May 22, 2010: Spiritual Art/ Mandalas etc.

On the subject of spiritual art, I’d like to say I rather favor creations that effect inspiration whatever the subject matter.  It has to connect with me in my present frame of mind.

That being said, I need to qualify further that my frame of mind has changed somewhat from years past.  I have found inspiration easier to find now that I have learned to appreciate the act of creation as a way to appreciate the expression of ‘creator’ in the artist.

When I first moved to Montana my son, who is an extremely gifted artist, gave me a book he thought I might appreciate.  It is a book on Mandalas.  At first I thought of a  mandala song from the 60’s.  Then I thought of Indians painting in the sand some ceremonial depictions which they erase as soon as they are finished.

As I read through and looked at all the history and purpose of the mandala I began to realize the works are meant to be meditated upon so they seep into one’s subconscious.  They are teaching tools about cycles of life.  I began copying the simpler ones.  The first was a color wheel. Three points of the primaries, three points of the secondaries.  All were on arrow heads attached by shafts to a center ring where I blended the colors into a circular rainbow.

In a note:  God’s rainbow over his throne is actually circular.  Advanced souls describe his burst of creation as  white on the outer edges rainbowed in color of spiritual cohesiveness towards a blue/ purple center.  The aura of more advanced souls becoming more indigo.

My son heard me read about them and mentioned, “Oh, yes, those kids who are so sensitive to high intelligence are known as the ‘indigo kids’.  It really irks them to endure being schooled with those who have been ‘dumbed down’.  You’ll find them called ‘nerds’.”

Mandalas show levels of cycles with the ruler’s palace in the center and then governments in the next layer, radiating out to craftsmen and finally husbandry and farming.  Another mandala shows planets and their positive influences cycling in one layer while their negative influences are in another layer.  Supposedly the positioning of the positive is to cancel out the negative.  Continuing my sojourn into the symbolic, I saw cycles of creation depicted by Gods of India.  One was birthing, one was endeavoring, one was retiring and the last was devouring.  (I was disturbed by the devourer until I realized you had to go through him to get to rebirth again!)

I got a book on Christian Art.  It had Jesus’ story from the annunciation of the angel through the crucifixion to the resurrection and ascension.  Art forms included oil paintings, murals, gold leaf, ceilings, sculptures, altar pieces, statues adorning as part of the architecture.  They had purposes from honoring a patron, immortalizing a loved one, inspiring worship, recounting a

moral lesson, to personal expression of piety of the artist.

I wanted to practice folds and drapery so I chose Titian’s “Don’t touch me.”  The scene I copied in oil was of Mary trying to touch Jesus in the dawn of Resurrection Morning.  He has a gardener’s hoe in his left hand but the shroud hanging from his shoulders falls in lovely drapery which he uses his right hand to pull between.  He is tenderly leaning over to tell Mary, kneeling with outstretched hand, not to touch Him.

I changed it to suit my own idea.  I added a red sunrise and rosy glow on the hillside buildings.  I added shadows to the rocks and sheep.  I’m thinking of adding a tomb, as Titian left it out.  The book had to be returned, so I had to do the facial expressions using my own imagination.  I bought a white frame but it did not match.  I painted the frame gold, but it turned out unsatisfactory.  I have decided the ‘inspirational’  impact of my spiritual work of art needs the construction of a large elegant frame.  I know a wood-worker.

I wonder if I can inspire him?


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