May 19th, 2010: Drink the Water for Your Health

My last post connected blood with fasting to do an inner healing.  The fasts were ‘water only’ and the blood was freed up to do a clean up instead of digestion.  I usually dedicated myself to a 72 hour fast around Easter for Jesus’ three days in the grave.  Then when fall came just after Halloween I’d do another three days to switch my body over to the new season.  I seldom ever caught a flu or cold.

This post has also to do with inner healing of the body.  This is with the use of ionized water.

You have thought water is all alike?  Not so.  It has different qualities and levels of acidity.  It may have minerals, bugs, toxic chemicals, lye and fluoride additives and extra acidity.  A lot of this stuff is invisible to the naked eye.  Pool testing kits have drops that show blue for alkaline and yellow for acid in the water.

About four years ago a friend in Phoenix who had many health problems came to tell me of his recent discovery.  A man up the street was giving away Kangen ionized water from his filter hooked up to his kitchen sink.  The seven platinum coated plates separated the water molecule into alkaline and acid ph in an ionizing process.  Since the water was no longer clustering at 10 to 15 molecules in a group, their 4 or 5 cluster was small enough to hydrate more efficiently.

I tried it and felt more energetic.  My friend started reporting accelerating healing of ulcer sores.  He used the adjustable range of ph for many of his health concerns.  11 pt. ph was for drawing out in a foot soak, followed by 2.5 ph to kill any bacteria.  He even used this method to draw a scorpion sting followed by the antibiotic 2.5 ph with very slight pain.

A 160 lb person is supposed to drink half a gallon a day!  It hydrates so well instead of a clump sitting in the stomach you actually still feel you can drink more after half an hour.  You should start with the 8.5 ph for a week then 9. ph for the next until arriving at level 9.5 ph.  This is to ameliorate discomfort from the cleansing properties, (Soda pop caffeine headaches).

The Japanese (Enagic) company put in a computer voice so when it dispenses at 2 am you can hear it tell you which ph is coming out.  Yes, you can get licensed to sell these and earn referral commissions, but you can get licensed to sell ice cream or Coca-cola too.  But, I ask you, which one will serve better health to you, your family,  or your neighbors? I get mine free from a neighbor’s machine.  I put four gallons in a strolling suitcase and make a lovely walk around the block. (The owners of these machines are delighted to keep you supplied.)

Do you want to find out if it will help your physical case?  Just google your symptom and ‘Kangen ionized water’ and see the results!

Do you want to hear my friend’s motto?  “Drink the Water!  Just, drink the water!”


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