking self-responsibility for ‘going through’ anxiety, pain, resentment, feeling confused, helpless, panic, anger, rage, phobias, frustrations, and embarrassment.

Crises may actually be programmed into our life scripts by a choice to grow through practicing ‘Crisis Management’.  Old ruts may need a crisis to bust us loose and change our path to a better one.



Poem: This Need Not Be …inspired by ACIM, paraphrased by Shelley

Sadness Need Not Be:   Depression is from a sense of being deprived…

When you want, but do not have…  Remember This:

  You are deprived of Nothing  But by your ‘Decision’s Wish’.

Decide otherwise, and Be Wise.

Anxiety Need not be:  The Ego swings its dictates capriciously.

Its luring voice says, “Be vigilant and anxious; uphold us!”

Be Wise…Uphold otherwise.

A fatigued and dis-spirited Mind Need Not Be.

The Ego’s plotted Temptations truly offer Nothing but Lies.

See the Deception.  By choosing to focus otherwise

Your mind will be healed, you will Rise…and be Wise.

By VIgilant choosing Love over Fear

We can shun ‘Media-mongering’, and Vote with our Hearts:

Compassion over Hatred

Idealism over Cynicism

Hope over Depression

Purity over Corruption

Open Light over Darkness’s Obscurity

Sanity of Inner Peace over madness.

My Soul votes with God…

All Else Need Not Be.


More H. S. advise continued

If you, by experiencing a result that you feel hurt you, was unjust, unfair, causing loss, or a banging of the palm on the forehead saying, “Stupid, stupid!”… Step Back!

Say, “It’s all good.”

Speak to yourself with your hand on your heart…preferably before a mirror.  Say, “I take responsibility for choosing thus.”

To my brother and myself I say “I love you, I forgive you, I’m sorry I was mistaken, please forgive me, thank you.” and, “I choose again.”

Now you are re-choosing :  beliefs, purposes, feelings about what happened, refiling judgments from “Their sin” catagory into “gratitude for doing what I scripted” category.

You are also re-choosing from my ego-scripted imagined projections “for my good. (seeming)” to “allowing Holy Spirit to guide me to my Eternal Script’s “Next Good.”

Would you rather be Right or Kind?

would you rather be right or kind?______________.


What brought up this question was an event I experienced at a gathering of ladies who have met daily for the last thirty years at the local fast food coffee house to work crossword-puzzles.  Mom had been a regular and when she had a stroke, we daughters used to take her, even though she stopped guessing at the answers.  She enjoyed seeing familiar faces.

Now I like a challenge to get my mental juices flowing.  I also love to be right, for that means, ‘I win!’

Mom has been gone for awhile now and this day I decided to drop in and join in the fun.  They had already been at it a half hour when I sat down.  The oldest white haired lady had been given the job of reading the clues and filling in our best guess as to the answer.  The boxes were tiny in the clipping from the paper, and I could see her squinting her eyes.

“Um…um”. She said, hesitatingly.  We had all agreed on the word to fill the blanks and she was trying to pencil them in.  I peeked over.  Oh- no!  She misspelled it!  I reached over a finger to ‘help’ point out her mistake.  I told her, “That’s not an ‘I’,  its an ‘A’.”

Three of the other ladies were aghast at my importunity.

“Let her be!”

“Let her take her time!”

“We never push!”

Ah!  Me being accused of wrongdoing?  Where was I wrong?  Sure I was right in the letter, but my ‘get it right or be corrected’ spirit was pushing my own ego agenda.  I caused more fluster to this fragile soul and therefore defeated the purpose of fun for which they had gathered.

I had to realize that over the years these ladies had so tuned to each other that ‘no pushing’ had become their rule of love.

Refocussed to Miracles

ImageTHE TATTOOED MAN:  I saw him pre-showering by the entrance to the Athletic club’s pool:  tats (tattoos) on arms, hands, back of neck.  He even had one on his cheek!  He had huge ‘bullet hole’ piercings in his ears, and their two steel ring inserts matched the studs in his bottom lip.  His head was shaved yet age-wise he could have been some kid’s dad.

I had a choice- to react out of fear, or be God’s love for this ‘Holy Child of God.’

