Christmas and beg

Imageinning of new calendar 2012

I got a black cat in October.  She has six toes on her front paws.  She was probably looking for someone to feed her over the winter here in Bozeman Montana.  I took pictures of her with my hand carved pumpkin.  I call her MIMI.

I visited Joshua’s family in Las Vegas when Gary and I took a holiday to Hawaii in September.  I amazed them by treating Phoenix to a day at Manalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium!  Totally fab!

Caleb and Meg lived with me from Feb to June, when Meg got to live with Lynda, her mom, and her two kids, Zeus and Lilly for the summer.  Meg’s back needed physical therapy from a lateral tear, so Caleb’s job at a retirement community in Billings and Granny supplements kept them very well.  I got to see them a couple of times when they visited Bozeman.  This last time I delivered Meg her tool-chest for a new welding job, and Lynda and I went to see the opening of the 3D Life of Pi!  We got a miracle…the last two seats!

Boaz and family saw me around Calvin’s 1st birthday May 5th and Sarah’s grandparents took us all to Redding for a day of adventuring in a large park, walking over a sundial bridgewalkway, and taking Jaden and Gabe to an indoor raceway for kids.  Boaz shared his passion to defend the ‘little guy’ against big Corp. and the need for lawyers to play superhero.  I plan another trip to Chico, Ca. via Oakland this January.  I used the excuse of a cheap flight on Allegiant airlines about to cancel that particular flight destination.  I have desires to go and see new places so Muir woods and Napa Valley wineries were scheduled with a private driver.  I saw last time the Clunie boys loved using the Sports Wii, so when my birthday rolled around (I’m 65 this year), I asked Gary for a Wii.  I’d seen them at Walmart for $90.  So I told GARY they were cheaper on ebay!  So now I bid and won this gizmo and am trying how to set it up.

Fortunately Esther and Mike Schlepp will be here for Christmas from Denver, Colo. to ski and Wii?  I decided to carch the autumn leaves in Denver and Esther hosted a tour of the Museum of art and Molly Brown’s house, the capitol, and Buffalo Bill Cody’s grave and museum.  Then we went to see ‘Cloud Atlas’ and ate some wonderful deserts at a cafe’ where we sat outdoors comfortably close to a metal tree that put out heat.

Gary and I still commute to see each other 50 miles apart.  Good thing we talk an hour each night on the phone.  We both signed up for Retirement and I only got to enjoy mine a few months before Medicare wanted its cut.  Ah, well, easy come easy go.  At least United of Omaha promises to cover me no matter where I go!

Sweet Adelines sand at the soldier’s chapel in Big Sky and at the  Veterans Tribute and at the Grantree Hotel’s conference room for a Church event.  For Christmas we sewed sparkly stretchy black jackets to go over cowl neck red shirts. Pants with sequins and fancy silver jewelry completed our outfits.  We invited six other ladies to sing with us for the season and several joined!  We sang White Christmas, Jinglebell Rock, Silent Night, It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Waitin’ for the Man with the Bag, Winter Wonderland and The Night before Christmas to ‘chopsticks’!

Diana wanted to use me as her extra lady for her West Coast Swing class.  So I learned to sugar push and whip-it!

I was only in Hawaii one week so I hope I can return!  Shelley


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