Montana Falls represent camping site. IN THIS DREAM I

ImageMontana Falls represent camping site.

IN THIS DREAM I start out feeling I’m heading out on a road trip and I suggest we call on our ‘smart phone’ to be better informed about our purpose.

Wait!  This smart phone isn’t so smart!  I dialed weather and my former client/buddy in Phoenix answered!  He’s inviting us to stay over with him on our way to the east coast. (This person is very generous with his spare room.)  I then wonder if Boston or New York is our eventual goal.

Next we stop by my sister’s place in Texas to include her in our group. (She is hardly ever seen in my dreams, but I refer to her expertise in money management and investments.)  Here I am explaining  this is to be a new adventure for her.

Here we are camping, sleeping in bed-rolls.  I become nervous that my bed-roll is placed too close to a drop-off and I’d better move away to prevent a ‘roll-over’ drop of danger and harm.  I decide to check out how much of a danger the drop off presented, and looking over, saw the drop was only four feet! And the land below was soft sand!

Next morning we gas up and go to a Jesus gathering. (I’ve gone to many.)  But this one was different!  Folks on folding chairs were presenting their “creative projects” and asking for sponsors. One said he was building a ‘radio station’, and our purse-holder handed over $1,500!

What!?  I am flabbergasted.  “Well, we had it.” He explained.  I countered, “But that was to cover ‘Our’ project!  I feel betrayed but there is no getting the money back.  I look to see what can be done now.  So- we’ll just have to go on the gas we have and see what happens.

Now I am going to stop and draw on Microsoft Word using the draw feature a similitude of the vision I saw next.  It’s going on the next post along with Holy Spirit’s interpretation of this dream.


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