Hawaii roots : The Mossman family

I married Robert Clunie, whose Mom was Piilani Rosalie Mossman. She said her dad was Thomas and Mom was Sarah Boyd. Both were half Hawaiian and half Scott. Her story had a Mr. Mossman from Scotland making ships for Kamehameha and rewarded with marriage to his second wife’s niece . Thomas was supposed to own a strip of shops in Honolulu. Piilani didn’t want to be a shop girl, so somehow got her and older sister, ‘Dolly’ ‘adopted’ by visiting Gen. Duval and wife who, being childless, took the girls back to Palo Alto and put them through school. Piilani changed her name to Rosalie Jean and went to nursing school near Stanford where she met and married Robert Morris Clunie. I married their son, Robert Richard Clunie. Dolly went back to Hawaii and married a Sheldon. I met their son, Jarrod, whose daughter, Shirley married Richard Gernler and they lived in Redwood Shores in Calif. Anyway if anyone can tell me how Thomas and Sarah really dies I’d like to know. Also, how Dolly and Piilani’s folks let them go off with seeming strangers before they were ten years old. Thanks, Shelley Clunie


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  1. Ginny Wright on

    I am part of the Mossman family in Hawaii. Would love to share and obtain genealogy info from you. If you are on Facebook, we have a Mossman Ohana Group Page – search for it and join!

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