May 27, 2010:Advice Guru wafting to you

Isn’t this a cool pix of creating your own light body?  I could never get into that kind of posture, but am told it isn’t the posture but the depth of meditation.  Actually the purpose is to peel away what is not real so only what is real is left.

OK, I went to a site today called Global where spiritual Gurus are interviewed 24/7 streaming video!  I was captivated by Krishnamurti and Deepak Chopra!  I heard some monks chanting “Om” with ocean and sky backgrounds.  Wow!  Not only that, when my friend from over the hill called to read to me about Amazon cultures, we were actually pleased by the synchronicity of similar themes of the day.

Today’s theme is: Intense and focused listening…really paying attention!

Usually I used to take notes in order to focus my attention.  That way if my husband asked, I could read back and review what a speaker had said.  I’ll bet those Amazon Indians never had to take notes.

My philosophy is changing.  I have experienced the backlash effect of defensiveness and now I understand what the Gurus are telling me.  “If you defend against pain, you make it real.  If you strive not to suffer you make suffering real.”  If you have Job like fear (He’s the guy in the Bible with a book all about his trials), you will have Job like karma.  If you say in prayer that you want money, the universe takes that literally and says,  “OK, you just set the parameters of your next experience…voila’…want money.”

Now we have to be taught these things so we don’t mistakenly tell the universe something like that story about a monkey claw that magically gave what the person said, but it had an unfortunate twist.  I saw it on a Simpsons episode.  Homer wished for a turkey sandwich and it was ‘dry’.  Lisa wished for peace on earth and aliens invaded and stopped all war, making us all slaves.

The actual true answer is…are you really listening?  Focus now…It is to embrace all things that happen to you and see as the Amazonians that you have chosen it to weave your life with white as well as dark threads.  The dark threads are the events that form character and your choices in crisis tell your unique story.  No regrets…total forgiveness, allowing you to express unconditional love.

OK, so someone gossiped about you?  Give them permission to talk about you when you aren’t there.  Once they know you are aware, just see how they will be more aware of what they say.

The driver of the car is an adrenaline junkie and must be constantly angry?  Tell them how wonderful they are keeping you safe by using anger to sharpen their alertness.  Your words of appreciation may seem sarcastic, but if you are not taking a defensive position they will have no ‘enemy’ to fight.

Are you aware you are creating your ‘light body’?  Don’t sweat it.  There is no ‘How-to’ book of strategies and formulas.  Just listen to your voice.  Too shrill with panic?  Start practicing the sound of confidence.  Too shallow in conversation topics?  Raise the bar.  Too defensive or sarcastic?  Find out what you are fearing and embrace it.  Do you see sin and evil?  Say, “I’m glad I saw it, now I know how not to be.”

I heard Deepak Chopra say as we see our choices clearly we naturally will recognize the higher choice will bring us more joy than the ‘entropy’ path.  Now I agree with the ‘more joy’ part.  It is the ‘seeing clearly’ part that trips us up.  However, when I have gone through a scene of great personal drama, I see very clearly with 20/20 hindsight whether I was thinking a pointed barb would bring me joy or just a pride feeling that I was better than them, knew more than them, or had the spiritual upper-ground.

Hey if I see it in hindsight enough, maybe one of these days I’ll catch myself before the thought leaves my lips.  I found a new practice.  go into silence and watch thoughts come across my ‘Attention stage’ playing out their little dramas.  Then say, “To whom has this thought come?  If I answer, “To me.”  Then I am to ask, “And who am I?”  With my mind happily snared by a white light of vibrant energy, I can easily drop the dramatic thought into the ocean where it sinks from view.

Lord, I love this!  Would you like to see what I drew as my latest meditation ended?  That’s me fanning blessings to all of you!


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