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The Challenge of Seeking for “The Perfect”

Perfection is for geometry, not expectations. Especially in human relationships. These matchmaking sites can only filter so far when one is seeking the perfect partner, I suggest.
So did you have the perfect parents, or wish they were? How about perfect siblings or children?
Let’s face it It’s a fantasy to expect people to meet your expectations. It is more of an adventure to find that they do not. Whimsy makes for more delight, being caught off guard makes for not being bored, and an error, or mistake in perception leading to an argument lends another opportunity to practice forgiveness.
Really, being grateful, thankful and appreciative for someone who is important to you is an act of self-kindness. Perhaps you haven’t measured up to their ‘Perfection-measuring’ tape either.


Dream Aug. 30th, 2016 with Interp.

The Gang.   “C1” headed our duo.  I was “P3” I had a suitcase of clothes and towels and sundries.  “C1” wanted to make a ‘charity run’.  For a moment I thought he wanted to donate all in the car including my case, so I felt he was going to make me choose to release ownership.  Well, how do I feel about that?  Can I feel thrilled?  Thankful?  Blase’?  Just OK justifying that they need it more than me?  It did not come to that, but it was an exercise in release.

We visited  a lady and her gladness at our coming was written on her face.  “C1′ had brought a strip of tokens with contracts signed from a priest who wanted to rent her spare room. “C1” had added stipulations he didn’t have to for her benefit.  The token accords showed the priest had agreed.

a popular movie was playing but I didn’t want to go alone.  There was another fellow in the chair in the room with one leg crossed casually over the other knee.  He was “D4”.  I heard him mention he wanted to go, but not alone either.  I spoke up,  “Hey, D4, why don’t we go together?  He looked at me and said,  “Only if it’s ‘Dutch'”.

On our walk downtown I scanned the wooden fronts.  which of these Old western style fronts hides a theater within?  Another tag-along pointed to a marquee saying 24 hrs.  He was “D7”,  “Hey,  Here’s a really long show -24 hrs.!  Anybody want to go?”  I said, “Um, I’m not really up for that one.”

I spotted the theater we wanted, but when I unrolled my silk wallet at the window to pay my fare, I found it contained many pockets of foreign currency.  I was clueless to values, so I pulled out a small token saying 1.2.  The man took it and said I had a large amount of change coming.


HOLY SPIRIT, why do we have letter and number designations?  -“It is obvious that as you progress in your journeys you have many IDs.”-

Does C1 make many ‘charity runs’ and what are they?  -“He desires to assist in removing distortions by gift of ‘Light’ and answers to questions.”-

Why is my fear a loss of possessions?(The suitcase.)  -“It is  a distortion that may be removed by forgiveness and letting go.”-

What of the lady given a better deal on rental contracts?  -“What a blessing to have C1 negotiate additional blessings to a contract pre-incarnation.”-

What is the desire to attend a play with a companion even if there is no commitment to a date?   -”  the lifetime relationship thus is not as married, but as companions.”-

So antique wooden fronts describe constructs of an earth life?  -“Yes.”-

Why did I reject a 24 hr. show? -“Those long vibration shows tell a very long story.”-

What is with all the various notes to select from to pay my entry?  -“Selection times of birth country and value is hierarchy of your entity.”-

Why did I choose a small looking token, yet it turned out very valuable?  -“Just because you think 1.2 is small doesn’t mean it is.”-

I asked Holy Spirit How to Sort my Cluttered Mind. “FILES’, HE SAID

I sat with yellow pad and cleared my mind asking Holy Spirit to help me write defining what kind of Files He wanted me to ‘File’ my thoughts into.

It became clear to me Holy Spirit never gets confused while holding the highest truth in mind, and, on the other hand, navigating our earth-bound souls through quagmired  layers of mud and opinion and obfuscating traditions.

This is what my yellow tablet said when I read it back.: There are levels from High to low.  Starting with the most true:

* God’s Being – Love – Creative Fatherhood.  All ‘Is-ness’ in the physical realm is created from , and is still connected to OUR SOURCE! (Fathering part we say is Him…Mothering part we say is Her.)

