OK, this is Sunday and I need to remember this day because: At church the preacher reminded me the function and life of a church is both community and service as shown when Jesus washed feet and told desciples to do likewise.
I have painted a picture of that scene with Peter’s hand protesting.
Later I was driven to a Wilsall Salmon bake (fresh from Alaska). My part was to shred the carrots (from the garden which I had planted last spring) and cabbage (ditto) into a cole-slaw. “Watch your fingers!” cautioned a guest. I was using the four sided metal hand held shredder I had picked up at a thrift store to replace the flimsy flat one. I remembered a bit of trivia.
“Well, this item is made by Johnson and Johnson, and you know what else they make?” I didn’t have to tell them, for I got a lot of high fives from the toughest woodsman who commented, “I like a girl with a sense of humor.”
(If you don’t know then send me a query and I’ll tell you.)
It’s not easy not being a skiier and listening with interest to a roomful of pros recounting terrifying exploits on the slopes.


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