Poem: This Need Not Be …inspired by ACIM, paraphrased by Shelley

Sadness Need Not Be:   Depression is from a sense of being deprived…

When you want, but do not have…  Remember This:

  You are deprived of Nothing  But by your ‘Decision’s Wish’.

Decide otherwise, and Be Wise.

Anxiety Need not be:  The Ego swings its dictates capriciously.

Its luring voice says, “Be vigilant and anxious; uphold us!”

Be Wise…Uphold otherwise.

A fatigued and dis-spirited Mind Need Not Be.

The Ego’s plotted Temptations truly offer Nothing but Lies.

See the Deception.  By choosing to focus otherwise

Your mind will be healed, you will Rise…and be Wise.

By VIgilant choosing Love over Fear

We can shun ‘Media-mongering’, and Vote with our Hearts:

Compassion over Hatred

Idealism over Cynicism

Hope over Depression

Purity over Corruption

Open Light over Darkness’s Obscurity

Sanity of Inner Peace over madness.

My Soul votes with God…

All Else Need Not Be.


Fashion drawings by Shelley

A Toy aisle had this sketchpad to fill in with fashions.  I decided to start with Betty Boop.  I will eventually learn how to set more than one sketch per page.

Considering images on awakening this am.

I saw a Cargo ship smuggling some valuables.  Authorities boarded to verify they were legit.  “Oh, no!  Let’s hide our cargo in a net outside the ship and project a passable hologram over it to fool the authorities”!( draw the net full of valuables beneath the ship.)


A spy needs tech to observe and record and broadcast.  He has it hidden in a jeweled cape clasp and is putting it on a costumed child. (Draw a child in a cape getting the jeweled clasp put on him.)


I see Han Solo in the cantina with Greedo holding a gun on him.  He misdirects by raising one hand observing it, while training a gun under the table unbeknownst to his assailant.  Greedo gets shot while having his attention misdirected.  (Draw Han Solo shooting Greedo while looking at his other hand.)


I decide to ask Holy Spirit:  Holy Spirit, what seems important to notice about all three of these considerings?  …//Obscuring//…   So, this is about using devices to deceive?

…// To win a game of ‘one-up-man-ship’ where there are winners and losers, the reins of control are in the hands of those able best to manipulate what another thinks he knows.  You choose your actions based on beliefs.

One may have a study to examine how many ways  there are to influence human perceptions.  Emotions, religious dogma, debt money-magic slavery dictates, marriage vows, rituals, bloodline sense of hierarchy rights to rule others, etc.//…

Aren’t we longing to know Truth so we can make wise choices?

…//Yet in darkness do you grope.  You deem the wise choice that which keeps you from pain, lack, loss, suffering woe and death.  Yet Jesus embraced coming to zero as a doorway to greater influence.  Loss of voice…now He speaks from a higher loft.  Hands nailed…now He heals and embraces.  Disgraced as a low reputation criminal to be erased through death…of the body.  Now His Name has power to cast demons into an ineffectual zone, a pit.  As immortal Christ His influence is great.//…    A Friend?

…//Position yourself.   His Father-love and wisdom and power shine out for all positioned to receive.//…    Through You, Holy Spirit?  …//True//…

Who is His ‘counterpart’? …//Ah, the Divine Male must have His Divine Feminine!//…  Yes, Kuan Yin, the beloved chela of Lord Lanto, has Count St. Germaine.

…// To pray to, to beseech, to offer incense to, to curry favor, to enact miracles?  I tell you, you are the field in which a precious treasure is hid.  The value of your precious ‘pearl’ essence is more valuable than storehouses of grain or silk.  Within you is the Great Prince of Glory and the Beloved Bride.  The Anthony and Cleopatra.  You are a vessel hiding a treasure beneath a hologram.  The center-point of two torsion-fields  of Heaven and earth.  Spinning, generating,absorbing, creating, teaching, learning, thriving, and shining…//…

On the fourth day of the Month

Fourth day of the Month

Meditation using a stone.

I have a Book on how concentrating on Heaven sent number sequences brings normalcy to our experiences.  In using these concentration exercises we gradually see our thoughts when in harmony with Heaven, effect positive changes.  Here is my take on using a stone to idealize one’s world.  Set one desire with focused intention and it is but one step.  A second step  is then offered to set up momentum.  What would be your first desire?  More money?  Better eyesight?  A successful outcome in a relationship or business venture?

Trying my artistic Hand:Cartoon on Relaxation Response

I was reading a book called The Relaxation Response and decided to make a cartoon and see if I could post it here. Hm. It seems to be sideways.

I was reading a book called The Relaxation Response and decided to make a cartoon and see if I could post it here. Hm. It seems to be sideways.