* God’s ONE SON MIND CHRIST is Lord…in One Vibrational Unity with God’s Love.  This first springing forth consciousness from God has Vision point of view. ( God has no ‘point of view’, being ALL.)  He has consciousness of what is unified with God and aware of a ‘choice’ not to retain that consciousness.  His continuous faithful choice is to retain.                                      As Creator Son of Creator God, He and God agreed, “Let Us make Man in Our Image to care-take the portion of our creation  known as ‘Earth’. He will be on the path of ‘growing into our image as a seed of Our potential.  Thus, ‘Our Children.”  From density of the seed ‘glory’ into the density of ‘full ripe fruit glory’. With propagating seed potential to attain the density of ‘Tree of Love/Life glory.’      Christ is Judge, not God Source,who, as the fullness of all love sees no else or other to judge.)

* The Free-will to choose whether or not to retain the utmost station of Love- Oneness allowed for a mad, ‘what-if’ to be conceived.  This, many have called “The Separation”  or the “Illusion of separation., (Only possible in a theater of ‘make-believe.)

Here we have two files:

* The Mind electing to forget Oneness wanting to play all imaginable parts of illusory separation.  Into this file go all the multitudes of universes created with a bang –  of all vibrations of quantum densities. Worlds upon worlds; a multi-verse of physicalities, light waves, sound waves, spinnings of electrons around nucleii, spiralings of DNA, of orbiting cold bodies spiraling around huge ‘mass-attracting’ fiery bodies.   Laws and order and vectors of the ‘dance’ set to love’s orchestrated symphonic heartbeat. (Also we of lesser densities are orbiting centers of greater density.)  Some Soul children choose to inhabit in embodiments and in doing so contract a timed longevity with Christ.  Some choosing to remember.  Some choosing amnesia. (God being eternally Now sees no ‘time’.)

In this file go all resentments of past, all projected fears of the future, all judgments based on past or future with resulting feelings. (Loss, loneliness, distrust, doubt, remorse, blame, shame, accusation, defensiveness, greed, plots and ploys to win by setting ones-self over another, war, strife, envy, slavery, imprisonment,feelings of poverty and lack, and all harmful things and woe, etc.)

2.  The second file. This is choosing to see as the Holy Spirit sees.  The moment the choice for illusion became available, in the same moment a bridge back to reality ( or sanity) was gifted to those who chose to explore in ‘time’ what is ‘not love’.  This gift is the Spirit of Christ, or Holy Spirit.  He is the Voice For God.  He speaks God’s Wisdom; never losing touch with His ‘Oneness’, Truth, Love, and Knowledge of ‘The Ultimate Plan’.

In this file goes all learning of Truth, all Miracles, all healings of heart and mind, all Revivals, all Revelations, all prophesies of future, all forgiveness of past. Holy Spirit is tasked by Christ’s mind to bring His bridging power to ‘actuate’ the ‘Plan”. You don’t see him, but you sense and see the result of His nudging, inspiring to prayer and action, His ability to shorten ‘time’ by miracles. (Bringing Truth’s brightness thus melting away illusion’s shadows.)  He functions like a consierge style attendant so to never leave or forsake the ‘players’  on ‘time’s stage’.  He gives each their desired ‘lesson’ step by step, until, at the highest density form can achieve, God Himself takes the last ‘step’ of revealment to full Knowing of Oneness of Mind, Oneness of Time, Oneness of Space.

Here we Know from God’s Vision. (Not point of view, but Knowing.)  Since He is Light, He sees no shadow.  Since He is Good, He sees no sin or evil, for out of His mouth He has declared it “All Good”.  Even the vilest sinner, no matter how long he delays, will come home to his Father.  God has no doubt.

But Until Heaven consumes all that is created in its Oneness and ultimate maturity of Glory, we on Earth  have two choices.  Two masters are vying for our minds.  1. Enlightened Christ-mind accord.  and 2. Darkened mind believing and defending the point of view of projected separation.

