May 18th,2010: Get blood drawn/ Fasting/ Drink the Water

Last Friday I got invited to a blood drawing. My friend told me that was how his cancer was discovered and saved his life.  The clinics offered a twice yearly screening. You have to ‘fast’.  Actually it just means putting off breakfast for a few hours, not too bad for someone who had pulled frequent fasts of 72 hours.

I found out I am well within the ranges of most of my stats, just a smidge high on cholesterol, which means eat more oatmeal.  No more low thyroid!  I really needed those synthroid pills in college to have study hall energy. (I went to a healing line in church and received prayer in 1970 and have been off those meds since. I tested out then as low-borderline.)

Since I want every one of my readers to know how I stay healthy at 62, I’ll report first on fasting as a health aid, then comment on the ‘Water therapy’.

Fasting was first introduced to me when my prayer meeting hostess lent me her book by Franklin Hall, “Atomic Power with God through fasting and prayer.”  That was also in 1970.  I decided since Easter was coming up I would fast for Lent.  I also had switched from a huge  Presbyterian church to a small Pentecostal Faith Bible Church.  The young people wanted to have a Jesus House and Choir.  I got heavily involved in both.

My first fast was seven meals. (7 is a nice number.)  I got a coffee headache, but the book said I might and to not lose faith and keep on.  The book also had a suggestion to drink a quart of saltwater before the fast.  I expect the author may want to change that, but I survived.  We had an awesome revival with a Jesus House group from San Francisco so I felt validated in the power of fasting for spiritual reasons.

My hostess was named Minnie and offered a fasting aid of powdered psyllium husk.   Since it has no nutrients it won’t break the fast, while its swelling properties make you feel full.  (You must shake the tablespoon of powder in water quickly and drink within ten seconds or it gets too gummy.) She said the product was called ‘De-turge’. Take three times a day instead of meals.

Later I heard testimonies that it cleaned layers of film off your intestines making stool look like sea serpents.  Even safety pins and other things stuck for years were dislodged as the digestive villi got unclogged and operable once more.  I was game.  Three days of De-turge, and my parents were wringing their hands thinking I was starving myself.  Since I didn’t die I felt superior in knowledge that faith is better than fear.

During that time of increasing faith, our dog went blind.  I prayed fervently for her to see again.  She didn’t get cured of her blindness, but a stray cat showed up and was accepted in the family.  Mom called him “Jolly Roger”.  He led our blind “Chrissy” around house and yard with its head under her chin.  Two years later when Chrissy died in her sleep, Jolly Roger left our service to tend another angel assignment!

I decided to fast seven days during Lent and ended it three days before Easter.  Mom said the relatives were coming to Sunday luncheon and she didn’t want me to embarrass her by not eating.  I ordered the lamb, but it was a big mistake. Ouch!  You are not supposed to eat meat until the seventh day.

One is supposed to begin breaking back into eating with only juice the first day,  soup of broth the second day, add yogurt the third day, salad the fourth day, tuna on the salad the fifth day, egg and a few starches the sixth day, and milk and meat reserved for when the gut is able to take these harder to digest items.  Double the days of each for a fourteen day fast and triple them for 21 days or more. (I am writing this from memory, so get the book yourself to compare accuracy.)

After I got married my husband revealed he was a smoker.  How did he keep that fact from me while dating?  He came to church smelling like Right Guard deodorant which he had sprayed on his coat and his hair!  He chewed a lot of gum.  I was so shocked when I saw the butt in the toilet I called Mom.

“Mom, Mom!  He smokes!  I just saw a butt in the toilet!”  She calmed my hysteria by her sage wisdom, “Shelley, a man’s home has got to be his castle.”  But he ought not to feel he has to keep it from you.  Tell him you know that he smokes but that if he wishes to quit you will be willing to support him during the process.”

