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Taking Inventory of Beliefs

In Wayne Dyer’s book, Wisdom of the Ages, I found a simple instruction. It was one small paragraph. I had thought to begin where I left off reading. It said, “The menu can never be the meal. These are appetizers on my menu. I suggest you put this wisdom to work.” I put pen to paper and began making a list after his suggestions.
This is what I wrote:
Inventory of my beliefs about:
1.RELIGION= a list of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ employed to govern behavior of children. (Heaven is of One mind so duality concepts of good and bad are not real.)
2. Capital Punishment = the threat of death as a determent. So long as people believe death is real, that disembodiment ends life, it could deter. But I suppose the Ego is terrified when I threaten to lop off its head. Here is a scenario Cobra speaks of: The soul that is so defiled that it is past hope of healing has an opportunity to have its energy reorganized by dissolution in the Central Sun. ( As no Source Energy can ever be lost.)
3. Minority Rights = Love has no Exceptions. So says A Course in Miracles. All are equal brothers so equal with our brother Christ. We elected our mission and purpose before we came onto Earth and chose our parents. Many times we chose to be in the minority. The poor experiencing jealousy of the rich. Next time the roles reverse! Perhaps we are the one marching for minority rights and our purpose is to spark awareness in others.
4. REINCARNATION = Here in duality we have the choice to experience disconnection from Source in myriad physical forms. Over and over we are told we must balance Karma and so we return. But Jesus defeated all dissuading lies and got to where only God’s voice was agreed to. Final voicing forgiveness broke his Karmic wheel…and so it can be for all God’s prodigals.
Meanwhile it is one life experience after another unto the final knowing.
5. Young people/ old people = I think of peas in a pod ripening. Finally the elderly peas become seeds to plant for a fresh crop. But what of prodigies or a child with an old soul? So age is never a factor to determine wisdom.
6. Non- traditional medicine = eclectic methods for our eclectic DNA! Many of these methods would have become traditional and mainstream if not for greedy Pharma not letting us know about them.
7. What happens at death = Consciousness continues its choices if free to do so.
8. Your Cultural biases = WASP. This is the comfort zone I am accustomed to. However I must value all the exposure I’ve had to other cultures and their perspectives. I may call their different color palate smell and language sounds ‘foreign’. I may not be used to another culture, but learning to step back and put away judgment tends to yield less of a shock.
9. Now I have preferences: Decent body covering from distractions.//
male/ female mutual honor and respect.// Choice not tyranny// negotiate not war// no private thoughts// no people pleasing/ wisdom schools teach to reflect, watch, and be aware.//align with Christus vibration. Mind training to excellence of thought.
10. The Ability to Perform Miracles = Bring to Heaven’s normal state. The Christus Mind is 100% aligned. and denies all other unaligned vibrations! Then we see 100% alignment become manifest reality in the construct.


Dream Aug. 30th, 2016 with Interp.

The Gang.   “C1” headed our duo.  I was “P3” I had a suitcase of clothes and towels and sundries.  “C1” wanted to make a ‘charity run’.  For a moment I thought he wanted to donate all in the car including my case, so I felt he was going to make me choose to release ownership.  Well, how do I feel about that?  Can I feel thrilled?  Thankful?  Blase’?  Just OK justifying that they need it more than me?  It did not come to that, but it was an exercise in release.

We visited  a lady and her gladness at our coming was written on her face.  “C1′ had brought a strip of tokens with contracts signed from a priest who wanted to rent her spare room. “C1” had added stipulations he didn’t have to for her benefit.  The token accords showed the priest had agreed.

a popular movie was playing but I didn’t want to go alone.  There was another fellow in the chair in the room with one leg crossed casually over the other knee.  He was “D4”.  I heard him mention he wanted to go, but not alone either.  I spoke up,  “Hey, D4, why don’t we go together?  He looked at me and said,  “Only if it’s ‘Dutch'”.

