May 13th,2010: 10 blogs for writers/ in Defense of the Slow Train

Google :  copyblogger/ ten blogs for writers 2009.

I thought I’d finally get in ten blog sites, though I haven’t even read them yet.

It’s like when they gave out brains I thought they said trains and said , “Give me a slow one.”

I’d like here to defend all of us humans with lightning fast consciousness trapped in a body with a slow brain.  It’s OK!  God doesn’t hold it against us, and there are some perks and compensations.

We are able to reflect and gaze at the shapes of clouds and enjoy seeing “I love U” spelled out.  We take walks and enjoy the wildlife, count the birds on the wire, and have a contemplative talk with that inner voice.

When we read books, if we don’t get it the first time, we can always go back over it until it makes sense.  (Hopefully we are not in a job that requires speed reading.)  We do understand what children are trying to tell us grownups.  There is a serenity to our pace and we are less desperate, because we have learned we must, in order to stay sane.

I am typing two blogs today, for I allowed myself to go on an overnight to a mountain rimmed valley where no computer was available.  I breathed deeply of the fresh cool air and allowed myself to delight in every moment.

Today I rose early and got my blood screening done in a local clinic, shopped at a bookstore, read half of the greeting cards and laughed at “Go Cowgirl” with a girl in western wear and a quote from Dale Evans.  I moseyed through the books for .25 at the thrift shop and brought home treasures that cost under $5.  I bought some pop-tarts in the grocery store. ( You are not considered discourteous if you ask the lady with 40 items if you can slip into line with one item ahead of her.)  I intended to share a snack with a friend who was driving me around.  When I saw a lovely red bench outside the lumber store next to a display of highly polished sheets of marble, I said, “Let’s pause and have our snack .”  We shared a So-be orange-carrot drink. (The pop tarts were dry.) And by the time we finished our congenial moment of ‘slowing down the rush’, he had remembered he needed some stone cleaning acid back in the store!  I had save him a 50 mile trip!

Now I am going to take a nap and let my brain catch up with the rest of me.



2 comments so far

  1. Su-sieee! Mac on

    I liked reading about your day, Shelley. It’s the kind of day I like knowing I had before I go to sleep.

    • shelcluzo on

      I commend you for leaving the only comment so far. I have to think others would comment if they were reading it. Oh, well, I guess their brains …whoops, I caught myself finger pointing. And I had committed to not doing that anymore. At least I am able to catch when I occasionally do it, so I’m going to give myself a point on the scoreboard in the sky.

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