May 21, 2010: A Shaman Song

Come into the Sweat-lodge of the Mind Awoke

And dream a dream of Sage and Smoke

Over-down and over-in until

The Gate to the Dreamworld opens at will.  Mind awake and conscious still.

Greet your Dream Guides, assured in their trust

That Truth will answer each question’s thrust.

Not fanciful flight, but actual winging.  Take journeys through Time upon Angel singing.

Choose and discover worlds beyond ken,

Beyond our galaxy or reality of men.

Let your mind be patterned with new thoughts there

To beauty and knowledge beyond compare.

In image and word then let pattern transpose…To translate in waking symbol and prose.

Distill as a Shaman infinity’s gift

So the Light of Insight is brought back from the Rift.

Blessed Word that Vibrates for our healing

Blessed Word forming and revealing

Truths to kindle Fire in Soul…Truths from the realm where all are whole.

Who is the Dreamer?  Where the Dream-estate?

Put the Dreamer to Sleep

So He may Awake.

I find that if I read something of importance that I want to meditate on and reprogram my previous limited understanding, I write a poem.  I take the pertinent parts of the message and somehow they order themselves into something that rhymes.  It could be my personal guardian angel is gifted in this area and gives me ‘knowings’ of appropriate words.  He or she must have a sense of humor, for they always leave me to my own devices in the closing lines.  I wait for the words to be given me as before, but, Nada!

Well, I did pray to be stretched and expanded so I could contain more, express more and experience more.  Perhaps this is just one of the many ways the Holy Spirit (Who I feel is in charge of my processing in the Spirit) uses to engage me in energizing my creative juices.

This inspiration came from Stephen Moss’ book,  “Conscious Dreaming”.  He says to get a group of two or more to share a recent or persistent dream. Pair off and get a drummer or tape of monotonous drumming.  Spend ten minutes after invoking the elements, guides and Protector, laying down with eyes closed identifying location and characters from the dream that needs to be dealt with in this session.  Take turns sharing these elements with your partner and choose which will re-enter the dream first with the other being the ‘Tracker’.  Notebook and drawing pad are to be used to take notes and draw scenes.  The tracker is to consciously enter their partner’s dream to see if questions can be asked and answered.  The tracker may be able to ‘see’ locations in greater detail for the original dreamer.  Warnings may be given for the person to heed. (‘Don’t let your daughter go to the mall and hang out with drug dealers’)  Inspirations may be given to follow-up for a change of job. (Tracker felt silly mentioning seeing a peach pit for the dreamer since she didn’t mention one, yet she owned a painting of a peach pit, called the artist friend and got networked into an exciting art field.)

I firmly believe dreams are vehicles for Spiritual messages and have been recording them for years.  I feel really sad some notebooks are no longer in my possession.  I feel really sad some long involved dreams vanish like smoke as I wake.  I will start throwing the cat out of the room at 2 am and see how that works.


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