On our walk downtown I scanned the wooden fronts.  which of these Old western style fronts hides a theater within?  Another tag-along pointed to a marquee saying 24 hrs.  He was “D7”,  “Hey,  Here’s a really long show -24 hrs.!  Anybody want to go?”  I said, “Um, I’m not really up for that one.”

I spotted the theater we wanted, but when I unrolled my silk wallet at the window to pay my fare, I found it contained many pockets of foreign currency.  I was clueless to values, so I pulled out a small token saying 1.2.  The man took it and said I had a large amount of change coming.


HOLY SPIRIT, why do we have letter and number designations?  -“It is obvious that as you progress in your journeys you have many IDs.”-

Does C1 make many ‘charity runs’ and what are they?  -“He desires to assist in removing distortions by gift of ‘Light’ and answers to questions.”-

Why is my fear a loss of possessions?(The suitcase.)  -“It is  a distortion that may be removed by forgiveness and letting go.”-

What of the lady given a better deal on rental contracts?  -“What a blessing to have C1 negotiate additional blessings to a contract pre-incarnation.”-

What is the desire to attend a play with a companion even if there is no commitment to a date?   -”  the lifetime relationship thus is not as married, but as companions.”-

So antique wooden fronts describe constructs of an earth life?  -“Yes.”-

Why did I reject a 24 hr. show? -“Those long vibration shows tell a very long story.”-

What is with all the various notes to select from to pay my entry?  -“Selection times of birth country and value is hierarchy of your entity.”-

Why did I choose a small looking token, yet it turned out very valuable?  -“Just because you think 1.2 is small doesn’t mean it is.”-

Considering images on awakening this am.

I saw a Cargo ship smuggling some valuables.  Authorities boarded to verify they were legit.  “Oh, no!  Let’s hide our cargo in a net outside the ship and project a passable hologram over it to fool the authorities”!( draw the net full of valuables beneath the ship.)


A spy needs tech to observe and record and broadcast.  He has it hidden in a jeweled cape clasp and is putting it on a costumed child. (Draw a child in a cape getting the jeweled clasp put on him.)


I see Han Solo in the cantina with Greedo holding a gun on him.  He misdirects by raising one hand observing it, while training a gun under the table unbeknownst to his assailant.  Greedo gets shot while having his attention misdirected.  (Draw Han Solo shooting Greedo while looking at his other hand.)


I decide to ask Holy Spirit:  Holy Spirit, what seems important to notice about all three of these considerings?  …//Obscuring//…   So, this is about using devices to deceive?

…// To win a game of ‘one-up-man-ship’ where there are winners and losers, the reins of control are in the hands of those able best to manipulate what another thinks he knows.  You choose your actions based on beliefs.

One may have a study to examine how many ways  there are to influence human perceptions.  Emotions, religious dogma, debt money-magic slavery dictates, marriage vows, rituals, bloodline sense of hierarchy rights to rule others, etc.//…

Aren’t we longing to know Truth so we can make wise choices?

…//Yet in darkness do you grope.  You deem the wise choice that which keeps you from pain, lack, loss, suffering woe and death.  Yet Jesus embraced coming to zero as a doorway to greater influence.  Loss of voice…now He speaks from a higher loft.  Hands nailed…now He heals and embraces.  Disgraced as a low reputation criminal to be erased through death…of the body.  Now His Name has power to cast demons into an ineffectual zone, a pit.  As immortal Christ His influence is great.//…    A Friend?

…//Position yourself.   His Father-love and wisdom and power shine out for all positioned to receive.//…    Through You, Holy Spirit?  …//True//…

Who is His ‘counterpart’? …//Ah, the Divine Male must have His Divine Feminine!//…  Yes, Kuan Yin, the beloved chela of Lord Lanto, has Count St. Germaine.

