One of the You Tube channels I like is Jordan Sather who has a mantra, “Do no harm, take no shit.”
Everyone knows they are influenced by people they trust. Parents and Teachers and authoritative books, like the Bible. In fact, it’s been said that “NO Decision Ever Made comes without its authoritative voice.” So we thought it was our own choice? It is not just your singular reasoning and analysis!
There is a hidden advisor or several in your mind’s rolodex influencing you. That voice may be Holy Spirit, or it may be replaying a tape from something someone said you considered good advice. Here’s a quote I want you to consider, “The good is the enemy of the BEST!”.
The imprint of some of those voices may be from when you were a child watching Mr. Rogers sing how special you are. Or a parent trying to guide you on a path they wished they’d followed, or scare you into staying safe. They got their imprints from their parents and back and back and back.
Religious teachings and authors of books instruct that if you believe their words and faithfully attend their dogmas then you will be wise and find happy consequences – like love, money, and lose twenty pounds.
But even Buddah said,”Don’t believe, KNOW!” And the Great Kahuna healers of Hawaii are trained that to get results they must practice moving out of the realm of believing into Knowing. So what is it you want? Miracles? Great results? At least some relief!
Here’s what the ‘Learning to Master by knowing’ looks like. You hear of a suggested way and you consider it a hypothesis that you choose to test out. As you apply the recipe you experience a ‘success’ or ‘fail’. How do you know? You experience joy or relief in pursuit of happiness, or stress and trauma, panic and sickness. Likely a crash and burn mess!
Note: Don’t keep pursuing a failure recipe! STOP! (As Mr. Rogers says, “Stop, stop, stop!) _ That means stop not only the recipe but the imprinted ‘advisor voice’.
How? Picture an old grammophone record spinning in front of you. Shout to it, “Stop, I reject you! I do not consent!” Hand the record to Jesus who is standing next to you to break into pieces.
You don’t need to try to pursuade Him to be there by quoting, “You said, Lo, I am with you always.” You are actually having and experiencing His presence. Ask Him to connect you to your ‘Higher Self’. Get still. Talk to your ‘Higher Self ‘ voice in your heart. Ask for Their recipe for a thrilling, fulfilling day. Then adventure out and greet the experience. Then you will ‘know’, not merely ‘believe’.


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