Hi, I am seeing how I can draw a Truth cartoon and post it to my blog.  This one is a condensed teaching how Science measured certain responses to meditation, hypnosis and an emotion cycling piano game.  I hope I got a laugh.  It is worth trying some of these to reduce tension and blood pressure!  Although I expect going to a hot worship service would do the same!   Shelley

A News Site I found

Hi, guys, it seems the alternative media has news we are deemed too panicky to view by the mainstream.  So I went to “Before it’s News” as a site that will keep me informed.  They even have widgets but the only place I could paste them after right click and copy is a box on the left described as slug.  I am thinking of posting my dreams and Holy Spirit interps soon.  see you later!   Shelley

Judge Anna: Turn off the Boob Tube. Forget their foreign elections. That’s not your government.

I now have cause to rethink who says they have ‘authority’.

Scanned Retina - A Resource for the People!

Editor note:  The majority of this post reflects the comments of Judge Anna.  However, the scannedretina has taken the liberty to add clarification to the situation addressed.  These editing additions are the responsibility of the scannedretina and not Judge Anna.

On Feb 10, 2016, at 1:29 AM, Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:

Well, Let’s See…..

What has Judge Anna been up to the last few days?

Besides lecturing:

  1. teaching,
  2. writing institutional framework documents,
  3. analyzing new forms of currency and barter platforms,
  4. reforming the Federal Postal District Courts,
  5. preparing the international criminal complaints against the FBI in the wrongful death of LaVoy Finicum,
  6. negotiating with leaders of the Bar Associations for stand-downs and cooperation with prosecution of those responsible for the false claims that have been made against American assets,
  7. collection of American assets that have been purloined,
  8. placement of international liens,
  9. collection of international liens,
  10. setting up informational resources for…

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Napa Valley Wine Tour

I took a tourImageof Napa Wineries with pro driver Deborah Welsch.  She showed me this Castle Winery.  I asked her to take me where they had wines I could buy at Walmart.  I like the sweet Merlot and white sauvignon which is really pink.

Christmas and beg

Imageinning of new calendar 2012

I got a black cat in October.  She has six toes on her front paws.  She was probably looking for someone to feed her over the winter here in Bozeman Montana.  I took pictures of her with my hand carved pumpkin.  I call her MIMI.

I visited Joshua’s family in Las Vegas when Gary and I took a holiday to Hawaii in September.  I amazed them by treating Phoenix to a day at Manalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium!  Totally fab!

Caleb and Meg lived with me from Feb to June, when Meg got to live with Lynda, her mom, and her two kids, Zeus and Lilly for the summer.  Meg’s back needed physical therapy from a lateral tear, so Caleb’s job at a retirement community in Billings and Granny supplements kept them very well.  I got to see them a couple of times when they visited Bozeman.  This last time I delivered Meg her tool-chest for a new welding job, and Lynda and I went to see the opening of the 3D Life of Pi!  We got a miracle…the last two seats!

Boaz and family saw me around Calvin’s 1st birthday May 5th and Sarah’s grandparents took us all to Redding for a day of adventuring in a large park, walking over a sundial bridgewalkway, and taking Jaden and Gabe to an indoor raceway for kids.  Boaz shared his passion to defend the ‘little guy’ against big Corp. and the need for lawyers to play superhero.  I plan another trip to Chico, Ca. via Oakland this January.  I used the excuse of a cheap flight on Allegiant airlines about to cancel that particular flight destination.  I have desires to go and see new places so Muir woods and Napa Valley wineries were scheduled with a private driver.  I saw last time the Clunie boys loved using the Sports Wii, so when my birthday rolled around (I’m 65 this year), I asked Gary for a Wii.  I’d seen them at Walmart for $90.  So I told GARY they were cheaper on ebay!  So now I bid and won this gizmo and am trying how to set it up.

Fortunately Esther and Mike Schlepp will be here for Christmas from Denver, Colo. to ski and Wii?  I decided to carch the autumn leaves in Denver and Esther hosted a tour of the Museum of art and Molly Brown’s house, the capitol, and Buffalo Bill Cody’s grave and museum.  Then we went to see ‘Cloud Atlas’ and ate some wonderful deserts at a cafe’ where we sat outdoors comfortably close to a metal tree that put out heat.

Gary and I still commute to see each other 50 miles apart.  Good thing we talk an hour each night on the phone.  We both signed up for Retirement and I only got to enjoy mine a few months before Medicare wanted its cut.  Ah, well, easy come easy go.  At least United of Omaha promises to cover me no matter where I go!

Sweet Adelines sand at the soldier’s chapel in Big Sky and at the  Veterans Tribute and at the Grantree Hotel’s conference room for a Church event.  For Christmas we sewed sparkly stretchy black jackets to go over cowl neck red shirts. Pants with sequins and fancy silver jewelry completed our outfits.  We invited six other ladies to sing with us for the season and several joined!  We sang White Christmas, Jinglebell Rock, Silent Night, It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Waitin’ for the Man with the Bag, Winter Wonderland and The Night before Christmas to ‘chopsticks’!

Diana wanted to use me as her extra lady for her West Coast Swing class.  So I learned to sugar push and whip-it!

I was only in Hawaii one week so I hope I can return!  Shelley

Gma Shelley reading Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss to Calvin Clunie

Gma Shelley reading Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss to Calvin Clunie

Calvin Bay Clunie of Chico, Calif. learns to read from Grandma Shelley