…// To pray to, to beseech, to offer incense to, to curry favor, to enact miracles?  I tell you, you are the field in which a precious treasure is hid.  The value of your precious ‘pearl’ essence is more valuable than storehouses of grain or silk.  Within you is the Great Prince of Glory and the Beloved Bride.  The Anthony and Cleopatra.  You are a vessel hiding a treasure beneath a hologram.  The center-point of two torsion-fields  of Heaven and earth.  Spinning, generating,absorbing, creating, teaching, learning, thriving, and shining…//…

I asked Holy Spirit How to Sort my Cluttered Mind. “FILES’, HE SAID

I sat with yellow pad and cleared my mind asking Holy Spirit to help me write defining what kind of Files He wanted me to ‘File’ my thoughts into.

It became clear to me Holy Spirit never gets confused while holding the highest truth in mind, and, on the other hand, navigating our earth-bound souls through quagmired  layers of mud and opinion and obfuscating traditions.

This is what my yellow tablet said when I read it back.: There are levels from High to low.  Starting with the most true:

* God’s Being – Love – Creative Fatherhood.  All ‘Is-ness’ in the physical realm is created from , and is still connected to OUR SOURCE! (Fathering part we say is Him…Mothering part we say is Her.)

* God’s ONE SON MIND CHRIST is Lord…in One Vibrational Unity with God’s Love.  This first springing forth consciousness from God has Vision point of view. ( God has no ‘point of view’, being ALL.)  He has consciousness of what is unified with God and aware of a ‘choice’ not to retain that consciousness.  His continuous faithful choice is to retain.                                      As Creator Son of Creator God, He and God agreed, “Let Us make Man in Our Image to care-take the portion of our creation  known as ‘Earth’. He will be on the path of ‘growing into our image as a seed of Our potential.  Thus, ‘Our Children.”  From density of the seed ‘glory’ into the density of ‘full ripe fruit glory’. With propagating seed potential to attain the density of ‘Tree of Love/Life glory.’      Christ is Judge, not God Source,who, as the fullness of all love sees no else or other to judge.)

* The Free-will to choose whether or not to retain the utmost station of Love- Oneness allowed for a mad, ‘what-if’ to be conceived.  This, many have called “The Separation”  or the “Illusion of separation., (Only possible in a theater of ‘make-believe.)

Here we have two files:

* The Mind electing to forget Oneness wanting to play all imaginable parts of illusory separation.  Into this file go all the multitudes of universes created with a bang –  of all vibrations of quantum densities. Worlds upon worlds; a multi-verse of physicalities, light waves, sound waves, spinnings of electrons around nucleii, spiralings of DNA, of orbiting cold bodies spiraling around huge ‘mass-attracting’ fiery bodies.   Laws and order and vectors of the ‘dance’ set to love’s orchestrated symphonic heartbeat. (Also we of lesser densities are orbiting centers of greater density.)  Some Soul children choose to inhabit in embodiments and in doing so contract a timed longevity with Christ.  Some choosing to remember.  Some choosing amnesia. (God being eternally Now sees no ‘time’.)

In this file go all resentments of past, all projected fears of the future, all judgments based on past or future with resulting feelings. (Loss, loneliness, distrust, doubt, remorse, blame, shame, accusation, defensiveness, greed, plots and ploys to win by setting ones-self over another, war, strife, envy, slavery, imprisonment,feelings of poverty and lack, and all harmful things and woe, etc.)

2.  The second file. This is choosing to see as the Holy Spirit sees.  The moment the choice for illusion became available, in the same moment a bridge back to reality ( or sanity) was gifted to those who chose to explore in ‘time’ what is ‘not love’.  This gift is the Spirit of Christ, or Holy Spirit.  He is the Voice For God.  He speaks God’s Wisdom; never losing touch with His ‘Oneness’, Truth, Love, and Knowledge of ‘The Ultimate Plan’.

