Judge Anna: Turn off the Boob Tube. Forget their foreign elections. That’s not your government.

I now have cause to rethink who says they have ‘authority’.

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Editor note:  The majority of this post reflects the comments of Judge Anna.  However, the scannedretina has taken the liberty to add clarification to the situation addressed.  These editing additions are the responsibility of the scannedretina and not Judge Anna.

On Feb 10, 2016, at 1:29 AM, Anna von Reitz <avannavon@gmail.com> wrote:

Well, Let’s See…..

What has Judge Anna been up to the last few days?

Besides lecturing:

  1. teaching,
  2. writing institutional framework documents,
  3. analyzing new forms of currency and barter platforms,
  4. reforming the Federal Postal District Courts,
  5. preparing the international criminal complaints against the FBI in the wrongful death of LaVoy Finicum,
  6. negotiating with leaders of the Bar Associations for stand-downs and cooperation with prosecution of those responsible for the false claims that have been made against American assets,
  7. collection of American assets that have been purloined,
  8. placement of international liens,
  9. collection of international liens,
  10. setting up informational resources for…

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