May 23, 2010: Latest Health Tips

Today is Pentecost Sunday and you have got to pay attention to individuals who are in ‘Sync’ with the Holy Spirit  today.  These are the clues that I noticed that qualified me.

Yesterday I ‘just happened’ to receive my Chinese Red platform shoes that I had won on eBay.  I only have one red dress in my closet.  I almost didn’t wear it because I thought pink would be more ‘spring’ and I feared I would be  ‘garishly out of season’ since the gold glitter spiral was more in keeping with a Christmas theme.  Nevertheless, the shoes and dress matched so I wore them.  As I walked into church… the foyer was filled with ladies wearing red blouses and black skirts!  One said I would look right in place with their group and I could ‘play’ along with them.  She was jesting, but I had to ask, “What instrument?”  She replied, “Handbells.”

Imagine my shock that over half the congregation was wearing red!  I had been sent as a memo, but never read it.   I got my ‘memo’ from the Spirit!  I told my sister who picked me up that even though I hadn’t gotten the memo, the preacher greeted me with the glad handshake, saying, “How liturgical your dress is today!”

(Also as I was fumbling with my pew Bible, not having seen the responsive reading listed in the fine print in the program another miracle happened.  My eyes were on my son’s Bible he willingly shared with Mom and me.  I just opened my Bible at random and when I scanned to check how many pages off I was…Amazing!  I was spot on the exact page!)

The other thing was that my son and I were discussing the topic of dreams, visions and prophesy in the car on the way to church,  not realizing the preacher’s topic was Acts 2, ‘ how in the last days God was going to pour out His Spirit and people would see visions, have dreams and prophesy!’ (I had even shared what I felt was a prophetic dream with my son about a handicapped friend in Phoenix getting up and walking!)

So when that friend just now called me out of the blue, I decided miracles happen in threes;  I decided to ask him a health concern question and he didn’t hesitate!

Q.  How may my sister recover from a clogged artery causing shortness of breath and pain under exertion?

A. (This is my friend’s advice.  He has studied not only the Nurses Manual, but has had over 23 operations.  He is not a practicing physician.)

1. First before anything get the toxins out so your body is freed up to operate the way it was designed.      The three flush products are L-Argenine/ L- Glutamine/ and microlyzed iodine taken in .5 ml drops from an eyedropper.

2. Next take one or two Reservatrol and make sure they are organic.                3.Spark up your cells with electrolytes in a cap of Liquid Fulvic Minerals from Vital Earth.

4. Include in a blueberry smoothie a measure of Multi food  powdered greens and powdered reds for breakfast.

5. Follow ionized water therapy to keep your gut digesting properly and in the correct acidity to break down proteins.  As Follows:     Have available a gallon jug of Kangen 2.5 high acid water/ 9.5 Kangen drinking water and / 11.0 Kangen alkaline water.  Mouthwash a ten second rinse  with 2.5 and spit.  Then 45 minutes before your meal drink a quarter cup of 11.0 alkaline water followed immediately with 20 oz. 9.5 water.

Then with the first bite of your meal take 2 tablespoons of 2.5 acid water to restart digestive juices.  Warning; don’t drink anything else with your meal or the health benefits will be lost.  You may drink your tea, coffee, wine, or water a half hour after the meal.

So this is today’s tip hot off the WordPress!  There is a water store in Phoenix called H20 solutions (That’s H two-0h) that has all ph values for sale at less than $2 per gallon.

So next time you toast someone, “To your health,”  do it with ionized water!


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