May 16th, 2010: Health recipes for growing kids

I dearly loved my copy of Rodale’s Organic Gardening Cookbook.  I was told how to make my own bread using whole grains.  It had how to make my own yogurt.  It had blender nogs and a lot of healthy eating advice from your garden.

My friend reminded me that even some flowers are edible.  So now is the time to plant those nasturtiums!  Squash blossoms and chives are included.  Google edible flowers and see the list.

There is a green plant that used to come up in our yard of long ago and far far away.  It looked like an ancestor of green chard, so I told my kids it was wild chard and good to eat.  Did I know anything?  I knew it wasn’t poison because I tasted it first.  Hey, you never know when one will have to ‘live off the land’.  I see a lot of people trying to get rid of their dandelions.  Why not recycle at the same time?  The greens are good for salad, (If not too spiney) and I hear you can brew the heads into a tea that has a lot of rare minerals. (I never made Dandelion wine, but I bet you can find some online.

I’m taking a break to go plant nasturtiums now.  Be aware there are short ones with multi heads as well as 9 ft tall ones!


2 comments so far

  1. Andrea Parker on

    I would love to try eating flowers!

  2. healthh on

    Thank you admin
    The health is always in the forefront of children’s health. all to our kids

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