May 25, 2010: Symbols

This is the Chinese symbol for peace

This  means Love

This is power, strength or forceThis means wisdom.

I like symbols.  Words are letter symbols for phonetic sounds which are put together and make symbolic words which stand for an idea you want to communicate.  You knew that.  But did you know we are all physical embodiments of God’s Love, power, wisdom and peace?

I was blogging yesterday about each person having a brand within them that spoke of who they were as a unique individual.  You could put those symbols on t-shirts and communicate that aspect of God.

Dreams are symbols God uses to communicate.  I once had a conversation with God that went like this, God:  “Do I think in English?”

Me:  “Well, you are God, so I suppose you’d be able to think in all the languages there are.”

God:  “Wrong, I don’t think in language at all.”

Me: “Huh?”

God:  “I think in concepts.  It’s like you think of a dog as the four-legged animal with a tail, and a person in Japan thinks of the same animal.  Though his language calls it a different name, the concept is the same.”

So when you see a symbol, whether in a dream or drawing or word standing for some concept, take some time, do a scientific experiment.  Ask the powers that can answer you what it is trying to tell you now. (The same symbol can be used for various messages depending on your need at the time.)  I usually ask the Holy Spirit since He abides within my mind at all times.

The Maltese Cross is an eight pointed cross arrowing with four equal points to one spot in the center.  I have been studying a book on Alchemy of spiritual principles by St. Germaine.  He explains a deeper meaning to  the Maltese cross.  The upper arm is a funnel of God’s power into Earth from Heaven.  Once it gets to the center spot, it gets ‘Qualified’.  That is the spot of our heart or consciousness.  If we are aligned properly, God’s energies are directed to manifest into the realm of creation along the three lines or arrows in an outward direction.  He calls the left branch ‘power’ or a pull back tension of strength as an archer pulling on the string of his bow.  He calls the right branch ‘Love’ through which all Godly creating is accomplished.  He calls the lower balance stand ‘Wisdom’ so the energy is wisely directed in the principles of the Christ mind. (Just so you know, the energies can be perverted at the qualifying point by a cluttered, confused, or ignorant consciousness.  Then they are sent out as ‘misqualified energies’.) That is why we work on inner healing so we don’t pray amiss.

This is the emblem for Self-Realization Fellowship as designed by Yogananda representing a three petal lotus and the three-fold flame of Love, power and wisdom.

I am thinking if I was listening to the Spirit closely, I would see my own symbol as a fountain.  It is round and in three tiers, a spray head with water flowing into three ever larger pools.   I have drawn this, but you can too.

The story is that while hiking in nature in 2008 I heard God speak quietly to my spirit, “Make me a fountain and finish it.”  I was puzzled to understand, but as I walked I noticed about five fountains in the neighborhood.  None of them worked!  This can’t be what the Lord means!  They were broken, in pieces, rusted, mossy and some with water just plain stank!

They were symbols, all right!  Symbols of not working fountains…mis-qualified!  If God was going to have His energy flow  for me to serve it out to the thirsty, would they be coming to bitter unhealed water?  Prideful ego water?  Shy skimpy limited water?  A fountain so busy it would pick up and move around the park with nervous energy?  A fountain with a toll booth or neon lighted arrow saying Look at me?

He reminded me that I was not the water, just the holder.  I don’t have any job except be His design in simple operation.  Just relax and hold the water and let all who will come and drink freely!

I sure do love Him.

Get still and be willing to get His simple symbol for your life.  Be sure to look around.  You may see symbols that are not getting the job done.  Maybe it is your own past life experiences!  That’s OK.  Now that you see what doesn’t work, you can redirect and ‘qualify’ your energies by ‘love’.  The ‘negative pull’ of the archer will empower and focus your creativity balanced on Christ Wisdom!


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  1. Sheldon Gaines on

    Super awesome article. Really!

  2. Leigh Cochran on

    If only more people could read this!

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