In this file goes all learning of Truth, all Miracles, all healings of heart and mind, all Revivals, all Revelations, all prophesies of future, all forgiveness of past. Holy Spirit is tasked by Christ’s mind to bring His bridging power to ‘actuate’ the ‘Plan”. You don’t see him, but you sense and see the result of His nudging, inspiring to prayer and action, His ability to shorten ‘time’ by miracles. (Bringing Truth’s brightness thus melting away illusion’s shadows.)  He functions like a consierge style attendant so to never leave or forsake the ‘players’  on ‘time’s stage’.  He gives each their desired ‘lesson’ step by step, until, at the highest density form can achieve, God Himself takes the last ‘step’ of revealment to full Knowing of Oneness of Mind, Oneness of Time, Oneness of Space.

Here we Know from God’s Vision. (Not point of view, but Knowing.)  Since He is Light, He sees no shadow.  Since He is Good, He sees no sin or evil, for out of His mouth He has declared it “All Good”.  Even the vilest sinner, no matter how long he delays, will come home to his Father.  God has no doubt.

But Until Heaven consumes all that is created in its Oneness and ultimate maturity of Glory, we on Earth  have two choices.  Two masters are vying for our minds.  1. Enlightened Christ-mind accord.  and 2. Darkened mind believing and defending the point of view of projected separation.

Since choosing is of the mind each file’s advocates are actively lobbying for your vote- belief.  On Love’s side is the Holy Spirit’s Voice for God and His angels and agents.  On Fear’s side we shall label it’s advocate a false identity little ‘self-ego’.  He peoples its fantasy with minions and agents of Fear projecting to bodily senses ‘seemings’ to keep you believing in the ‘separation’.

Question:  How do we befuddled ones choose rightly?

Answer:  Learn to listen only to Holy Spirit’s Voice for God.  He has a training program.  Sometimes it takes awhile to learn what results in Joy.

Question: No matter my declared intention, I still jump to conclusions and make assumptions that distress me.  Did I backslide and need forgiveness?

Answer.  Understand; time-bound minds feed on information, they digest the things they gain from five senses and then choose the love or fear file based mostly on pre-judgment assumptions, experiences of their past, projections of the future – or Faith in fully trusting your ‘consierge’ companion as the ‘Guide who knows the territory.’

Question: What is the best time to ask for His guidance?

Answer:  He speaks Christ’s Eternal word.  (Any word Christ speaks is good for all souls for any moment).  The one you need to hear in every ‘now moment’ will penetrate the fog as you gain skill at setting aside distractions, (learn not to value them, setting them aside as you identify them.) Many are noisy strife sounds impelling to fear.

The clearing process includes quieting the mind, (meditation), breathing awareness, listening with focus, and forgiving ones-self of formerly held limiting darkness beliefs.  “Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors.”

Therefore, don’t come to the altar of Spirit’s Holy Moment bridge to Heaven with aught against your brother.  Allow Light to set it right, restore brotherhood in Love.  Then communion can be experienced by both in the oneness of Holy Relationship.

Question:  So the skills I am here to learn is how to recognize when I have chosen Fear?  Then what?

Answer.  Choose again!  As soon as you feel fear hit and buffet you, ask Holy Spirit, “What is this for?”  Then step back and relax in His Love enfoldment.  Watch Him make the better choice apparent.  Choose it, and go onward and upward with the joy he gives that no small ego-self can take away!

New Year’s Dream beginning 2013

My late husband liked to visit his best man and wife, so I saw this in my dream.  In it Bob wanted a cottage close by.  I felt it my job to prepare a front yard garden and I wanted it just right as our friends would walk by and see it.  But Bob had the bucket of seeds and, lacking enough calming seratonin in his system, got nervous.  He dumped the entire bucket of seeds in one spot on top of the soil!  I was aghast!

I started poking what seeds I could into the soft soil.  I woke up gritting my teeth!

God, I hear you are a God of ‘order’.  And we are here to learn lessons.  Wouldn’t they be lessons of ‘order’?  Jesus in A.C.I.M. as “J”  says this dream I made up so all offences I see I am to ‘forgive’ as not being there.  What gives?

