Sat. May 15th, 2010: To your Health

Mom’s go to great lengths to keep their kids healthy.  Through the years I read and applied what I could to keep them pain free, infection free, and out of the hospital.  So here is what I did to see they arrived at maturity safely.

I read Adele Davis’ book, How to Have Healthy Children.  She is big on vitamins.   I also went to W.I. C. meetings and took notes by the nutritionist, buying Kix for the iron content and making sure I added green bell peppers, onions and mushrooms to my homemade spaghetti sauce. (Spice Island sells a Spaghetti sauce spice mix that lasts a long time when added to those little cans of tomato sauce.)

When it came time to deliver the baby,  I was all vitaminned-up with two prenatals a day during the third trimester,  (if taking one is good for the wee-fetus at the first,  s/he should need more than one having grown humongous!) I have a good stock of pills to take when the water breaks.

List: 6 ‘e’-s so the baby can get the use of the oxygen it has.  Mountain climbers and tube travelling babies need ‘e’ for all that exercise in depleted environments!

zinc and folic acid. I read mice had fewer miscarriages and delivered quicker.  Hey, I want to go with the statistics!

Stress B-s.  The title is enough to qualify.

You can never have enough vitamin ‘c’.

Toss it all down with a smoothie we used to call banana egg-nog.

Hint:  DON’T wear perfume to the hospital!  Scents will make you lose all those vitamins!

You may take La-maze classes, but you will forget even the simplest breathing exercises.  Get your husband to read from a coaching list as you direct him.  Warn him ahead of time NOT to say, “I’m breathing for you, Honey.”  (This will only win him a sarcastic wise-crack from you.)

Some methods of delivery vary, but I opted for the advertised ‘speedy delivery’ of feet and hand ‘reflexology’.  The book recommended a rat-tail comb with stiff tines to squeeze in the palm of the hand during contractions. (I substituted a rat-tail brush for the other hand.) There are pressure points that supposedly shunt the contraction elsewhere.

(I didn’t have a metal rasp which the husband is supposed to bring to bear with sustained pressure on the soles of the feet.  Warning; do not practice this at home unless you want early baby delivery on the living room couch.)

I also read in the Bible the Hebrews delivered quickly ‘on the stools’.  My GYN had one in his office as a curiosity.  I wish he had brought it to the delivery room!  It was a carved low ‘shower chair’ with hand holds on each side of the long curved seat.  Hide was tastefully attached, presumably to ward off splinters.

I had been a runner in high school and knew to inhale two and huff out an explosive exhale once to pace for endurance with plenty of ‘wind’.  I got creative once when the doctor wanted to induce labor in the third child’s delivery.  I painted my fingernails bright red and flicked one each time I quoted,”Praise you, Jesus.”  When I got all five fingers ‘flicked’, I was out of breath and took a huge inhale. (That seemed to help with contraction discomfort, but in that instance, the doctor gave up and sent me home with Seconal to help me sleep while he went on vacation.)

I often think God didn’t want him to be the one to deliver Boaz.  It was the old doctor that I was given the next day after the water broke that knew he had  to disentangle the cord from the baby’s neck and saved his life.

Oh, yes, not to forget breast-feeding the colostrum right away.  The economy is heaven-sent.  It immunizes the child and shrinks your womb at the same time!  W.I.C. program literature thinks breast-feeding is best even if lotion must be used when the nipples are sore.  They continue to keep moms enrolled for at least two years giving them free commodities.  I think the funding in the Bay Area in 1987 was enough to keep me breast-feeding my daughter until she turned three.  (She was talking, “Mukka, mukka, Mommie!”)

Weaning for each child was different.  Some went onto the bottle earlier than others, some kept the bottle later than others.  My daughter never had the bottle.  She kept refusing milk in a cup til I tasted my breast milk and decided she wanted the sweet stuff.  I added chocolate syrup to the cow’s milk and voila’!  Fait accompli!  (That means purpose achieved.)

I was such a fan of Adele Davis’ work I continued to follow her advice in her book, “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit.”    Banana eggnog anybody?

I want to add a footnote about not taking old prenatals as the B-6 has gone out.  That is what Adele Davis says helps your skin develop linoleic acid to ward off cracked skin and infections like cradle-cap and bleeding diaper rash.  Learn from my mistakes, OK?  Extra footnote – the doctors didn’t have a clue what was wrong and kept thinking a topical ointment would work when extra B6 added to the diet snapped us right back to normal.


2 comments so far

  1. Cuz Meribel on

    Ah, now I know why my son didn’t want to drink anything ELSE. A little late for the lessons, but thanks so much for the nostalgic reminders. My OB went out for a shave and left us (only me and the baby) to do what needed doin’ by ourselves….almost till the time for catching him as he popped out. LOL

  2. shelcluzo on

    Thanks for the memory. If anything, our position as elders in the ‘village’ gives us the right to advise the next generation. We all so enjoy the ‘Oohs and Oh, My’s over our gruesome tales. Since we so obviously survived, we also get accolades as the experts!

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