Since choosing is of the mind each file’s advocates are actively lobbying for your vote- belief.  On Love’s side is the Holy Spirit’s Voice for God and His angels and agents.  On Fear’s side we shall label it’s advocate a false identity little ‘self-ego’.  He peoples its fantasy with minions and agents of Fear projecting to bodily senses ‘seemings’ to keep you believing in the ‘separation’.

Question:  How do we befuddled ones choose rightly?

Answer:  Learn to listen only to Holy Spirit’s Voice for God.  He has a training program.  Sometimes it takes awhile to learn what results in Joy.

Question: No matter my declared intention, I still jump to conclusions and make assumptions that distress me.  Did I backslide and need forgiveness?

Answer.  Understand; time-bound minds feed on information, they digest the things they gain from five senses and then choose the love or fear file based mostly on pre-judgment assumptions, experiences of their past, projections of the future – or Faith in fully trusting your ‘consierge’ companion as the ‘Guide who knows the territory.’

Question: What is the best time to ask for His guidance?

Answer:  He speaks Christ’s Eternal word.  (Any word Christ speaks is good for all souls for any moment).  The one you need to hear in every ‘now moment’ will penetrate the fog as you gain skill at setting aside distractions, (learn not to value them, setting them aside as you identify them.) Many are noisy strife sounds impelling to fear.

The clearing process includes quieting the mind, (meditation), breathing awareness, listening with focus, and forgiving ones-self of formerly held limiting darkness beliefs.  “Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

Therefore, don’t come to the altar of Spirit’s Holy Moment bridge to Heaven with aught against your brother.  Allow Light to set it right, restore brotherhood in Love.  Then communion can be experienced by both in the oneness of Holy Relationship.

Question:  So the skills I am here to learn is how to recognize when I have chosen Fear?  Then what?

Answer.  Choose again!  As soon as you feel fear hit and buffet you, ask Holy Spirit, “What is this for?”  Then step back and relax in His Love enfoldment.  Watch Him make the better choice apparent.  Choose it, and go onward and upward with the joy he gives that no small ego-self can take away!

Would you rather be Right or Kind?

would you rather be right or kind?______________.


What brought up this question was an event I experienced at a gathering of ladies who have met daily for the last thirty years at the local fast food coffee house to work crossword-puzzles.  Mom had been a regular and when she had a stroke, we daughters used to take her, even though she stopped guessing at the answers.  She enjoyed seeing familiar faces.

Now I like a challenge to get my mental juices flowing.  I also love to be right, for that means, ‘I win!’

Mom has been gone for awhile now and this day I decided to drop in and join in the fun.  They had already been at it a half hour when I sat down.  The oldest white haired lady had been given the job of reading the clues and filling in our best guess as to the answer.  The boxes were tiny in the clipping from the paper, and I could see her squinting her eyes.

“Um…um”. She said, hesitatingly.  We had all agreed on the word to fill the blanks and she was trying to pencil them in.  I peeked over.  Oh- no!  She misspelled it!  I reached over a finger to ‘help’ point out her mistake.  I told her, “That’s not an ‘I’,  its an ‘A’.”

Three of the other ladies were aghast at my importunity.

“Let her be!”

“Let her take her time!”

“We never push!”

Ah!  Me being accused of wrongdoing?  Where was I wrong?  Sure I was right in the letter, but my ‘get it right or be corrected’ spirit was pushing my own ego agenda.  I caused more fluster to this fragile soul and therefore defeated the purpose of fun for which they had gathered.

I had to realize that over the years these ladies had so tuned to each other that ‘no pushing’ had become their rule of love.

Refocussed to Miracles

ImageTHE TATTOOED MAN:  I saw him pre-showering by the entrance to the Athletic club’s pool:  tats (tattoos) on arms, hands, back of neck.  He even had one on his cheek!  He had huge ‘bullet hole’ piercings in his ears, and their two steel ring inserts matched the studs in his bottom lip.  His head was shaved yet age-wise he could have been some kid’s dad.

I had a choice- to react out of fear, or be God’s love for this ‘Holy Child of God.’