I did.  He really tried.  He bought and threw away dozens of packs after just one cigarette from each.  Finally I got him to read “Atomic Power with God”.  It declares that any addiction as well as nicotine can be broken by removing the addictive substance from the gut with a three-day water only fast.  He went two and a half days before he felt he had to eat. (As I recall he got added incentive when I told him my morning sickness was from smelling his cigarette breath!)  Also, it was frowned on to sing “Holy, Holy, Holy!” with the smell of sulphur coming out of your mouth!  He quit.

During the large part of our marriage he advocated fasting until 3:00pm on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  When we met Franklin Hall at an Oakland, Calif. crusade in 1979 we bought all his books and tapes.  What a shock for my husband to find out there was more than fasting to his messages.

Hall had faith releasing techniques that really expected results from a Jesus that really was believed not only to be actually present in the room, but eager and willing to ‘manifest’ according to our faith.  Through the years of research and scientific trials, Hall had newfangled ideas,  like looking up like Jesus did when he prayed, and doing a faith act for a declared result.  It was not unusual to be led in group impartations of heavenly fragrances or wings of healing light from the Glory Cloud.  Clap three times and shout Glory Hallelujah!  Do a Jericho march around the room!  Wave hands above the head to stir up the spirals of incense smoke!  Jesus could appear in any form our faith declared because he had an unlimited power resurrection body now!   Wow!

Fasting was just one of many tools this man of God preached.  It was a notch or two above the Faith preachers we had been hearing on the radio.  I think fasting prepares you for new levels.  It took my husband a while to accept this man as his ‘ Shepherd’, because he felt power coming off the books as he read them and got scared.  He also wondered if Hall was preaching a different blood of Jesus as “Liquid streams of Living Light” coming down from his residence in the Glory.  This Hall declared would appear in the midst of the congregation as the promise of “Where two or three are gathered together in my Name.”

After a personal decision (flight reaction from fear) not to continue, three years later My husband finally got bored with feeling dead at a Bible College.  He heard a voice he said was Jesus tell him to get back with Hall.  We went to Hall’s twice yearly conventions in Phoenix for the next 20 years.  There we met numerous fasting believers with whom we became like family.  We clapped and shouted with gladness and faith.   We smelled roses, cinnamon, baked bread and pizza.

People testified of miracles.  One man, Ken Cantrell,  had fasted 21 days on an aircraft carrier near Gibraltar and lived through a horrendous fire when spilled fuel ignited the catapult room.  He saw Jesus tell him to carry his buddies’ dead bodies out.  It was miracle enough for him to put his bare hands on the red-hot door wheel and open it, but more so when he went back over and over to get every last body! The ship was the U.S.S. Lake Champlain if you want to check.

The longest I fasted was only 17 days, water only.  It was 1990 and my daughter was three.  I felt it was time to wean her, so I heard fasting will dry up the milk.  Well, it would have if I stopped nursing!  My mouth got so dry I could barely talk.  You could count my ribs!  I had a dream I was eating a rock which , when I put my spoon into it had the consistency of applesauce and tasted like honeysuckle!  The next day I broke my fast at a man’s apt. who was demonstrating his juicer.  He held up a Jicama which looked like a rock.  He juiced it to the consistency of applesauce and when I put in my spoon to taste, it was the flavor of honeysuckle!

The longest my husband fasted was 21 days.  That story was so amazing I will save it for my book.  The last ten days were at the Hall’s so Sister Helen Hall undertook to monitor his breaking…slowly!  She said she wanted to make sure he didn’t go into a raid and bring disrepute on the ministry.  As a result he lost arthritic pain and acid reflux disturbance.  His round Hawaiian face shrunk to a handsome Sean Connery jaw line.  His liver spots on the back of his hands vanished, and he was able to get more energy from his food and started daily walks.

It was touted that during a fast the blood gets to go through the body doing a thorough cleaning.  In order to have energy, the body burns up toxic food wastes and pockets of diverticulitis in the colon.  It even will consume tumors.  One man said a 21 day fast burned up his AIDs virus, another lady said her Diabetes during a 21 day fast was monitored by a doctor until her blood sugar registered normal.    To be continued.


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