May 20,2010: Warren Buffet loves Chinese batteries

Healthy, wealthy and wise at 62:  How am I going to ‘get’ wealthy?  Simple.  Just find some incredibly wealthy people and do what they do.

I found the first thing is to realize they had been programmed to handle wealth.  I’m talking cash, loose change, liquid assets.

Some advice gurus out there are more than willing to sell their suggestions and make themselves more money in the process.  By generational heritage, I come from a Scottish Heritage.  It used to be you could gain wealth by saving and not spending.  Nowadays, like I heard Rodney Dangerfield say in Back to School,  “It also costs to grease a few palms.”

I have come to the very sensible realization that I need to be deprogrammed first before any of this Wealth advice will stick.  How tired have I gotten of being the patsy of telemarketers?  Of slick fifth avenue marketing questionnaires?  Of the word, “Free!”  Of the feeling that I must get it now while it is a ‘Bargain’.  Of the feeling that it is so cute, and small enough to treasure without anyone else calling it clutter?

Deprogramming starts with waking up to my patterns and watching why I do them.  What is buying things ‘For’ anyway?  Things are just that: Things.  It is a Trade Off!  My money for a Thing!

It may be to feed me/ clothe me/ make me beautiful/ bring my body more health/make my mind know more theories/ entertain my solitary hours/ put gas in the car to go get more things.  Etc.

I even have books by Suze Orman telling me I must have X amount of dollars in stocks/ bonds/ IRA/ HMO/ get a Trust set up/ get insured for long-term care Group Homes for when you get decrepid.

I checked out all the stocks Warren Buffet invested in.  Then I emailed my sister who has asked if I would like her to invest me in a smart portfolio for 62 year olds.  Sure!  She assures me her expertise is such that she could charge for it.  I’m getting a bargain! I don’t see any that Warren Buffet has.

Warren Buffet, according to Wealth Daily, my insider newsletter, found this bright young Chinese scientist who invented a simple, efficient lithium battery and then went on to design a car to put it in.  He was so impressed that when the lad needed money to carry his company through the latest crash of the economy, Warren Buffet invested beaucoup bucks.  Google it for yourself!

Now back to me and my reality.  Sis says I’m too old to play around with risks.  Hey!  Isn’t Mr. Buffet older than 62?  Only people who have as much buffer as Buffet can strut their stuff if they own the bluff!  Sigh.

I comfort myself that there are principles I am learning towards the Mastery.  I used to comfort myself that God loves the poor in Spirit.  I actually believed the rich couldn’t get into Heaven.  Then I heard a preacher say, “So get into the Kingdom of Heaven first, then get rich!”

Now I hear the principle that what you do unto others is exactly how the Universe reads your desire for yourself and it says, “OK, you feel that I’m limited and life must be eked?  Have it your way!”  The offering basket comes by and your excuse to give less than 10% is lack and poverty and a tight economy?  The powers that decide your next blessing say, “OK, have it your way!”  The deprogramming is to decide you want to have plenty to be able to give 15% or 50% and have the fountain flowing freely to and through your hand.  Is it magic?  Is it a workable scientific formula?  I hear testimonies from tel-a-thon/Praise-a-thon preachers that tell story after story.

I know a man who personally says he heard from God that if he consistently gave away 90%, that God would make him wealthy enough to live well on the remaining 10%.  He set up a bank account for God and started being accountable.  He got his clothes at second-hand shops, he entered raffles for turkeys, he got cards printed offering his motivational speaking services.  Results?  After ten years he has the biggest smile and jovial laugh.  He says he has won at least ten turkeys, gets designer labels for $1, and preachers beg for him to teach their congregations his formula.

Me?  I recently upped my church giving, added several charities, and I feel great.  My bank wants me to up my transfer amount into my savings and they will give me free checking!  My blood work came back from the lab excellent health!  Now that is true wealth!  I feel right up there with Warren Buffet.

Now to get one of those Chinese battery-powered cars!


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