June 1, 2010: June is not Boring, June, June June

My sister wanted to sing from Carousel, “June is bustin’ out all over!” And made it through all those many words remembering more than I.  So she went to her long play record collection and found the track.  Soon the house was filled with music and our voices joining  in. (To be fair, I wear hearing aids and didn’t catch half of those quickly phrased words.)

I asked why I didn’t hear show tunes in any Idol contests on TV?  She said Susan Boyle’s “I have a dream” from Les Miserables is current while Carousel was thirty years ago.  I figure if it’s a good song it should qualify for any talent show.

I heard Warren Buffet was joined by his son on an instrumental in which Warren was playing a ukulele.  It was an old song.  So old that when he said, “All together, now,” nobody knew the words!

Is your life boring?  Is the song so old nobody can join in?  Has your doctor lost his bedside manners?  Well, I have a product for you.  It’s ‘No Shilly-Shally Shelley!’

I have wondered why the Lord allowed , (or led?) me to do this blog.  I am promoting myself, my consciousness, my thoughts, memories, and the poems they have congealed into.  I want to be of service to mankind, but Not Boring!

My sister says I have a lot of creative products to offer and another sister can put together a paypal linked website.  I saw how one blogger put together 1000 Awesome things into a book and it is selling well.

‘Pink Candy’ is an internet product for ladies needing to find  what their uniqueness is and make it into a product that can be marketed (with their help.)

My sister says ‘The One Minute Manager’ is only 40 pages long and has sold millions!  I told her it must be a cultural tell of the times that people want only an hour’s read.  We both agreed people have shorter attention spans and don’t want to be Bored.

When I was a preacher’s wife I felt the things of God to help humanity was a ministry to be offered freely.  We weren’t ordained by any denomination, so got few invitations to a pulpit.  My husband would go to a church meeting and bring his guitar.  If the Spirit moved the host to invite us up for a song, he would preface the song with a testimony.  We seldom got offerings, but we weren’t Boring! (Sometimes we got gas money if it looked like we were going to stick around.)

I am going to write a Birthday book with poems for each month!  Inquire here and I will tell you where it can be purchased.


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