May 29, 2010: F.E.A.R. and a recipe for London Broil

I finally went to ‘copyblogger’ and began reading Catherine’s posts on how to be a better writer.  She has scads of links to subjects from how to get over writer’s block to how to get subscribers to your business blog.

The article I read says we are not reacting to ‘fear’ but to F.E.A.R.  The anachronism stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  She also had pointers to write any gobbledygook and edit later.  She advised trying to explain your points to a houseplant.  I presume that is to hear yourself rather than get a response from the plant.

I want to be my own good news.  What I mean is that the internet uploads so much news we can immediately access where the best doctors are, what the best surgery techniques are, the latest gadget for making the world a better place, and my favorite, how to live on nothing!

I want to share my good news of my personal discoveries to making the world as better place.  Hmm.  Discoveries.

On our two-year tour of California campgrounds, my husband and I found:

1.California driftwood: This can be found at Novato State Beach and campground.  The tide sends up exquisite wave washed pieces.

2.Spanish moss:  Used for decorating; ample supply can be found on the road towards the coast out of Ferndale.  As the road climbs through a thick forest, look up into the trees!  They are covered with the fairy lace.

3.Four leaf clovers:  Perhaps you can order some online, but to see it in the wild, go to Oak lake campground and look at the grass about twenty yards from the lake.  There used to be patches of clovers and every one had four leaves!

3.Wild critters and rutting deer:  find these in the state park in the woods near Santa Rosa, Calif.  Just be sure to lock up your corn flakes box!  Raccoons had jumped up on the tarped back of our truck and easily made a hole in the box.  They did not scare off easily as though they knew they were protected.  ‘Cheeky varmints!’

Now as promised, my recipe from James Beard’s Cookbook:  London Broil is trimmed, then marinated in a platter with Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper while making a tossed salad of torn greens, chopped celery,tomatoes and bell pepper.  Put pierced potatoes still in jackets in the microwave for 4.44 minutes.  (One for each person…time will vary.)  Place Steak in hot oiled skillet and fry 6 minutes on first side and 6 minutes on the other.  This will leave the center of the steak tenderly rare.  Optional is adding a splash of red wine to the pan during the last minute of each side.  Serve the salad with choice of dressing, the potatoes in their jackets with butter, or peeled and cubed in a serving bowl.  The secret to excellent London broil is to carve it in thin slanting slices across the grain.  The serving tray should have the slices arranged like fallen dominoes to be selected by the diner with a serving fork.


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    Thanks so much for taking part in the blogathon. I used this WordPress theme when I first started blogging; I’ve switched designs several times since and eventually moved WordCount to a self-hosted service with a template someone designed just for me, but this one’ still near and dear to my heart.

    Michelle Rafter

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