My exercise in the therapy pool was over and I headed for the long spa tub for some soothing jets.  As I entered I reaquainted  with a lady I had spoken to last time about strained relations I was having. (Oh, you don’t know that relaxing in a spa equals gals chatting?)  I updated her that I chose to practice forgiveness, and she agreed it’s better not to add fuel to the fire resulting in more hurt feelings.  “It’s not worth it,”  we agreed.

As she left, I saw the tattooed man entering.  Now I know very well a lighthearted jest breaks the ice, so I said the first thing that came into my mind, “This is the philosophy corner.”  I wondered if it had been an obscure joke for even as I laughed, I could see he was confused.

Now I had to set him at ease.  Oh, now what was it my daughter told me about people with tattoos from her anthropology class?  Oh, yes, that each tattoo holds special meaning to its wearer.

“Which is your favorite?” I asked inching closer to hear his reply. (I had taken my hearing aids out before entering the water.)  He pointed to what looked like two red mangos joined at the bottom.  It was a puffy heart.  “This sacred heart has healing beams coming out of it.”  He said.

My! He is a proponent of Love’s power!  My confidence soared.

“Oh, then it seems to me, since it is on your hand that if you laid hands on the sick, healing beams would come to give them a miracle!”  Now I got a smile as he agreed.

So, next time you see tattoos, ask Love to take over.

One story deserves another.  Lets keep communicating.   Oh, I need to post another story about how I saw others express love…!  Look for it.

Dream of New York musical elevators

ImageIn this dream, my ‘Man’ and I were given charge of two kids and instructed to take them to an area called ‘the world of entertainments’ located in New York City.  I was trying to locate it on a map.  I pointed.

     The boy was about 11 and the girl around 8years old.  They were inexperienced, but thought they were ‘in charge’ as the funding for them to do stuff was being provided by their True Father to my ‘Man’.  But I went up to the pay window for entry and looked at the listing of types of tickets available.  I saw that “Family/ joint ticket” was a better deal than singles or couples.  Okay that’s for us.

     The lady in the booth explained that since it was One ticket for all, we had to stay together.    OK, so there is me and my ‘Man’ as acting mother and father, and the kids as brother and sister.  ‘Dad’ paid using True Father’s card. and we were in, and next went over to the musical elevators. (They would take us up to the elevated tram.)  But these lifts were designed strangely.

     Up from below they would arrive on a continuous circuit, filling the open door- frame and rising immediately without stopping.  If you missed one the next was immediately below.  The containers were wider than tall with blue-grey carpet and no handrails.

     I missed the first carriage and dropped down into the next rising carriage into which the rest of the ‘family’ hopped.  We had done it, and would arrive together. ( I heard banging on the door to my room and it woke me up.)

Holy Spirit, who is the ‘Man’ I often see accompanying me in dreams? < Me, as your security to keep you going forward in these explorations.  You feel the need for a ‘man’ image removing fears you have need to heal.  We meet this challenge together.>

Is the ‘world of entertainments a real place or does it symbolize something? <  It is a state of mind where escape seemed desirable to an unhealed and frightened mind.>  Why if it is not real are we charged to go there? < It is nevertheless a creation, and as such we must categorize it as an arena where great learning can take place.>  Are you saying this world I experience is this ‘world of entertainments? <You see only one aspect of what you term ‘world’, while I see it, not as stable, but in flux, not in order, but in chaos, beset by shifts in gravity and time, influenced by strange pulls of many warring beliefs.  The ‘world of entertainments’ will not frighten you, so we have chosen this setting for your lessons.>

     Why are we bringing the inexperienced boy and his sister? Who are they? < Come inside and you will find they represent attitudes and immature aspects of yourself.> So I need to learn my immature mind should not be thinking it knows what it really wants or needs? <Just so, but it will speak up, so we have shown their obvious lack making it easier for you to discriminate,>

Explain the True Father’s funding for this journey? <Funding means energy and there is plenty and more than you think available for this adventure.>  Why was I the one who chose the ticket? <I guide and supply the lessons, You choose the setting.>  Was it wise for me to choose ‘family’ rather than single or couple?  Was I trying to deceive just to get a better deal? < So you think the woman at the ticket booth was deceived?  No, she is one of your helpers and asked to appear in this dream to  assist in the message.>

     She said, “It is One ticket, you must stay together”  What does that mean?< You are tired, we will continue this later.>