“Go buy a Plot of Land and Register it in Your Name.” God speaking to Jeremiah

ImageThis picture is of a Napa vineyard and , no, It belongs to someone else.  Still, it represents a theme of ownership of ‘Land’.

Jeremiah got depressed a lot.  He tried to be faithful and tell the king God’s take on the situation.  What did he get for his trouble?  Thrown into a pit!  Sometimes it takes being down so everything from there is ‘UP’.

I never owned my own house or even land. (I don’t count the deed of trust I won for a retirement plot of weeds and scorpions in Baja.)  I have three sisters who got their taste of the ‘American Dream’, and , you may call it jealousy, but…okay, I was jealous.

Now I’m 65 and realized I had this nagging desire to actually own a house and say, “This is mine!”  You wouldn’t believe the advisors!  Most said, “Why get into headaches when by your age folks are selling their family home, (the kids are gone) and moving into a retirement condo with an HOA!”  Well who is going to tell me I’ve bitten off more than I can chew but me?  If it’s a headache, at least I’ll know it first hand. (Like the kid who dreamed of riding bulls had to get on one to be able to reconsider his dream focus.)

My dream of home ownership is buttressed by my list of pros and cons.  Pro:  more room for my stuff.  If the house is too small, I can build a shed! (Or a second floor, as my dad did to accommodate Mom’s extra bedroom and pool table.)  Pro:  I can nail up as many of my watercolors or oils as my heart desires with no one cringing at the amount of holes on the wall.

Pro: If I get a hankering to paint a mural or even just stripes, no one can tell me I can only have eggshell white to color the walls.  Pro:  no next apt. neighbor to complain my TV is too loud if I forget to put in my hearing aids.  Pro:  I can put in as large a garden as the plot can manage. …or maybe a greenhouse!  I just want pillars on the front porch and a porch swing.  And a view…with mountains that glow in the evening.

So I’ve been going through my journal of dreams and this one was God dealing with this desire.  But when God tells you to buy a plot  of land and register it, I’d like to get Holy Spirit’s take on it.

Holy Spirit, What does God mean by ‘buy’ and a ‘plot of land’ and ‘register it’ and ‘ in your name’?  <It is true that what God says to one He says to all.  Therefore we will look at what each symbolizes in the eternal realms.  In Jeremiah’s day to ‘buy’ a parcel from a previous owner meant to set up a payment price and plan to pay .  The registration process put how much was payed down, payments due and names of the owner and prospective buyer into a trust.  This was kept safe by seals until such time all debts put on it were paid.  The redeemer of the land would take the sealed deed and break the seals thereof, changing the name of the owner to himself. 

In spiritual matters, there is One owner, God, but You have placed debts against what He owns…You.  He has placed your rightful inheritance safe and sealed until the debt be paid and someone is found worthy to break the seals. 

Thank God, a redeemer was found worthy to break the seals.  Jesus knows that Love can hold no one debtor and this understanding breaks seals over our hearts and minds so Truth can own us and we can own Truth.>

So this doesn’t mean I am to hunt for a house of my own? <  You may choose whatever expression your dream takes.  I can and will open doors for learning experiences, but never to frighten you so you feel overwhelmed.  As you are open to my teaching I will give you mighty companions to advise you.>

Holy Spirit, am I to purify my motives first?  <That is a good start.  If you want a ‘thing’ to own, you have forgotten firstly that ‘To have all, give all to all.’  If you say you want to leave an inheritance for your children, it is true, you cannot give unless first you have.  But is it land you would have them inherit?  Or is it really a sense of security you feel is vested in land or money that can be had by selling it?  If you divest all these from your purpose, we can proceed.>

Okay, Holy Spirit, I let go doing it for my kid’s sake as a motive. Anything else I need to readjust? <Your sense of self worth is fair game to egoic distractions and may lead you into side trails where time games imprison with burdens you need not bear…side trails only delay.>  So owning land for a sense of self worth is also to be dismissed?  < Yes, your reality is secure and beloved.  You are treasured and have a glory not able to be seen by eyes you are presently trying to impress.>  I heave a sigh…okay.  Anything else?  <Trust me, and I can make this a delightful adventure.  But never feel you don’t already own all Life can offer.  When the lesson needs a piece of property, it will appear.  You can’t put you loss afflicted identity on it, however, for that would be a lie.>


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