June 6, 2010: Tapping Love Vibes for Health, new experiences, a new relationship

It is Sunday.  I’d like to tell you to “Wake Up!”  I am blessing myself with the same advice.  I tap my head with my fingertips and say, “I choose to wake up.”  Then I tap my eyebrow and say, “I choose to really and deeply love myself.”  Next I tap the side of my eye and say, “I choose to forgive myself.”  Under the eye I tap and say, “And respect myself.”  Under my nose I tap and say, “I choose not to accept any abuse from my old programming.”  And as I tap under my armpit I tap and say, “I choose to be really happy today and enjoy every moment for ‘Now’ is all I have to choose.”

This is a quick fix.  I checked out the e businesses that offer information.  They say people want a quick fix.  Tapping your best choices into your body’s awareness is one of them.  You can tell your body you choose to be free of addictions like nicotine, or panic attacks, or obsessive overeating, or neediness in sex relationships.  Your body is just waiting to hear what you are telling it that you clearly choose.  Once it knows, gears go into motion to align with your firm choice.  (It isn’t fooled by whimsicalness.)

How do I know it works?  I chose to love myself and since tapping that I have had synchronous events pop up to take me on expansive adventures I had never known before.  I got the nerve to tell a group in a former residence I was no longer going to wait on their fixing a suspended driver’s license.  I got the nerve to get my new State’s driver’s license instead.  I got a passport, I got a cruise to the Bahamas!  I got a boyfriend who wants to travel with me.

Do you think I’m going to stop tapping Love vibes to myself?  Not on your life!


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  1. Su-sieee! Mac on

    Love tapping. It’s worth a try. I need and want to get more healthy.

    Hope you’re having a high old time cruising the Bahamas with your beau! 🙂

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