Training of Soul Specialty Groups

Shelley visits 2011 025

I’d like to quote from Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls book .

“I have had souls (in hypnotized dialogue) who were with their primary groups for some 50,000 years before they were ready to move on to the intermediate levels.  After level III they begin to rise more rapidly into the advanced levels. where they are trained for specialization.”

Skills with assignments are evaluated with increasingly intense instruction.  Some specializations include:  Dream-masters, Redeemers of lost souls, Keepers of Neutrality, Restoration Masters, Incubator Mothers of new souls ( spun out of Divine Egg Womb of Creation like fine silk), Animal caretaker souls, Musical Directors, Archivists, and Gamekeepers (who train methods of travel and explore R&R locations in the universe.)  As well as primary core group guides.”

Let me say here that I find these insights into activity between lives quite enlightening.  It means there are lessons we have set ourselves, skills we intended to practice, and challenges we intended to confront us so we could grow spiritually by overcoming.

Michael Newton said he was sure readers would identify areas of their own inclination.  I feel drawn towards researching them all.  The one interesting me at this time of practicing is Dream-Masters.

I imagine they would be a guild of sorts challenged with sending meaningful dreams to embodied folk who may get clues to their purpose on earth by dream interpretation.

With this in mind, I acknowledge their many efforts to get through to me.  I only regret lack of clarity on my part to recall in the morning what I know took hours to  dream.  It seems a devious imp with a large eraser has come to quickly smudge all but the most outlandish images.

I do pay attention to recurring themes during my waking moments as well.  Lately I am beset with the word ‘Leadership’.

Now I have little attraction for that.  When volunteers for leading are asked for, I keep my hand down.  Jury duty?  Nope.  A chance to judge at a singing competition?  Don’t ask me to sign up!  Even when my business mentor was asking one of her team to coach his new understudy, I shook in my boots fearing that was the method of duplication in this business.  I wanted and appreciated a mentor, but don’t ask me to be one!

What is my big deal???  I know God called me to be a teacher.  As far as I got was hosting backyard flannel-graph Bible classes for kids. (Child Evangelism had tools and training.)

Well, gulp, I guess I’d better meet the challenge!

Holy Spirit, help me!?

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