Dream of traversing swamps on overhead Wires

There are others who know who are showing us ‘students’ how to traverse the swamplands on overhead wires.  Cables hooked onto the men’s harnesses, but women were invited to sit in gondola buckets.  Our destination was a spiritual school.

Next segment:  When I arrived at Sister K’s group there were 7 to 9 folk all contributing as a team, but not to their own ‘star’.  They were going to another’s church service to assist.  But it was at a low level of teaching!  There was Sister ‘D’ , “Helping others to find ‘salvation’ in the ‘dance, shout sing’ vibration, looking up to heaven for help, hope and healing.”

I coralled a few of my team, asking them, “Why do for these and promote their level when you could easily hold separate meetings and draw those seeking your level of Truth?”

So, God, Holy Spirit, what is this dream showing me?  <Remember when you studied with Sister K?  She had separate classed for the ‘team’ even to keep their minds tuned to a higher vibration.  But the lessons of obedience and service to others who have damaged, hungry and insane minds required applying a system of order on a different level.  The level many operate on in their believing host fears needing ‘sanitation rules’ and ‘paperwork corroboration’.  She chose that position of the ‘in-between’ as My Voice of Transition in the Atonement.>

Is there revelation in the ‘swamp-traversing’ scene?

<O, yes.  A direct higher transition is available for students.>

Why are there gondolas for females and the males are helping to attach them.  Why?

<Do you still identify with female?>


<It is the you that is male doing the work so your female is carried over in safety.>


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