There is only One Happy Face

My personal life journey has several themes, as yours seems to have as well.  But every experience taken in, reflected on and learned from has led me to this place in time and prepared me for the next ‘gift’ from Heaven.

Through the years my storyline, as yours, is  THE HEROES JOURNEY.  I have been told  to pay attention to repeated themes and synchronicity.  It all points to a design to these experience scenarios.  Shakespeare was enlightened and told us all the world of our perceptions is a stage onto which like a movie, men and women, as actors, play their scripted parts.

I want to make my thoughts as clear as possible, for that is how a dedicated teacher thinks.  See, the LAW OF ONE states there is only One Source and only One Mind and only one  of us here.  So it seems there is male and female and all this duality, but as in the symbol of the Tao, it is all encompassed in One Ring.  So now, draw the One Ring and put the two dots and the dividing line separating them.  And so we, perceiving the dividing line as our reality, mankind, and beings from the stars have waged war.

But looking with faulty perception was corrected when, at the moment of our considering that we are separate from our Source occurred, a remedy was created.  A mighty Spirit Companion,  The Spirit of Christ, a Voice for God did not leave us comfortless.  Jesus came in due time.  God is not invested in illusion as He is all in all. He is the encompassing circle of both Fatherhood and Motherhood.  I use He for it makes no difference whether I use She or He.  Words are merely symbols of symbols.  But we are attempting to use them to bring us clarity about Truth.  Cherubim and Seraphim are neither male nor female, yet  they are of One Mind with Source.

Centuries and civilizations have come and gone on earth.  Cycles of sad stories of conquest, misapplied inventions of mind caused suffering and sorrow, heroes have fought for Freedom from devious cabals.  Teachers and warriors and Judges attempt to set things to rights.  Jesus brought a different way to see the entire cosmos.  It was a perception of the heart.

So now we want to draw the True picture.  It is a Happy Face!  The Eye is single so the whole body is full of light, and there is no dividing line, but a mouth channel to  resonnate the Voice for God.  It is smiling, serenely at peace.

You may decide to look at the Happy Face fearfully, and turn it upside down, but it remains Love still.  And you and I remain inside.  We no longer need to choose to war.

Now, doesn’t that make you Happy to know who you are?  To know your purpose here?  To be in continual communication with That Source of all keeping power of Love?  Oh!  Oh!  Sweet Assurance!  Black weeping rags just fall off as on the prodigal’s return, a robe of glory and a ring of authority are ours.  We complete our Heroes journey by ‘coming to our right mind’, facing the movie screen of fear, and stepping through , finding they were just clouds hiding the ever present Sun-Son!  And He has a Happy Face!




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