Dream I had with H.S. interp


In this dream i felt inclined to make a ‘found object’ sculpture even though I hadn’t officially joined the art class.  My creation started with a block of wood upon which I built a mat seated figure in a lotus posture.  I propped a beach scene behind him painted on a small plank and glued two small rocks representing boulders on each side. (The whole scupture was about 8 inches in diameter.)  Along came an art professor who looked at my ‘art’ and said, “Follow my art instruction.” He looked it over, then handed it to me instructing, “Throw it on the ground then hand it to me.”  I trusted he knew art best, so I threw my creation on the ground loosening the glue.  I handed the wreck to him and he removed the figure and the rocks and threw them away!  All that remained was the mat of sticks and the view of the beach.

     He said, “Draw a sign like there’s going to be an event of music and dancing on the beach.  I had a feeling of presenting my sign and my dancing as awkward.

     Holy Spirit what was the art class that inspired me to ‘create?’  <  Just as with all creation, skill must be taught by a teacher and practiced.  >  

Why do I want to create without referring to the ‘art teacher?’  < Only would you be frightened of a Holy art teacher.>

Who did my figure represent? <Close your eyes and see the figure as a holy guru in the position of one.> And the rocks? <Tiny rocks representing big ones?  They are much better off being themselves..>

Why did you come and instruct me to smash it?  <Ah.  You recognized me, good.  It is not to disqualify your creation as ‘art’, but an idol of a small ineffectual ‘teacher!  I am jealous.  And rightly so.>

You redesigned my purpose of the object from an object to draw admiration to me as an ‘artist’ to having it become an ad for a real beach party?  Why?   <With me, ‘Love’ is the only purpose, so you see is actual life lived of more use to me to teach life lessons and ‘Truth’.>

Ah, then my feeling of awkwardness dancing is?  <Just so, an experience that should lead you to seek the dance teacher!>


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