May 28, 2010: Credit Reports

I know I’m jumping around in content from one blog to the next.  I’ve still convinced myself that I’m concentrating on sharing my insights to being healthy, wealthy and wise at 62.

If you may have noticed I’m trying out a new theme format.  I chose one with a calendar as I need one.  I kept jumping up to check the one on the bulletin board in the kitchen.  That’s what we do in our lives.  Notice what doesn’t work and change it.  I have been told there are some people who do not change what or how they are doing things and they still get the same results.  The term is ‘mumphemous’.  It could be I spelled it wrong, I’ll check.

I once heard of a newlywed lady who cut the end of her ham off before baking it.  Her husband asked her why and she replied that her mother always did.  Now that may be enough reason for many of us daughters, but hubby wanted to do some digging and research what to him was odd.  Ladies, research is not a bad thing, so go along with hubby if only to be sure you are both on the same page.

OK, back to the story:  Wife says, “I don’t know.”

Hubby, “Why don’t you call her and ask?”

Wife, “OK.”   …  “Mom, you know how you always cut off the end of the ham before baking?”

Mom, “Yes.”

Wife, “Why is that?”

Mom, “To get it to fit in the pan, Dear!”

That old pan didn’t fit the ham so she made the ham fit the pan.  How many old pans (outmoded ideas) are we trying to fit our moments into?

Now back to Credit Reports.  I am periodically asked to apply for a credit card and I should have learned by now that doing so only makes for another black mark, since someone thinks I am desperate.  And goodness knows, no one thinks a desperate person should be given credit!

So now I am fixing what is reported on my credit report.  I will continue to update how it is going.  I am going to challenge everything!  First I have to prove who I am since I moved.  Got to go, bye now.


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