Star Wars Novel review and essence synopsis: The Unifying Force

I was inspired to comment and interpret after reading page 470 of the Star Wars Novel:  The Unifying Force by _______. Terrorist invaders identify Jacen Solo as an impediment to their plot.  Here one attempts to remove him with poison.

Puppetmaster Supreme Overlord and ‘shamed’ Shaper, Onimi, is trying to destroy Jedi knight, Jacen Solo.  This son of Han and Leia Solo has, at 20,  endured extreme  physical suffering, personal loss, and inner searches of the heart to learn secrets of ‘The Force’.  Now…

Sending out poison, the Jacen he had in his taloned grip was not there.  Where once Jacen had been unable to find Onimi through the Force, now it was Onimi who couldn’t find Jacen.  What he found instead was formless, supple and fathomless – an infinite emptiness, but as serene as a wind toppling trees to encourage new growth.

A being of light, Jacen was drawing into himself all of Onimi’s lethal compounds, neutralizing them and casting them out as sweat, tears and exhalations.  He understood at last why he had failed to catch Anakin’s lightsaber when Luke had tossed it to him:  he was never meant to catch it, because he had become the light-saber.  He had attained the ability to cut through any resistance in himself:  to sever the bonds of pre-conception:  to open a gaping hole into a reality more expansive than any he had ever dared imagine:  to heal.

He had broken, as the first Anakin had done, through the apparent opposites that concealed the absolute nature of the ‘Force’, and found his way into an unseen unity that existed beyond the seeming separateness of the world.  For a moment all the cosmic tumblers had ‘clicked’ into place, and light and dark sides became something he could balance within himself, without having to remain on one side or the other.

The consciousness that was Jacen Solo was strewn across the vast spectrum of life energy.  He had passed beyond ‘choice and consequence’, good and evil, light and dark, life and death.  All that had been required of Jacen was complete surrender – a technique once mastered by the Jedi Order, but at some point misplaced. (It had been transposed along the way to a mere emphasis on individual achievement which had opened a way to arrogance.)  In that the ‘path’ was open to any who chose to seek and follow it, Jacen understood that the discovery was really a re-discovery.  He had passed beyond the tradition of the Jedi Order into a more embracing reality.

But instead of attempting to steal the authority of the gods, or to become a god, he had finally allowed himself to merge with the Force in its entirety and become a conduit for its raw power, which flowed through him like the thundering headwaters of a great river.  Conjoining a sense of what lived in the Force and that which had been stripped of it, Jacen was able to render himself small enough to follow Onimi wherever he went or attempted to hide.  Thus he countered Onimi’s every action and merged with his living vessel on the molecular level.

Fighting without fighting, pareying each strike, Jacen was using Onimi’s own strengths against him.  Jacen was the vacuum: the dismantling void drawing Onimi thinner into a slender thread – attenuating him to the point of infinite smallness.  His veins bulging, Onimi fought, but Jacen could not be overwhelmed.  As a pure conduit of the Force, he was incapable of taking mis-steps or making wrong moves.  He stood not at the edge of the tilting eliptic of energy balance, but at the center, as a fulcrum.

The funnel of darkness was gathered and sent up the central spout – and dispersed.  Jacen stood firm – a torch sabre of light – righting the world.  He purged the temptation of pride and power over others and entered a moment of unadulteratedly pure ‘bliss’.


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