More H. S. advise continued

If you, by experiencing a result that you feel hurt you, was unjust, unfair, causing loss, or a banging of the palm on the forehead saying, “Stupid, stupid!”… Step Back!

Say, “It’s all good.”

Speak to yourself with your hand on your heart…preferably before a mirror.  Say, “I take responsibility for choosing thus.”

To my brother and myself I say “I love you, I forgive you, I’m sorry I was mistaken, please forgive me, thank you.” and, “I choose again.”

Now you are re-choosing :  beliefs, purposes, feelings about what happened, refiling judgments from “Their sin” catagory into “gratitude for doing what I scripted” category.

You are also re-choosing from my ego-scripted imagined projections “for my good. (seeming)” to “allowing Holy Spirit to guide me to my Eternal Script’s “Next Good.”


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