What my research has shown me of our Creator’s Plan.

In the beginning was infinity, I’m told. Infinity became aware and there was none other. It was Truth, It was Love. Love developed a desire to express itself. It contemplated an idea of exploring itself. Principles and laws, concepts and distortions to holographically fractalize formed first as an idea, then as geometricities. They had to be distortions of the Law of One.
Thus the Law of Free Will distorted Oneness into a choice between Unity of the All and Not-all.
One spinning photon of Light holding all energy and all possible scenarios created multiple illusory photons and holographic replicas that took seeming randomness and began to focus it into co-creative intelligence. This Son, born of God, The Christ-mind. By the Law of Confusion, Christ and Prime Creator used the Principle of Paradox and vibrated a resonance of photons into a straight line. By curving and rotating Light all forms, patterns, codes and rhythms were capable of being designed.
Starting With a gigantic Prime-galaxy all other galaxies, universes, solar systems and planets reorganized their randomness into coherence and continued infinitely. They progressed from regulated, to aware, to intelligent.
Thus the physical was made from infinity of thought. And all ‘forms’ yearn in their reaching for Light and more knowledge and thus to serve the prime intention of the One.
We ourselves have this same yearning. We seek light and knowledge so that as co-creators in Prime-creator’s service, our every thought creates. We explore the consequences on our choices, yet are free to choose again.
Healing is addressing blockages of light-flow through our energy chakras as we maintain an open Heart.
Thus we serve the One Infinite Loving Creator…Our Father. Our Source, Our Life.


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