If you find opposing sides

This has to be very challenging to some who need healing of youthful traumas when interpretations of life events were scary or fearful. Let’s face it. Our 3 density world is a game-board where duality rules apply. But one astrological sign is blessed or cursed with both sides in their personality. Gemini, the twin. Two sides to a personality can be a struggle until you decide they complement each other and you see the value of imbalance as a way to stride forward.
Those of us who only see one side could take a cue from Gemimi’s playbook when confronted with a person’s opposing opinion.
“Hey,” you could say, “Nobody sees the same rainbow!” That is to say, each point of view is unique to each viewer. As a matter of fact, each viewpoint compliments and enriches another if all were put together to make a whole.
It can be beneficial for opposers to see their unique take on a problem as potentially working in tandem to apply a better solution. The key is to take a step back from your hard line,and say that you don’t need to both see the same rainbow, but add both perspectives to a more complete hologram. Some even try on the other’s glasses, walk a mile in their shoes and practice Ho-o-pono-pono forgiveness.


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