June 16, 2010: Women are from Venus, Men are from Jupiter!

I am a researcher.  My astrology chart says so.  Besides I notice that is what I really dig.  If I’m on a hot research project, I can even forget to eat!

I thought I was just an artist, but now I realize my art is part of my call to research…only in color and line.

What, you ask, is the heading about?  Well, I was researching on my old college chum’s Facebook site that he had a favorite site to an astrologer who uses the ancient astrology from India called Vedic Astrology.

I considered myself a Christian, but I don’t believe in shaking in my boots all afraid if I read something I will get devil-cooties.  If it has something to it it will go ‘ding’, and if it’s all hot air it will go ‘clunk’.

So when I was grabbing Neale D. Walsh’s  ‘Conversations with God’ off the library shelf, I looked up and saw, ‘The Only Astrology book you’ll ever Need’.  OK, it was not normal, but I saw they included a CD in the back to load into my computer and run anyone’s chart at the push of a button!  How could I resist seeing if the fellow I’m dating and I are a romantical match?  I took it home and have been taking notes ever since…for my sister, for my kids, even for my Mom who doesn’t count since her stroke.

Now this chart is using the Western style of 12 constellations of the Zodiac.  So when I saw Sam Geppi of Vedic Astrology was using a 27 fold zodiac I was intrigued.  I signed up for him to send free videos to my email, and one popped up entitled, ‘Women are from Venus, Men are from Jupiter.

Basically the female attributes are reflective, like the moon, that takes all the energy the sun gives and uses it to create life.  So even if a person is a man outwardly, he still may have the softness and wish to be supported and drawn higher characterized by the ‘feminine’.  We will call this Venus.  Venus may be thinking Mars is thrilling and intense, but she doesn’t want to make babies and settle down with him.  She wants a Jupiter who she respects for his higher morals and purpose.  She inwardly wants life to have meaningfulness and Jupiter has the best chance of that.  He is about stability, responsibility, and has enough money savvy to keep a family out of the welfare rolls.

It’s best if he is higher in consciousness, even in religious practices for no guy wants a sweet wife turn to a nag about, “Have you done your spiritual routine, yet, Honey?”  She doesn’t want to have to push either.  It’s important for her to resonate with his values adapting upwards, not having to adapt down!  Her Venus wants to resonate and support and connect with his higher value system so her moon can relax!

So he does readings which not only compare birth signs in Vedic systems of Characteristics and temperaments, but intermeshes them with Western propensities as well.  He is unique offering a three prong approach.  The third is a questionnaire of 36 questions.  you’d have to meet with your significant other on a full 20 points to have a successful relationship.

It is a lot to go through to get a guarantee.  I prefer looking at every person God puts in front of me as another wonderful aspect of His multifaceted personality.  A Gem of brilliant hue and polish that I may bask in with delight.  I can be philosophical if their opinions differ from mine.  They make perfect sense to their own minds given the worldview they currently hold.  I have the higher eagle eye that shadows are not permanent over the landscape.  Temporal means subject to change!

Christians love Jesus because Forgiveness cancels out condemnation…even consequences of Karma.  I feel the effects of His Sunlight on my Venus Mind now!


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