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Taking Inventory of Beliefs

In Wayne Dyer’s book, Wisdom of the Ages, I found a simple instruction. It was one small paragraph. I had thought to begin where I left off reading. It said, “The menu can never be the meal. These are appetizers on my menu. I suggest you put this wisdom to work.” I put pen to paper and began making a list after his suggestions.
This is what I wrote:
Inventory of my beliefs about:
1.RELIGION= a list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ employed to govern behavior of children. (Heaven is of One mind so duality concepts of good and bad are not real.)
2. Capital Punishment = the threat of death as a determent. So long as people believe death is real, that disembodiment ends life, it could deter. But I suppose the Ego is terrified when I threaten to lop off its head. Here is a scenario Cobra speaks of: The soul that is so defiled that it is past hope of healing has an opportunity to have its energy reorganized by dissolution in the Central Sun. ( As no Source Energy can ever be lost.)
3. Minority Rights = Love has no Exceptions. So says A Course in Miracles. All are equal brothers so equal with our brother Christ. We elected our mission and purpose before we came onto Earth and chose our parents. Many times we chose to be in the minority. The poor experiencing jealousy of the rich. Next time the roles reverse! Perhaps we are the one marching for minority rights and our purpose is to spark awareness in others.
4. REINCARNATION = Here in duality we have the choice to experience disconnection from Source in myriad physical forms. Over and over we are told we must balance Karma and so we return. But Jesus defeated all dissuading lies and got to where only God’s voice was agreed to. Final voicing forgiveness broke his Karmic wheel…and so it can be for all God’s prodigals.
Meanwhile it is one life experience after another unto the final knowing.
5. Young people/ old people = I think of peas in a pod ripening. Finally the elderly peas become seeds to plant for a fresh crop. But what of prodigies or a child with an old soul? So age is never a factor to determine wisdom.
6. Non- traditional medicine = eclectic methods for our eclectic DNA! Many of these methods would have become traditional and mainstream if not for greedy Pharma not letting us know about them.
7. What happens at death = Consciousness continues its choices if free to do so.
8. Your Cultural biases = WASP. This is the comfort zone I am accustomed to. However I must value all the exposure I’ve had to other cultures and their perspectives. I may call their different color palate smell and language sounds ‘foreign’. I may not be used to another culture, but learning to step back and put away judgment tends to yield less of a shock.
9. Now I have preferences: Decent body covering from distractions.//
male/ female mutual honor and respect.// Choice not tyranny// negotiate not war// no private thoughts// no people pleasing/ wisdom schools teach to reflect, watch, and be aware.//align with Christus vibration. Mind training to excellence of thought.
10. The Ability to Perform Miracles = Bring to Heaven’s normal state. The Christus Mind is 100% aligned. and denies all other unaligned vibrations! Then we see 100% alignment become manifest reality in the construct.


If you find opposing sides

This has to be very challenging to some who need healing of youthful traumas when interpretations of life events were scary or fearful. Let’s face it. Our 3 density world is a game-board where duality rules apply. But one astrological sign is blessed or cursed with both sides in their personality. Gemini, the twin. Two sides to a personality can be a struggle until you decide they complement each other and you see the value of imbalance as a way to stride forward.
Those of us who only see one side could take a cue from Gemimi’s playbook when confronted with a person’s opposing opinion.
“Hey,” you could say, “Nobody sees the same rainbow!” That is to say, each point of view is unique to each viewer. As a matter of fact, each viewpoint compliments and enriches another if all were put together to make a whole.
It can be beneficial for opposers to see their unique take on a problem as potentially working in tandem to apply a better solution. The key is to take a step back from your hard line,and say that you don’t need to both see the same rainbow, but add both perspectives to a more complete hologram. Some even try on the other’s glasses, walk a mile in their shoes and practice Ho-o-pono-pono forgiveness.

Attune-ment Equals Wellness

I had a desire to type the scattered notes I had dropped on the floor around my computer. Here the subject is ‘wellness’.
“To be truly helpful in the field of medicine is to align your beliefs to wellness. If you believed there was more wellness in the world than sickness, the balance would be tilted that way and you would experience more wellness. You could even experience lack of sickness!
When a person is shown to you, you have several areas to examine for wellness. You start with physical, flesh and bones, then scan their blood to see microbial realms. Then you begin to realize the cells are able to communicate to one another. They seem to be talking in their own code patterns, a ‘vibration’, if you will. A community is continuously talking to its counterparts and their talk is of their wellness.
PAIN in ,say, a muscle is communicated, “I’m feeling out of balance!” Your physical which does not keep up and restore balance has been hindered somehow. Can you see how a patient’s confusion, frustration, anger or fear might be just the hindrance which blocks the cells from communicating?
What is the difference with well people? They are not hindering their body talk but rather can be said to be attuning and aligning.”

Great! I get to throw that old envelope away! Wait, I’ve got to remove the old stamp first for posterity.

And this article reminds me that Dr. M. Keshe has developed a nano technology that uses gas made into a nano state and electro-magnetized to attract plasma. His pain pen encloses this ‘gans’ as a goop inside a pen configuration. Users draw a figure 8 over a pained muscle for 40 seconds. They add their loving intent that the nerve connected to that muscle send a communication to the brain’s library, “Help! i am out of normal balance! Send the proper original code so I can reset!”
The brain has no problem finding the code and, helped by the fiber-optic-like vibration in the nerve, sends the wellness information back to the muscle. Upon receiving the code for its wellness, the muscle resets to normal, and the pain subsides.
How do I know? I have used my skill as a ‘demo-lady’ and asked over fifty persons experiencing pain to ‘sample’ my pain pen and give me their results. Sciatica, carpel-tunnel, stomach-ache, hand joints, hip joints, knee joints, finger trigger joints, soccer- knocked shins, toes, neck muscles, back muscles… all felt slightly better in forty seconds. By twenty minutes most had marked improvement and often asked where they could get a pen of their own. One sufferer for thirty years from a motorcycle accident used it for a month after which he replied he thought that was finally the answer. He might even now be able to get off the narcotics!
I finally just gave it to him.
I had two sites: has a blue plastic encasement for the Keshe pain pen for $87 plus postage. It has coiled copper wires inside. capturing the radiating energy the gans at the tip captures from the plasma earth has in abundance. That site also sells a pad to lay on or wrap around.
The second site was on etsy. A store called cozmoz was selling a simplified Keshe Health pen for $50. It was a laboratory vial capped with rubber plug super-glued in place. Inside you can see the white C02 flakes (drawn from the bottom of an electrolysis tank) floating in purified water. Tests and demos with this vial proved just as effective. The radiance was stimulating the nerves to communicate with no hindrance to the brain and back. You see, wellness is wanting to reset every pain, and the Universe has made a way.