Notes about journalling.

Hi, all,  I was sharing a dream from my journal with my mentor, Sis. Kathryn on a recent visit to Phoenix, and she loved it!  Not only that, she listened to my stories of starting a home e business with Vemma energy drinks and referred me back to my journal.  Pointing to the notebook, she gave me this spiritual advice,  “This is your real business, no matter what other you play with.  Type this up and share it.  These messages sent to you in dreams don’t help anyone until you confer with the Holy Spirit.  His revelation of what they mean is ‘Divine Truth”!

    So I will begin a series of journal entries where I spent extra time with pen in hand.  A side note:  I find I only get replies to questions I write and follow with a < symbol.  It is like I am expecting something from Holy Spirit to enter and enclose with a >.Image


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