My exercise in the therapy pool was over and I headed for the long spa tub for some soothing jets.  As I entered I reaquainted  with a lady I had spoken to last time about strained relations I was having. (Oh, you don’t know that relaxing in a spa equals gals chatting?)  I updated her that I chose to practice forgiveness, and she agreed it’s better not to add fuel to the fire resulting in more hurt feelings.  “It’s not worth it,”  we agreed.

As she left, I saw the tattooed man entering.  Now I know very well a lighthearted jest breaks the ice, so I said the first thing that came into my mind, “This is the philosophy corner.”  I wondered if it had been an obscure joke for even as I laughed, I could see he was confused.

Now I had to set him at ease.  Oh, now what was it my daughter told me about people with tattoos from her anthropology class?  Oh, yes, that each tattoo holds special meaning to its wearer.

“Which is your favorite?” I asked inching closer to hear his reply. (I had taken my hearing aids out before entering the water.)  He pointed to what looked like two red mangos joined at the bottom.  It was a puffy heart.  “This sacred heart has healing beams coming out of it.”  He said.

My! He is a proponent of Love’s power!  My confidence soared.

“Oh, then it seems to me, since it is on your hand that if you laid hands on the sick, healing beams would come to give them a miracle!”  Now I got a smile as he agreed.

So, next time you see tattoos, ask Love to take over.

One story deserves another.  Lets keep communicating.   Oh, I need to post another story about how I saw others express love…!  Look for it.

Partners For Life?

Have you ever asked  yourself if the guy or gal in your life is the right one?  Life changes are happening more frequently than in our grandparent’s day.  What if you feel ‘on the same page’ one day, and ‘growing in separate directions’ the next?

     I ran across this article in my notes called, “Anxious to Please” – Choosing a Partner.  The sub note was:  (connected=communion).  So here it is.

     Life is a laboratory in which ‘Life’ situations are workshops in Transformation – from the weak-willed, easily terrorized-into-abdication-of-responsibilities-and-rights puppet, into a healthy, stalwart, trustworthy, peaceful warrior who is skilled in ‘self-awareness’ and able to extend knowledgeable healing support to others with kind patience and non-judgmental acceptance.

     Relationships are great laboratories to see how the inteerplay of trust, romance, and ‘assumptions’ are a challenge to ‘feelings’.  They draw out discussions of awareness of judgments and criteria for actions and re-actions.

     We need another’s viewpoint when we can’t see the forest for the trees.  We need to see as in a mirror- what in them is also in us.  We need their ‘cheering us on’ when sad, and bucking us up when deflated.  We need their supporting us when we feel frail, and challenging us when we’re sure we’re right.

     A supportive partner will not sidetrack you if you share that your goal is to use ‘life-workshops’ to transform each of you into a healthy, glad, joyful and emotionally healthy person.  If they can’t also commit to the journey, my advice is to ‘give it up’ and ask the Holy Spirit to send you someone who can.  At least you learned it is a personal power to be able to recognize a ‘side-tracker’ and choose again. Challenges have their lessons, especially in the area of forgiveness, but they may set hurdles engendering fears to continually overcome until one’s spirit, being willing, cannot supercede one’s flesh, weakened by being ‘worn-down’.  A true partner enhances the work.

     New mindsets outside of your set comfort-zone are extremely valuable.  They add more tools and encourage you to drop out-dated ones.  Renovation means ‘change’.  When the goal is to be whole- in heart, mind and body- it means you are going for a ‘new self-image’.  We are talking about enhancing, not diminishing all aspects of ‘person-hood’.  Which?  The qualities admired when we are being: self-actualized, trustworthy, knowledgeable, wise, gifted, giving, having an abundance mindset, love of excellence and peace.  We want to be known for our integrity of thoughts, feelings and behavior.

     That ends my notes.  One further comment:  I read somewhere that the un-examined life is not worth living.  The watchword for this age is “transparency”.  If shining a light reveals the ghosts are bedclothes, and there is no need for fears to cause us to cower from fear of harm, perhaps drawn curtains in realms of commerce, healthcare, politics, and media reporting with integrity is a good thing.      Shelley