Dream seeing troops sent by air and blocked trailer door

I dreamed I was watching with a group as planes of troops took off en mass.  War!  I sought comfort in realizing ‘at least the war was far away from where I would have to experience it.’

Holy Spirit, what does the group I’m among symbolize? <Your mindset and attitudes are shared.>

What do the enmassed troops symbolize? <Care for the realm of a warring mind delivers energies of attack and defense.>

Why do I seek comfort thinking that the confrontation is far away? < Fearful minds always deceive themselves refusing to see that energies sent out whether to attack or defend (actually the same thing) is really energy you create yourself and it always reflects back on your sense of safety.>  Explain? < If your mind created it, then you are its source and author.  Don’t fear knowing this.  Since you authored it (conflict) you have the authority to rewrite, (Peace).

//// Later I see we (Our family) at a group meeting at a hotel.  Then we went to our temporary lodging in a trailer protected by a cliff overhang.  Our trailer had two doors to use as entry and exit, but soon that changed!  We were dismayed when some rich folks in a trailer so long it bent in the middle with accordion-folds came and parked blocking our back door!  The nerve!  I felt definite lack of peace as I confronted them.  “What!  Was this the only space you could use for you to be so rude?”  The dream ended by their reply, “Why are you complaining?  You can still use one door.”

Holy Spirit, what does the hotel symbolize? <When one wants to learn a venue is set up to gather with others so teaching and learning can take place.> You are talking spiritual lessons? < Of course, but Truth that can be universally applied as you get into settings to start practicing.>

Is that what our trailer of adequate size being crowded out of full usefulness by a super sized trailer was?  An opportunity to practice lessons? < why waste dream-time when a movie starring you can play out without fear that it is ‘permanent’?  Yes, you see your conflicting states here that block you from coming to full awakened awareness of God’s Peaceable kingdom in which all follies and rudeness are not deemed as real.  You can have war in a dream, whereas in God’s peaceable kingdom there is no conflict and no rudeness, and no war.>


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