<The answer you already know.>

Ah, all the lessons we learned of this ‘order’ – laws of seed-time and harvest, of teacher and student, of the mind tempted to stray needing food and discipline by picture symbols to apply in ‘time’ to my ‘experience’ of choosing the ‘best’ over the ‘merely good’ – that level of knowing ‘Truth’ is for success, health and happiness in the world of ‘duality’, time and space.

But why choose to learn lessons of this sort if the ‘Truth’ is a higher reality?

<To learn to forgive the seemingly ‘Out of Order’.>

What are the higher lessons?

<Courage, patience, to laugh when tempted to anger, to be your own savior – redeeming each seeming unforgivable idea by forgiving it with a higher concept of God.>

Call to action:  draw a picture of the series.  The carefully prepared ground/ the careless dumper of seed/ the offended gardener ‘s attempt to recoup a ‘loss’, the higher concept forgiveness.


In this Dream I was a Code Breaker getting Revelation Words

ImageI am dreaming that I am in a room at a computer working on a secret code.  The dossier came up on the screen with a flashing notice that the secret code had been broken.  Now all I had to do to clear the masking words away from the true message was to mouse-click on the X.

I clicked on the X and the first word revealed was:  CORPORATE.

It was quickly followed by a second word:  CONFUSION.

I woke and wrote these down, then slept again and the same screen cleared again to reveal: “I AM COME.”

After I again woke to write this, I closed my eyes and heard a dream voice say, “Law Abide.”

Holy Spirit what is this where I am breaking secret codes?

< This is accurately the process and task you have delighted to set yourself.  We are most happy to send you clearing techniques.  Realize they must be applied before your mind’s idol -viruses can be seen through.>

What is the best technique?

< Step back from assuming you can interpret yours or another’s purpose at any given moment.  If you interpret they are attacking and you are the intended victim, you may set up defenses of shy avoidance, or anger, or defending your ‘so valuable’ innocence.>

What’s so wrong with telling someone they got me wrong?

<You are never upset for the reason you think.  I will continue to send people who get you ‘wrong’ until you realize the purpose is to practice the skill of remembering who you are and God’s take on you.  You are not only innocent in God’s eyes, but a cherished soul created out of His Love.>

Ah, then when I realize they are purposely sent to challenge me,  I can be thankful rather than defensive and upset!  Wow!

Okay,  What does ‘Corporate’ as a secret message mean?

<  It is a heading of all things in the corporeal realm.  Lists follow of created items, cataloged by structure.  I am very well versed in this realm, but you have not yet the skill to place accurate purpose to each item.  Hence the need to de-camoflage them for you.>

I thought businesses were corporations.  Is that not meant here?

<Look up  the word ‘corporations’ and you will see that label put to enterprises where co-operation is needed between separated departments for the body to function, all headed by one who understands the purposes of each department so the whole body thrives.>

So you are the CEO?

<You might be tempted to say God is the Executive officer, but He is actually the Love out of which the entire realm is made.  He cannot be separated into departments, for He is One.  I am His Executive officer having His same Will and Purpose, tying together all to vibrate in healthy vibration as His ‘Word”.  One purpose I serve is to restore out of sync minds to the way He sees in Truth.>

So why did I see the word, ‘Confusion’?

<Is that not the underlying feeling you get when you try to assume purpose without referring to me?  You may regard that as the ‘mole’ in our network.  You cannot seek it out to destroy with your reasoning.  It would be too stressful.  I am the expert.  So when your mind flashes a feeling of being confused, step back and wait for my message, “I AM COME”.>

Didn’t Jesus say, “Don’t be afraid, I am come.”?

<He spoke Aramaic, but every time he spoke after he had learned the skill of matching vibration words to God’s , He was voicing God’s mind and will and eternal truth.>

Is that your dream voice I heard saying, “Law Abide.”?

<  When your voice meaning vibration abides in Love’s Truth, it will be your sound as well as Jesus, mine, God’s and of everyone who abides in god’s Law of Love.>