Speech I gave at 1969 Oxy College reunion June, 2014

ImageCRUCIAL Lessons at OXY (Occidental College)

(I wrote this to present at my dinner at Oxy honoring our 45th reunion class of 1969 this last June 21st)

I’ve just discovered the tablet game, Angry Birds.  Why are they angry?  It’s about vengeance over some stolen eggs by green pigs.  The birds will give their lives to wipe the smirk off the faces of those pigs!  And those green faces just oink and laugh at the ineffectual birds which hop on a slingshot for me to send flying to their deaths…egging me on!  I wasted many bird lives on this game of vengeance and then I noticed I had wasted many hours as well!  I had not accomplished or learned anything! (But I enjoyed it.)

Some things I have chosen to do in life actually teach me crucial lessons…and not all of them in classrooms.  Do I remember what was lectured in Thorne Hall?  Hmm, no.  But I remember in 1969 a dormmate telling me that Jesus was alive and that I could talk to Him.

I remember the crucial spot in the quad by the rosebushes.  I said, “Hello, Jesus, nice rosebushes.”  It was a crucial moment when I wanted to share beauty in thankfulness to the creator.  What happened next was a crucial connection to an inner voice via the Holy Spirit phone line!

“What you invest in is what you are going to get back.”   BWONGGGGG!  Hey, that sounds true, but I just had to test it out.  The next person I saw I lifted my head and my hand and said, “Hi.”  And guess what?  He gave it right back!  “Hi.”   Talk about eggs, I think I just hatched!

What have I done since?  I became a God chaser.  And the more I invest, the more I get back.

My incubating those student years at Oxy was a crucial time where I chose my life path; not just information, but my passion.


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