Taking the Fourth ..of July to finish asking for H.S. interp ofmusical elevator dream

ImageI am ready, Holy Spirit to ask further.  I wish I had a draw feature to show what it is I saw.  This view of Sausalito from the ferry boat to represent a journey to a world of entertainments.  Actually the vineyards of Napa.  But that’ll do.

Holy Spirit we were discussing the hodge-podge family set up that had to stay together because of the One ticket.  Can you explain this?  < This Family is the feeling you get when adult minds guide learning minds.  It is a guided, nurturing set up and we find it is more productive than orphan or just a duo.  The One ticket represents the final mindset we are striving to engender.  Jesus’ “Atonement”  or ‘at-one-ment’ is a state of extreme grace and accord.  Staying together is a visual helping you see that vigilance is required to choose against temptations to see yourself as separated facets.>

Sort of like this Ferry picture.  It’s easy to see we are ‘in the same boat’? < Yes, You chose wisely.>

Now we head for Musical elevators (I must be hearing music.)  Can you comment on the music? < Naturally Spirit change of elevation includes change in vibration/ sound/ harmonics/ and therefore, tune.>  OKay, We need to get elevated to catch a tram into the city for our adventure.  Why the joined but separated carriages moving one after the other? <  We will repeat this visual as many times as necessary for you to understand.  Connectivity is maintained even though style changes.  Elevator/ tram/ family…all maintain connectivity of being joined together. “Be fitly joined together” means one cannot arrive at healing unless all arrive.  If Jesus got the arrival at Christ mind and you maintain connectivity with him, you also arrive.>

Is the color of the carpeted carriage important?< You are not seeing the multitudes of tones of full range color scale selected to accompany your elevation.  You will see the excellence of the array when you learn to differentiate.>  Why no handrails? < That you should be concerned with safety in our program for your elevation shows how much fear you need to turn over to trust.>

Why am I leading the entry into the elevator?  Shouldn’t it be the Man?  <I will not interfere with your choices, for if you felt coerced, you would get in a snit.  Only as you own your choices will you feel empowered to take responsibility for your creations.  I go along as the Spirit of Truth to turn to for guidance in seeing choices clearly.>

I missed the first carriage.  Was that wrong? <It only means there has been delay of the elevation because of hesitation and distraction.  Delay is not ‘wrong’, it is what it is.  Did you feel the rest of the family was so far behind you had to slow to their speed?  Yes, such is the feeling of many teachers.  But they are joyous when they can find a common lifter.  Hence enabling all to ‘stay together.>


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