You may quote me on this: A person who goes out of his/her way to publicly attack and discredit another’s credibility is a sign the attacker is a ‘disinformation-agent’.
It isn’t whether you consider yourself a liar or an honest person that matters in this Game of Life. It is your ability to convince others that you can be trusted.
Lots of bloggers put out opinions but don’t back it up with Verifiable Evidence! Claims are then Un-confirmed, and ‘to believe or not to believe’ are left to be made without ‘definitive judgment’. Speculation is all you have left. A ‘Feeling’ that ‘such and such is the case’ can often be swayed and often is swayed by a con man or actress whose arguments sound logical.
There are practices used to persuade, to convince and to sway. They can be learned and applied like a bag of magician’s tricks. I once read how a company had an officer who wanted workers’ trust. He asked all to put their proposals in a jar, loaded it with his own idea and upon drawing at random said, “See, your ideas are valued and we will carry this one out!” They all said, “Yay!” It was his.
Does a ‘claim’ match a ‘reality check’? If information is lacking, hidden, skewed or withheld all you are left with is a ‘best guess’. That is, until Truth is disclosed.
Navigating ‘UNCERTAINTY’ is a skill called ‘DISCERNMENT’. How? Some use body language. Falsehood detectors go off when the person is sham-acting. Some take a recording and play it backwards. Police detectives are now using this to detect lies, the speaker’s beliefs, motives, emotions, and in some cases a hidden agenda. There are some trained and skilled intuitive empaths or ‘energy workers’ whose hunches are over 80% correct.
Slander is an attempt to smear someone’s credibility and trustworthiness. Their declarations, being untrue, must rely without proof on persuasion. We see trolls going into the comments section of blogging sites, chat rooms and video comments on you tube. Many are paid detractors.
Fake News tries to sound credible, and we viewers have been programmed, like Hitler’s adorers, to trust without question.
I have yet to see a site where viewers of network TV can refute, rebut, or offer contrary proofs to a news-analyst’s opinion/guess/scripted diatribe. Even if footage is offered as proof, it is easy to doctor it… or even hire ‘Crisis Actors’ to tell the fabricated story.
OK, now, Discerner! Load up with tools: verifiable proof. Confirmation for opinions. Put the spyglass on assumptions. And examine each case of logic to see if, in fact, it is a house of ‘cards’.


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