July 26, 2010: Water Ionizer!!Finally arrived.

I have wanted a water ionizer since I became acquainted with the Enagic $4,000 system about three years ago in Phoenix.  I saw the DVD about the hospital in Japan curing the man with diabetes.  I saw the demonstration of the pool ph tester drops showing most bottled water a nasty yellow acidic color.  But mostly I drank the ionized water starting at 8.5ph and climbing up to my standard 9.5ph.(that is not per hour but level of acidity versus alkalinity).

I have slowly saved, (except for the shoes I bought online) and finally saw on ebay a company that uses the very plates that are titanium with baked on platinum that Enagic uses.  It only has five plates that bring the ph up to 9.2, but I don’t need the extreme 11 ph that is for people with health problems.  The ad that got me was that they offered free filters for life.  Enagic has $80 filters that need to be replaced every 3,000 gallons.  When my $700 machine got here (plus $59 shipping) I plugged it in and saw the color changing LED screen had a count down on the filter starting at 6,000 gallons!

Well, if you are interested the company may still be offering them on ebay under water ionizers:  Fountain of Youth.  I’ll keep you posted how it is doing.  So far it has turned the tap water, which my son said was undrinkable by his discriminating taste, into pure clean filtered good tasting water that is not only alkaline, but has a nearly -300 ORP!  (Oxygen reduction potential to clear your body of floating free electrons that cause infection.)

I felt so good at 62 I went to Wilsall’s 100 year celebration and danced about 20 dances!  Yee-haw!


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