Description of an Energy machine

The dream scene showed a floor to ceiling pole about ten inches in diameter with four push beams vectoring six feet long out to be grabbed waist height by three pushers each.  The workers were to push clockwise as at a grist-mill, combining their energy to do the work.

The fourth push-pole had a spot waiting and I could see a figure willingly approach.  I felt he valued the project and was willing to set his energy to the work.

Holy Spirit, what is the meaning of this dream?  Am I the willing worker taking my place on the energy engine?

<Outer activities bring joy only if you are connected to your intuitive energy flow inside.>

Who are the others I am joining?

< To be fitly joined together means a joined purpose of willing helpers.  Know I have the directives in place to align you with other like-minded workers for a Heavenly purpose.  Trust I know what I am doing.  I expect you are awake enough to recognize them when they speak.>

Okay, I can see more work can be done when many join to push together.  It would be difficult to exert energy all by myself when I can see, many hands make lighter work.


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